Saturday, December 31, 2005

Starting My Home Management Binder

Here's the cover I designed:

3 am and here I am!

Ah, pregnancy insomnia. But I don't mind now. I have obligations and duties to fulfill tomorrow, but thankfully they're on a loose schedule. I'm getting used to this being awake. I can't even remember the last time I slept through the night! At least I'm getting prepared for nighttime feedings!

This is actually a blessing because my SIL and brother are heavy sleepers. She will wake up when the baby cries, but it's very difficult for her.

I NEED 8 hours a night, but thankfully it doesn't have to be all at once. Also, I can function on fewer, but I usually end up having a "crash day" where I sleep for a long time during the day. They say you can't make up sleep, but I think that only applies to willingly being up. Like when someone parties, or when hubby and I go see a movie and don't get home until late. When my body forces me awake at one time, it asks me to sleep at another.

I've also noticed that my insomnia is sometimes linked to the amount of activity I do during the day. I sleep better when I exercise and/or have a busy day.

This, to me, is just another example of why women are designed to stay home!


Friday, December 30, 2005

I'M HOME!!!!! Who's close-minded?!

I just want to throw out my arms and sing out a note! Maybe even twirl around like Julie Andrews on the hill in Sound of Music. I'm so excited about the new year and new opportunities ahead of me. My prayer is that I will not forget how I longed to come home while working outside the home. I pray I will not become lazy and passive in the home, but be active and happy. I pray that I will find new venues and opportunities for growth and development in the home and that my conversations with hubby will not become stagnant.

I'm so happy to be finally done with work! Especially since my boss was an hour late without warning! Sheesh! She just never showed up until I had worked an extra hour! Oh well, I'm done!!

Now I can REALLY focus on my home and write about that in my blog rather than complaints about work. ;)

It bothers me that I'm immediately pegged as "close-minded" when someone finds out my religious and/or political standpoint. This is odd because I've been called very open-minded by people who don't know my religious and/or political standpoint. Somehow, though because I'm an evangelical born-again Christian right wing conservative I'm "close-minded" or "narrow-minded." Don't these accusers ever think that I have researched many venues. I have looked down many roads. I do try to walk a mile in someone else's shoes. All these venues, roads, researches, and shoes have led me to my current relgious and political status. Or are they just too narrow-minded to think that someone else thinks differently. ;)

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Light and Salt

As Christians, we're called to not hide our light. We're not supposed to hide the fact that we are Christians. Lately, though, I've begun to feel that the world is trying to hide it for us. More often, I find myself holding my tongue because we're not supposed to offend someone by mentioning our faith. Social organizations in New York State are trying to disallow the public display of religion, even if it's on our own property (like a Christmas nativity). I know people who find the Christian fish on cars to be overly offensive.


A young lady I know was telling me how her father is a confirmed atheist. She said she doesn't mind that, but she can't stand that he becomes very upset and disruptive when a Christian is around, or speaks their mind. I asked her what she meant. She said that he complains bitterly when they're traveling and someone has something Christian on their car. I asked her what she meant by that. She said, "Like a bumpersticker or one of those Jesus fish." This young lady is 14 years old, by the way.

God out of the pledge, God off of our money. Ok, fine. But God off of my car? God off of my property that's in public view? God off my lips?

This little light of mine needs to shine brighter, and so does yours.

Salt. I guess you could say I was a little salty today. :) I was doing some banking and the cashier gave me $100.00 more than I asked for. I didn't realize this until I got to work. So I called her up. She checked her drawer and sure enough, she was short $100.00. So I arranged to get the money back to her, and did. She was VERY thankful! I didn't consider it anything special, but I guess we just have too many dishonest people in the world.

Before you throw me up on some pedestal, I will admit that I went over my books several times hoping to be able to keep the money, that the error was on my part of the addition. But that still-small voice told me that it did not belong to me. So I checked my books one more time, and sure enough I had extra money.

I'm amazed (ok, not really amazed) by the number of people who would have kept the money. Don't they know that I'll be blessed far more for returning the money than they will with expendable, temporary $100 that doesn't belong to them? I know God will bless me financially and spiritually because I returned the money in good faith. We could have used that extra $100, but I know deep down that I'd struggle financially despite it. In returning it, my faith is in God's hands, and what better place for it to be!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Sentimental tears of joy

Hubby said something so sweet! He says he's proud of my pregnant belly! That means a lot to me. It's a big boost to my self-esteem. I do love my pregnant figure, but knowing that hubby loves it too, and loves the fact that I am pregnant really helps me feel all that much more better about myself, our marriage, and our future, and even my delivery.

It's true that coaching begins long before the baby's due.


The future....

Yesterday, I got my first garden catalog in the mail! I've already poured through it several times. This one is mostly for trees and shrubs, particularly fruit trees and flowering shrubs. I want to order a ton of stuff out of it and turn my yard into a fruitful garden. But I have to remember two things:

1. I'm pregnant and will give birth during planting season.
2. Hubby has his own ideas about our yard, especially in some tree removal. He can't remove the trees when I have baby plants all over the place!

Next year should probably be yard clean-up year. There was an old shed in the back corner of our property. It fell down and a good deal of it is still down there. That needs to be taken out. There's a volkswagon chassy down there, too. My brother has to haul that out along with loads of his VW stuff piled on the side of a garage. We don't mind keeping it, but I think next year will be a great year to load it up and haul it out.

I also want to eliminate the Touch-Me-Not plants that grow wild all over our yard. That'll be an uphill battle.

Hubby wants to finish the stone wall he's building up front.

I really want to redo the edging around the pond.

The property line that we share with the grain field next door, I want to mow down, get rid of the partially buried barbed wire, and keep it neat, eventually lining it with lilacs and berry bushes.

Behind the garage is a steep hill of poor soil and full shade. I'd like to fill it with a shade garden, but hubby says when he removes some of the trees, I might be able to use that spot for berry bushes.

I love yard work, except for mowing and raking. Hubby and I usually spend the summer evenings working side-by-side on our yard.

Today, I'm able to go shopping and stock up on foodstuffs. I'm excited! I've been wanting to do this all year and finally I can! I have enough extra money to do just that! Praise the Lord!!

Tomorrow, I start on our 2006 budget and sorting paperwork for taxes. I actually don't mind doing taxes. Call me crazy!

Spiritual Warfare

No wonder it's called "warfare!" For years, I've been struggling with a certain temptation and sin. For years, I've been praying to be done with it. True repentance. Yesterday, I was faced with the temptation again and fought it tooth and nail. I ended up sleeping or very tired most of the day, and I think this warfare was part of it. I was about to give in, and praise the Lord, He convicted me strongly. So I gave in to the Lord instead. When I came out victorious (as we always do in the Lord), I felt a new sense of strength and wakefulness! No more heavy burden on my shoulders! The funny thing was the fight actually made my muscles sore, as if I was physically fighting it. But, through God I did it!

Today, the temptation is once again there, but I laugh in its face. I overcame it yesterday, I can overcome it today!!


Tuesday, December 27, 2005

A very merry Christmas indeed!

Hubby and I did have a very Merry Christmas!

On the 23rd, we got to attend the family dinner at my parents' house. My almost 2 year old nephew was my little buddy nearly the whole evening. My dad dressed as Santa Claus and handed out gifts to the little ones. Hubby was able to relax and just have a special evening off. It was such a blessing. The best news, though was little Hannah being born!

On the 24th, hubby's father and step-mother came to visit us. They blessed us with a photo album of old pictures, and some new ones of our neice, and hubby's sister's family. They also blessed us with some baby clothes and a video camera! Hubby loves the video camera. Yet another blessing was hubby and I got to visit my brother, SIL and their new daughter in the hospital! We exchanged gifts there.

On the 25th, I was blessed with hubby going to church with me. We also used the video camera to tape our dog opening gifts. Hubby and I had already given each other ours. Then we went to my folks' to open gifts, and then we went to hubby's mom and step-dad's house to open gifts. When we got home, it was an evening full of relaxation.

We had such a wonderful, relaxing Christmas!


Monday, December 26, 2005

Quiz results

You Are Cream Pie
You're the perfect combo of simplicity and divinity
Those who like you life for understated pleasures
What Kind of Pie Are You?

You Should Learn Swedish
Fantastisk! You're laid back about learning a language - and about life in general.
Peaceful, beautiful Sweden is ideal for you... And you won't even have to speak perfect Swedish to get around!
What Language Should You Learn?

You are a Believer
You believe in God and your chosen religion.
Whether you're Christian, Muslim, Jewish, or Hindu..
Your convictions are strong and unwavering.
You think your religion is the one true way, for everyone.

Saturday, December 24, 2005


On December 12th, my nephew, Nathan was born!

On December 23rd, my neice, Hannah was born!

Still in the womb are:

my cousin Alexander
my cousin Evan

and my own son, Donald.

God is so good!

Something to pray about

Hubby has mentioned a few times working at the farm next door. Hubby currently has a good job that he likes and a boss he's friends with. On the weekends, however, he works at the farm and he enjoys it there too. The men on the farm enjoy his company and work ethic so much, they've offered him a job. Both hubby and I have fantasized about his working there. However, it would mean a nearly 50% cut in wages and a loss of his medical, dental, retirement, and life insurance benefits.

So, what's the debate, then? I can hear the "wise" people of the world asking. Financially, he needs to stay at his current job. Even on paper, this seems logical, with a $700.00 a month mortgage, a baby on the way and the need for a new vehicle.

Well, I already did the math and we could probably make it if we cut hubby's allowance (which he volunteered to do) got rid of a vehicle, and cut a few extras in our lives.

But where's the good that comes out of this?

Hubby would be next door. He'd be able to come home for lunch nearly every day. Our children and I would be able to go visit him during the day. Our children would have access to a farm and all the benefits and learning that come with it. We'd enjoy the simpler life. It's lighter work compared to what he's doing now, but I wouldn't really say that it's safer work. It's probably close to the same on the dangerous job chart. When he does work there, he comes home happier. He'd never be shipped out of town for work again.

Right now, hubby has no intention of leaving his current job. But I've decided to pray about it and leave it in God's hands. He knows where hubby should be.



Thursday, December 22, 2005

Home has new meaning for me

I am convinced that God had to kick me out of the house to get me to realize this. As I approach the end of my employment outside the home, I realize how important my home is, and how joyful I feel when I take care of it. I'm also thankful that God has not provided us with the means to completely fix up the house all at once. I enjoy doing things step by step, one by one. And I look forward to when I can come home to be able to do such things!

I think it really struck me yesterday when I solved a dilemma that's been plaguing my husband and I for months. You see, we don't have a heated mud room, and we have very little closet space. Our coats and hats ended up hanging off the dining room chairs. We both hated that. They're dining room chairs, not closets! I was putting something away in the drawer and I found a cast iron planter hook. Aha!

Right next to the kitchen door is a little alcove between the wall and the fridge. Here I keep a box for recycling papers, a pail for recycling deposit bottles and cans, and the dog's placemat and supper and water dishes are here. But the wall space is unused. So, I found the stud and installed the hook. It's perfect for hubby's coat and chainsaw chaps! Right by the door, easy to get, they'll stay warm, and they'll stay off the dining room chairs! He was so pleased when I showed him, and so proud that I knew to screw the hook into a stud.

Home is where I can create a happy sanctuary for my family. Home is where we're comfy. Home is special and where I belong. I am the mistress of this home and my proud job is to care for it. My creativity and skills are enhanced here at home as I tackle do-it-yourself projects and make my own linens and things. My self-discipline and personal upkeep are enhanced here as well, as I keep up on housework and find time to play with my dog and later, my son.

I have everything I need for my life here at home!

I can take a walk for exercise and social interaction with neighbors.
I can have a small at-home business for financial gain and meeting new people.
I can have a clean house I'm proud of for entertaining and building my hostess skills.
I have time to try new recipes and learn new cooking techniques.
I have gardens to plan and prepare, schedules to maintain, books to keep, orders to fill, demands to meet....and all are fulfilling and work to the betterment of my family.

Bonbons and soaps? Not here! Home means too much to throw it all away in time-wasting. (of course that doesn't mean I don't schedule in some me-time.)


Saturday, December 17, 2005

I am SO ready to come home!

Only 5 more days of work, and then I'm done! I'm so excited, and so ready to come home!

I am thoroughly enjoying my pregnancy, but I can enjoy it more at home when I can do things at my own pace. I actually get quite a bit done when I'm home, and even find time to exercise and rest. (I need to lay down mid-day to help ease back pain and diaphragm pressure). Days when I feel strong, I can do heavier work. Days when I feel weak, I can do lighter work.

At work, I have to do whatever the customer or my boss wants me to. I already told my boss that lifting mannequins is out of the question for me. Well, today, I had to lift a mannequin. :( Now, I'm done in for the rest of the day. I also can't lay down when I need to. Working where I do is just not conducive to my particular pregnancy.

I do feel badly for women who have to work during pregnancy, and I feel bad for those who think they have to work. Pregnancy should be enjoyed and homes should be enjoyed. It's like I BELONG home. When I home, everyone's happier and things get done. Even my brother remarked, "wow, your house is clean!" (I was home for 4 days straight). When I work, nothing gets done, dinners are minimal, and I don't feel well. All for a mere $20.00 a day.

I am so ready to come home! And I think hubby is, too.


Monday, December 12, 2005

Taking Christ out of Christmas

I've got a fight in me! I am very upset at the political correctness that is going too far and manifesting itself as discrimination in sheep's clothing. The minority rules in this country now. The squeeky wheel gets the oil. And the rest of us are quietly complaining in our living rooms rather than standing up and saying and doing something!

This has been going on, not just with Christmas. There's been a mass effort to be rid of Christianity. We just sit idly by and let it happen. We're letting them pick away at our religious freedoms, and one day we'll be scratching our heads as to where it all went. It saddens me that it's taken the attacks on Christmas to get me to stand up and take notice! I'm ashamed of myself, but willing to take a stand now.

Don't think it's really happening? As I hear or read about them, I'm going to be posting how Christianity is being attacked this Christmas season:

First of all, last night I drove more than 20 miles home from my in-law's house. On the way, I only saw one nativity set, but countless Santas, snowmen, snowglobes, bears, penguins, grinches, snoopies, and even a Homer Simpson. But only one nativity set. Even the Catholic Nursing Home I live near had Christmas lights out, but no nativity.

Every where I go, I hear Happy Holidays said with a broken smile of someone hoping they're not offending. Just last year, people all over would wish me "Merry Christmas!"

Christmas trees are now PC'd into being called holiday trees.

Schools and groups are changing lyrics to traditional religious Christmas carols into neutral winter themes.

I read in the paper that Seattle Washington schools had to revoke their December lunch menus because the typist put in "Merry Christmas."

Another Washington school had a wire lighted Christmas tree with paper mittens bearing the names of needy children and a gift wish hanging on it. One, ONE parent complained of the "religious context" behind the tree and the school district bowed down and removed the tree. Since when is a wire tree with mittens bearing good will a religious symbol? If you really wanted to get to the meat of it, Christmas trees are pagan in root, not Christian.

I heard on the Sean Hannity program, a mother called in complaining that her elementary school child couldn't sing Christmas carols that had the word "Christmas" in it, or any other religious connotations. However, they were taught to sing Kwanza songs.

Another caller is a teacher. She said her students also can't have anything to do with the Christian side of Christmas, because of religion needing to be separated from the state. However, the school board approved of students learning about pagan solstice traditions and actually "acting them out."

The New York State Civil Liberties Union states that nativity scenes cannot be placed in the public square because it's "coersion" towards a specific religion. WHAT!?? Ok, I can see if it's a live nativity and Mary and Joseph are aiming weapons at people telling them to repent or die. But a peaceful nativity in a public park coerses people into Christianity unwillingly? You've got to be kidding me! A mennorah doesn't force me to join Judaism.

So what am I going to do about it? I'm going to say "Merry Christmas" every chance I get, and I'm even going to print out a poster for my car that says "Merry Christmas" and has a picture of the nativity. If someone says "Happy Holidays" to me, I'm going to correct them and say, "It's ok to say "merry Christmas" to me."

And yes, I've set up my CHRISTMAS tree!


Saturday, December 10, 2005

Mothers, teach your daughters well

It struck me yesterday that after nearly 4 years of marriage, I'm finally getting the hang of housework. I never realized how much work it really is, and how much I didn't know, and how little discipline I had in that area.

Growing up, I used to play house and dream of keeping my own, tidy home. However, I couldn't even keep my bed fixed and my room neat! I used to whip up imaginary gourmet dinners, but I was almost a teenager before mom let me make my own grilled cheese sandwiches. I promised I'd keep my house neat and clean, but even as I type, I'm in a grand scale decluttering and organizing situation.

I was taught some housekeeping skills, washing clothes, ironing, vacuuming, dusting, washing dishes, cooking, etc. But I was never taught the VALUE of them. Simply making me do them was just a chore. It took a lot of scrambling to clean up when someone called to say they were stopping in, and plenty of embarrassing moments when someone stopped in unexpectedly to make me realize that keeping a tidy, clean house is a difficult, but highly rewarding thing! I also realized that during high stress times for myself and in my marriage occurred around the times the house was filthy. Hubby is more on edge and so am I when the house is sloppy, cluttered and unorganized.

I also want to point out that I AM devalued as a stay-at-home wife when the house is a mess. As horrible as it sounds, it's true. (Let me clarify that my husband does NOT devalue me, but it does cause him to raise questions as to what I do all day if I can't even find time to clean the house.) The first thought that seems to come to people's minds when they know I'm a stay-at-home wife and the house is messy is "bon bons and soap operas." (Never mind that I can't eat chocolate and we don't have TV.) In general, I'm lazy and leeching off my hard-working husband.

Keeping a clean and tidy house is valuable. So mothers, teach your young daughters and joy, peace and comfort of a clean house. Teach your daughters the value and discipline of working well with her hands. Don't just make her vacuum the carpet and assume she's "getting it." Teach your daughers well, and save her the misery of 4 years of trying to "get it right" in her married years.

Friday, December 09, 2005

It's a Boy!

I just found out on Wednesday that hubby and I are having a boy!! This is just what hubby was hoping for and he's so happy! I'm just excited to be one step closer to being prepared. Somehow, for me, knowing the gender makes me feel as if I can organize better, even though most of what we're getting for baby will be unisex for starters since it has to last through 4 children!

Got to go skiing!! More stuff...

Ok, so it was just in my backyard and I took it really easy, but I still got to ski! It feels good to be active again! It's amazing how out of shape I got in just 4 months!

This is getting just plain ridiculous! The "PC Christmas" oh, excuse me, the "holiday" season. We're not allowed to say "Christmas" anymore! I'm fed up. It's CHRISTMAS!!! It's bad enough they've secularized Christmas so much to make it more palatable to the general non-religious and quasi-religious public, but now they want to completely remove it! What really gets my goat is that they say we have to be rid of it because it's religious and religion has no place in the public square. However, I see MORE of other religions coming out as the reduction of Christ is being made.

What gets me laughing is that the "proper" term for today is "Happy Holidays" because it's "religiously neutral." However, "holiday" is just a modernized version of the words "Holy Day" which has EVERYTHING to do with religion!

Christmas now celebrates Winter. Easter now celebrates Spring. The only "holy day" left that is free to be celebrated as is in this country is the pagan holiday of Halloween. People say it's ok because it's not about religion anymore. Well, some people still celebrate it as a religious holiday! Just like Christmas is about Santa and good will, but some people still celebrate it as Christ's birth. And Easter is about bunnies and eggs, but some people still celebrate it as Christ's sacrifice and rising from the grave. What's the difference?! The difference is that Halloween is pagan and and Christmas and Easter are Christian. Christianity is the only avenue of discrimination that's allowed (and even encouraged) in the world today.

Don't believe me? Then how come Christmas trees are called "holiday trees" now.


Saturday, November 26, 2005

Merry Christmas, Hubby

Well, I did it. Today, hubby and I went out to the furniture store and he picked out a recliner for his Christmas present this year. *Gulp* I hate making large purchases, but for a whole year I was determined to buy him a recliner for Christmas this year.

It's a nice recliner. It's not one of those big, bulky, ugly ones that just scream "this is a man's chair." It's one that looks like a regular chair, but does actually recline. It has Queen Anne cherry legs and a really nice navy blue upholstery. I also like it because it's small. Living in a cottage with less than 1000 square feet makes me wary of large pieces of furniture. This will fit nicely in our living room.

The recliner is being delivered on Thursday! Hubby will be at work when it arrives, so I'll be the first to try it out. Perhaps I'll take a nap in it. ;)

Merry Christmas, Hubby!

Friday, November 25, 2005

Decluttering Hampered/Christmas Cards

All I want to do is declutter! That seems like all I've been doing. I tackled the refrigerator today.

However, my decluttering efforts have been hampered. People are just too generous! :) They keep giving me stuff. I just received 4 garbage bags of clothing from my little sister! I kept some of it, but the rest I'm attempting to sell at

What else can I declutter? Hmmm...I think I'll tackle the lower cabinets in the kitchen this late afternoon.

I've written out 95% of the Christmas cards (the rest will be given in person later) and mailed them out! It's nice to be ahead of the game right now. :) I'm still behind on Christmas presents, though. Hubby and I like to be done before Black Friday, but it hasn't happened this year. But, really I don't have much farther to go!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Stalked by goldfish

My goldfish follow me. We have a 55 gallon tank set up in our dining room, which is in the center of Taigh Beag. In it are approx. 24 goldfish. We're not exactly sure because they aren't still long enough for me to count them. They range from an 1 1/2" long to 7" long. We have plain gold, white and gold, and black and gold fish. And they FOLLOW me!

If I'm in the bathroom, they're at the left side of the tank, watching me. If I'm on the phone or in the kitchen, they're at the right side of the tank, watching me. Right now I'm in my brother's room and when I peek around the corner, they're peeking back! If I sit in the front of the tank, they go nose to nose with me. If I stand in front of it, they swim back and forth along the top looking for food.

So, who's in the goldfish bowl now?

No Chocolate Allowed!

Taigh Beag is a chocolate-free zone. I can actually hear the gasps as this post is read. How can that be? What's wrong with chocolate? Frankly, I'm not too fond of anything that has addictive chemicals in it. Choc-aholics are real. Many women will tell you how they're addicted to chocolate and have chocolate cravings and feel unsatisfied unless they have something chocolate every day. Is it a candy or a drug? *smiles* But that's not really the reason why Taigh Beag is a chocolate-free zone. The real reason is neither hubby nor I can eat chocolate. It's not that we won't, it's that we CAN'T.

"Oh the horror! How can you live without chocolate?!" I hear people exclaim (usually the ones with uncontrolled addictions to the brown stuff). We can live without chocolate very easily, especially when it can harm us so. In fact, now that I'm pregnant I actually crave chocolate, but as soon as I smell it or eat it, it's discusting to me. I guess that's my body saying, "Don't eat it! I can't take it!"

What does it actually do to us? Well, that's a medical issue I care not to discuss online. Hubby and I do get a kick out of the surprise it causes people and the questions they ask. It doesn't phase us in the least. But it does make picking out cookies and icecreams difficult.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

When hubby's away, wife plays

That's right! Hubby's in Pennsylvania this weekend, so I've been playing. I rearranged the bedroom and gathered stuff to get rid of on ebay. I'm co-hosting a baby shower today, and picking up a cradle for my baby due in late April. Things are going to look a bit different when hubby arrives home on Sunday!

I still have one more piece of furniture to move out of the bedroom. We have a bench with storage under the seat. It holds our extra bedding. But since baby is going to be in our bedroom until my brother moves out of the nursery, I need room for the cradle and changing table. So far, I have a spot for the cradle.

I wonder how it's going to hit hubby when he sees the cradle in the bedroom! It's just starting to be real to me that we're having a baby, but has it hit him yet?


Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Monday, November 14, 2005

A Pantry!

Hubby pointed out some unused space under the stairs in our basement and asked me if I'd like a pantry there for my canning. Would I?!! I'm so excited to be getting a pantry! I can hardly wait to fill it with goodies. Oh, I wish I had more time to can! Since, I'm working, I spend my home-time cleaning and trying to catch up on sewing.

Autumn at the Cottage

We've been getting the house buttoned up for winter, and the yard tidied. I still have a few plants that need to come out of the ground and enjoy the sunshine inside the porch. Today would be the day to do just that!

Indoors, I've been a cleaning feind. I've also been staring at some of my collections and wondering what part of them needs to go. With a baby coming and my brother living in the only other bedroom in the house, I feel a little squeezed. I feel this need, this desire to declutter! Then I look at my's so hard to part with books. I think the best place to start with my modern paperbacks is to pray first and hold each book in my hand and ask that still, small voice, "is the edifying to myself and my family?"

There is a house for sale just 3 doors up the road from mine. Hubby and I let his parents know. We'd love for them to live nearby. We used to live really close together, but then hubby and I moved. It's such a cute green cottage! Perfect for them!

We had a missionary come visit the church yesterday. A young lady not much older than myself. She's going to Thailand for 2 years. Her testimony was so inspiring and touching. So was her feminine appearance. So often in modern church circles, women look so much like the world. We even have a few in my congregation that sadden my heart because you honestly have to look twice to tell whether they are male or female. This missionary on the other hand wore a long, flowy skirt, and a modest white top. She has long, light brown hair that she wore fluffed and pinned back in a style reminiscent of the victorian young ladies a hundred years ago. Writing and literature are her passions. In fact, she's going to Thailand to help write for two Christian magazines for the Thai people, one of them being for women.

Her whole mannerisms and attitude just struck me. Also, her talents. She read so well, and just had that "halo" so to speak of accomplished womanhood about her. I felt a new direction in my life.


Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I hate colds

I'm currently on the downward slope of a cold. Being pregnant, I can't take anything for the cold (which doesn't help "cure" the cold anyway and can actually prolong it, in my opinion.) I'm a fighter, though. I get a cold, I fight tooth and nail. Here's what I do:

LOADS of Vitamin C. If you cut me open while I have a cold, I'd bleed orange juice. This time, I've taken it a big easy because I don't want to injest too much Vit. C in case it's bad for baby.

First twinge of a sore throat, I start gargling nearly every hour with either listerine or warm salt water. If it's really bad, then hydrogen peroxide.

At least 2 steamy showers a day.

Steam facials often

When I'm not pregnant, before bed I drink a small shot of Scotch.

LOADS of caffine free teas!

Warm, wet compresses over my sinuses

Blow my nose as often as needed with lotion-rich tissues

Plenty of rest

Sniffing Vicks

Chicken Soup

Although, with this cold, I've decided.....for Christmas, I want a humidifyer!


My At-Home Business

I'm starting an at-home business. Mending/Alterations/Sewing. To accomodate this business, I'm turning the enclosed front porch at Taigh Beag into my "customer service" area. It'll have a small desk, chair, bench, and a fitting room.

I've finally decided on a decorating "theme" for the room, too. Since it's a porch, and walled in knotty pine, with large windows almost all the way around with great views of bird feeders, I'm going to give it an outdoor/birdie feel. I LOVE chickadees. I just need to come up with a name for it?


Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Organized so far

The Master Bedroom closet is now organized. I bought shelving and hubby installed it. It's such a tiny closet that only hubby uses it, and with the shelving, we have space for all his clothing! No more hanging piles of t-shirts on the floor. No more overnight bag filled with socks and underwear. We have a tidy, organized closet!

Today, I organized the laundry area in the basement. Originally, it was an obstacle course over dirty laundry and boxes of fabric. There was no path to the machines! The dryer was piled high with fabric that often swallowed up the dryer sheet box. On the floor were scatterings of detergent bottles (one of them was empty). I do have a hamper, but there were piles of clothes all over the floor, somewhat separated into lights, darks, and whites.

Now, there is not only a path to the machines, but a wide open floor space in front of them! The machines were cleaned off, the empty bottle recycled, the fabric folded and put away and the laundry picked up and either washed or put in the hamper. On the dryer, I placed an old towel on top to keep the surface from getting damaged. On the towel, I lined up the detergent bottles in a neat row and the dryer sheet box. In front of the bottles rests my laundry basket. The hamper is to the side of the washer.

Ideally, I would love to have one of those 3-basket hampers so I can more easily separate the laundry and keep it off the floor. In fact, I'd prefer a 4-basket hamper because I have whites, lights, darks, and hubby's work clothes that I wash separately.

Also, to help maintain my washing machine and keep it from stinking, I do whites last. This way, I add bleach to the wash cycle and use hot water. This not only cleans and disinfects the clothing, but the machine as well. When I'm done, I leave the lid open, so the machine can air-dry.

I suppose I should do dishes now. :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Getting Organized

I have started a new goal! Get organized by Christmas. Almost every day, I have one special chore I must do that'll help me get more organized. Yesterday, my chore was to go through my cedar chest of vintage and antique clothing. I did and layed them out nicely, and found a pair of shoes and a dress to give away, along with a man's hat.

Today, I plan on reorganizing our recycling and garbage system.

Organization is not only good for keeping the house tidy, but it helps all who live in it know what's expected and what to do. When a house is unorganized, no one knows where things need to go, or where they need to go isn't organized enough to allow them to go there. Here are some examples:

Annie is upset that once again her husband left his laundry in a heap on the bedroom floor. She finally blows her top and yells at him to do away with his dirty laundry. He yells back at her that he would but he never knows what to do with it. One day the hamper is in the bedroom. Another day, it's in the hall. Another day, it's been dragged into the kitchen. Then it's in the bathroom. Or it's full to overflowing in the laundry room. Or, the one time he DID put his laundry in the hamper, she had a fit because it was full of clean clothes! Simple organization will help them both know where the dirty laundry goes. A little incentive and discipline can help keep it that way.

Samantha calls out to her children to put their shoes away. The shoes go in the hall closet. That's the way she planned it from the start. So her, children pick up their shoes and toss them on top of the coats that are on the floor of the closet because the closet is packed full of old outgrown coats and whatever Samantha threw in there to keep out of sight. The shoes roll out and the door won't close. The next day, as the children get ready for school, one can't find his other shoe, and the other is crying because there's a mud stain on her new coat.

So, I intend to be better organized.


Thursday, October 13, 2005

Good News, a Clean House, sewing projects

The Good News is that my dear pen-pal friend had a baby girl on Oct. 7th! Madeline Elizabeth is the baby's sweet name! Miracles never cease! Both mother and baby are well.

My house is clean! Not fully tidy, but clean! My mother came over again to give me a hand. I was also able to clean out the bedroom and start preparing the room for baby furniture. This afternoon, after a short rest that I need, I want to tackle the pile of mail and paperwork. This evening, I promised hubby I'd work on his caftan.

As for my sewing projects, the living room, porch and bedroom all need new curtains. I haven't decided what to use for the LR and porch, but the bedroom, I'm thinking dark blue velvet drapes with gold tie-backs and tassles. I'm also going to be making my father a Santa suit. He really wants one for Christmas and it brightened his day when I told him I'd make him one.

Do you have any sewing projects?

Monday, October 10, 2005


If there's one thing I've learned so far with pregnancy, it's that I'm always altering. My body, mind, clothes, diet, choices, priorities and schedule are all being altered. I've been lamenting the neglect of the upkeep of our little cottage much due to the exhaustion I've been experiencing. Therefore, I've decided that I need to daily judge how best to schedule my time. If I'm having a good, wakeful morning, I need to get as many chores done in the morning and leave internet until the evening. If the evening sees me bright and chipper, internet will have to wait until a time I need to sit and relax. Movies are a no-no except when I'm exhausted, but need to put off going to sleep.

With these and several other guidelines, let's hope that Taigh Beag can be a tidier, sweeter, more relazing atmosphere for all.


FAQ about l'il ol' me

1. How did you come by your nickname, "Ladyscott?"
"Lady" is to remind me to be a lady, and "Scott" is my clan name.
2. Are you a Christian?
Yes, I am a born again Christian. I attend an Assembly of God Church, however, I don't agree with all AG beliefs (ex. I don't believe women should be senior pastors.)
3. Are you "dresses only?"
No. I don't necessarily believe in dresses only, but I do believe in femininity and that a woman should look like a woman. I do enjoy and PREFER wearing dresses, but have been known to wear pants occassionally.
4. Do you believe in long, uncut hair?
This goes along with a woman should look like a woman. While I don't pinpoint my belief on "long hair only," I believe a woman should have longer, feminine hair. My hair is just past my waist and gets cut twice a year. Anything longer tends to give me headaches and become a tangled mess.....sloppy is NOT feminine. And frankly, ladies, those short, choppy "owl" hair-cuts aren't feminine either.
5. But, doesn't your husband have long hair?
Yes, he does. AND he has earrings. Two in each ear to be exact. But no one can doubt his masculinity! He's strong, rugged, a very much a Command Man. His long hair is well kept and masculine (like Braveheart, or Daniel Day-Lewis in "Last of the Mohicans.") His earrings are a cultural thing.
6. What's your favorite color and flower?
Pink, but hubby has forbidden me to decorate any room with pink. I stick to clothing in that color. Pink is SO feminine! I love roses, but really my heart belongs to the violet family. Wood violets, african violets, pansies, johnny jump-ups....I adore them!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Autumn has arrived...let's have some soup

With rain, wind and chilly temperatures, autumn has finally arrived. Thankfully, the Lord has provided us with this cozy little cottage. I also felt a wave of peace today as I thought about paying the first heating bill. I'm sure we can afford it. God ALWAYS provides!

Hubby wanted soup tonight, so I made a homemade chicken soup with dumplings. I'm a fluffy dumpling maniac! Perhaps I'll post the recipe in my Cottage Kitchen blog. But not tonight. I'm exhausted.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Waaahhhh....I wanna come home!!!!

Ok, I've had my fun. I want to quit my job and return home!!

Call it pregnancy hormones. Call it nesting. Call it overwork and exhaustion. Call it what you want. I YEARN to be home. Today was my first REAL day off in over a week and I realized just how MUCH I miss this little cottage. I MISS taking my time and cooking a REAL meal. I miss baking dessert. I miss carefully planning a grocery list. I miss regularly cleaning my house.

All these FLEW out the window when I took this job. At first, I kept up pretty well, but of course being pregnant can slow a lady down. Now, work has just CONSUMED me to the point where EVERYTHING is suffering. I haven't touched sewing in 3 months. My house is a smelly mess. I'm struggling with keeping up in my faith (I've often skipped church, been too tired to read the Bible and even too tired to really pray). Even my relationship with my husband is waning. I'm too tired.

It's easy to blame it on my pregnancy, but is it really just that? Isn't it my pregnancy COMBINED with work?

I have NO idea how working women do it. Well, I know this much. They may be able to do it, but I sure can't! Forget it! I'm ready to come home and do what I'm SUPPOSED to be doing!

Ladies have told me that I'll feel better and have more energy in my second trimester. That may be true, but I'd rather spend that energy at home than at work.

I've even found myself fantasizing of something happening to me that my doctor would order me home!

Of couse, I can't quit now. It's the busy season in a costume shop this time of year. But I think perhaps before the holidays I'll quit....with reasonable notice, that is.

That'll give me plenty of time to start up that at-home mending business I'm eager to have. Plus, I need time to plan for the baby and for the sewing class I'm offering to homeschooled young ladies this summer!

God always opens a door.


Thursday, October 06, 2005

I'm a Spiritual Beauty

SPIRITUAL BEAUTY - You are calm, peaceful, and
content. Introverted and quiet you know
everything about yourself. You never speak
without thinking and every decision you make is
well thought out. Since you know yourself so
well you aware of your strengths and your
shortcomings, which gives you the advantage of
easily learning from your mistakes and
improving yourself quickly. You may or may not
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you from your beliefs.

What type of beauty do you possess? (20 questions + 7 results + pretty pics)
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It's also annoying ads in the comments section! Please ignore any existing ones, and please forgive the word verification that I've added when you post a comment. It is a necessary annoyance to keep the even more annoying spammers at bay.


Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Please Remind Me....

That pizza and nachoes eaten quickly during pregnancy is NOT a good idea. Blah.....

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A day in the life of ladyscott

Candy at encouraged her readers to post pictures of a typical day in their lives. I'm on a borrowed computer without digital camera, so I'm just going to write about day in my life.

First of all, I'm pregnant and that can make for some very atypical days. So I'll try to get it as average as possible.

I start my day at 5:30 am. I make hubby's coffee and lunch for work. Then I wake him up and take his spot in bed. When he's ready to leave, I say a prayer over him and watch him drive off.

I take a shower, and then hit the sack again (when I wasn't pregnant, I'd eat breakfast and start chores).

I wake up again and have breakfast and do a few chores before getting ready for work.

I leave for work at 9:30 am and return around quarter to 3pm. At this time I typically hop online, do a few more chores, relax and then start dinner. Dinner's a little after 5 and then I spend the evening relaxing some more. If I feel ok, I do a few more chores. I try to get some Bible reading in during the evening and say my day's prayer before I go to sleep. I go to bed between 8 and 9pm.

I'm so eager to give a better report when I'm feeling better and HOME all the time.


Friday, September 30, 2005

I'm Caroline Ingalls

You are Caroline Ingalls, a faithful wife and
mother who cares about appearances. You are a
good cook and homemaker, and a submissive wife,
but you can handle a team of horses swimming
through a raging river if you have to.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

There are golf-widows and there are.....

2005 Polaris Sportsman 400 widows. That's what I am! Hubby just bought one and he's as happy as a clam and eager to ride. I don't mind. He deserves an expensive toy and he always comes home. :) He's even working extra hours to pay for it. What a great hubby I have!

And now, I need to put up those carrots like I promised him and be the good wife he deserves.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

End of Summer at Taigh Beag

Well, it's officially the end of our first summer here at Taigh Beag. Not only has the season changed on the calendar, but the temperature has dropped significantly and we started winterizing:

1. The pond is drained and the fish are in the tank.
2. Hubby put my bicycle away.
3. The winter wheat is thriving at the farm next door.
4. The air conditioners are being put away today.
5. The windows stay closed and not because the AC's are running. :)
6. I'm wearing a cardigan.
7. Hubby's putting away the lawn items.
8. I'm thinking of making heavy drapes for the picture window.
9. I need to take inventory of the window plastic I already have.
10. There is a gallon of cider in the fridge.

I've resisted the temptation to turn on the furnace. Save a little oil now. It's going to be a cold winter this year! Next year, we're getting an outdoor wood furnace! Hurray!

Hubby just showed me a stick bug! It's the first time I ever saw one!

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Moving Fish....and more

Yesterday, I bought a 55 gallon fish tank with stand. Our peaceful little pond is in need of being put up for the winter time. It's starting to get quite chilly at nights and a frost is just around the corner. Therefore, our 8 fish need a home for the winter time. Praise God for providing for us the money to purchase the fish tank!

Hubby is thrilled with the tank. We have it set up in our dining room. ( I feel like my dining room's an Italian Restaurant now!). It is so soothing and relaxing, although it does take up nearly the whole wall between the living room and master bedroom.

I'm such an animal lover, and I love caring for things that it's not a bother at all to have the fish tank. Besides, it'll be hubby's chore to do the heaving cleaning of the tank!

Today is such a beautiful, brisk early autumn day. Hubby took me 4 wheeling through the woods and I plan on going for a walk after being online. I need to walk, anyway. I'm addicted to White Cheddar Cheez-Its!

I'm also mad at my state. I ordered a start-up packet for starting a small business ages ago and I STILL haven't received it.

Oh, and I've been called for jury duty!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Thanks, Mom! Autumn Decor....

Thanks to my mother who came over today and kept me company and helped me clean Taigh Beag. Now, I'm pretty much caught up, laundry is being done ahead of schedule, I FINALLY have a clean kitchen and bathroom, and Taigh Beag smells so good! My Mom is such a blessing to me.

Now that I have a clean house, I want to start a schedule so I can keep up on it. Thankfully, my mom's willing to come over every couple of weeks and give me a hand.

I hung up a Winnie the Pooh Autumn flag, and I'm eager to add some pumpkins (not jack-o-lanters) and some other autumn decor.

Hubby's stone wall is drawing neighborhood compliments. A lady I know from the church I used to attend even walked 2 miles just to show the wall to a friend of hers she was walking with! It's going to look so good once I can plant the garden in the middle! I look forward to wintertime seed catalogs!

I'm Carole Lombard!

I'm most like Carole Lombard! I scored 11% grit, 19% wit, 38% flair, and 42% class!

You can see which classic starlet you most compare to here:

The Classic Dames Test

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Whoa, what a morning!

This is the best morning I've had since just a few days after I found out I was pregnant!

I got up at 5 am and made hubby his coffee and lunch. By 5:30 am I prayed over him and saw him out the driveway. Then, I fixed the bed and took a shower. I've been needing more sleep than usual, so I laid back down, but I didn't sleep. I just laid still and thought about pleasant, homey things until 6:30 when I decided to get up. I got up, had breakfast, scoured through a catalog to get Christmas gift ideas, washed dishes, tidied the kitchen counters, cleaned out my canning pot for storage, cleaned the coffee pot and got it ready for another pot for hubby, deodorized and vaccumed the living room carpet, fed the fish and the birds and squirrels, talked to my little brother, hopped online, went for a walk, scoured my cookbooks for a recipe to use up fast-ripening bananas, rescued a chickadee that got stuck in back porch, got ready for work, made my lunch and now, here I am at 9:15 am just typing away until I have to leave for work.

I also decided that I'm going to move the living room rug into the dining room and get a new rug for the living room. I'd like a braided one, but I better ask hubby's opinion on that one.

We also need to make sure we have enough money to purchase that 55 gallon fish tank and stand. I'm budgeting $300.00 to be on the safe side.


Wish I didn't have to work today...nesting/ideas

As much as I like my job at the costume shop, I wish I didn't have to work today. I feel good! I feel like feathering my nest! I want to clean the house! At least I'm getting some cleaning done this morning.

Forget evenings. Lately, evenings have been horrible for me. But I'd rather be sick in the evening than during the day.

I've been thinking about the second storey we're going to add on to our house in the future. It'll include two big bedrooms, a full bathroom (hopefully with linen closet), an upstairs foyer that'll serve as a library, and another rather large room that I wasn't sure what I'd use it for. Another bedroom, a homeschooling classroom (I like that idea) or perhaps I'd move the master bedroom up there instead of downstairs and have a big enough room for the dream master bedroom I'd like.

Hubby likes the idea of the master bedroom being right where it is downstairs. Privacy. If we do keep it downstairs, I'd like to add a large bay bump-out with french doors to a patio that overlooks our decorative pond. In the bay, I'd create a sitting area. That's what I'd LIKE to do, but would we be able to afford it? We've got a few years to figure it out.

Now, I'm just wondering how many little children we can fit in the tiny bedroom no occupied by my brother. I think 2, but possibly 3 if we use bunk beds and they share.


Monday, September 19, 2005

And yet another Blessing (and a scare)

The hymn going through my head recently is: "Count your blessings, name them one by one. Count your blessings see what God has done!"

Sunday, on my way to church, I stopped at a yard sale. My mom was also there on her way to church as well. She pointed out a dehumidifier with "make offer" written on it's tag. The yard sale host made sure it worked. I hemmed and hawed, and finally they said I could have it for $5.00. I couldn't say no to that! Hubby was so pleased! We needed a dehumidifier so badly! Now only if we could get a 55 gallon aquarium and stand for a very affordable price! Hey, you never know! God's provided us well so far! :)

Sunday, we went to visit my in-laws. We stepped in the door to see them hovering over their prostrate Boston Terrier. He was such a sick little dog! A quick call to the vet sent them out to get baby asprin. After administering that, the dog quickly improved. Apparently, the dog got wobbly and passed out. Vomiting, loose poo, and drool occured before the fainting spell. No fever, but a bloated tummy. I think he ate something he shouldn't have.

That was our Sunday....and yes, I did go to church! ;)


Saturday, September 17, 2005

Blessing from God in the form of a Bread Machine!

I did go to the SPCA garage sale today. Luckily, there wasn't much there that I needed or wanted. But, there was ONE thing! A Bread Machine!! Brand new, still in box. They let me take it home for $20.00! What a blessing! I'm so excited, plus I'm glad I was again able to help support this SPCA.

The Fulton County SPCA in Upstate New York is strictly volunteer-run and donation-run. They don't even get state/county/town aid. This SPCA is run by a wonderful down-to-earth woman who rescues and cares for the many abused and neglected animals in the area.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Housework Therapy/De-cluttering so far

We all need a little therapy, some spa-time, pamper time or me-time. Now that I'm pregnant, I'm actually being encouraged to take lots of me-time. I need it too, because not only am I tired a LOT, but I also suffer from occassional fainting spells and anxiety attacks. Not to worry, they're homone-induced and "normal." Chores not only pile up now, but are harder to do.

The other day, I had laundry that needed to be done. I was suffering from an anxiety attack and feeling really worn. It was a load of whites, so I turned on the hot water in the washer and added a cup full of Arm and Hammer detergent with softener added. It smells so good! I just leaned over the washer and slowly inhaled the steamy, lovely fragrance. (Then I put the dirty laundry in...pew!) Housework Therapy!

De-cluttering hasn't been a successful as I hoped for because I had a pregnant day yesterday and I had to work today. However, I was able to donate a box of stuff to the SPCA's garage sale fund raiser. That made me feel good and I have one box less of junk floating around the house!


Thursday, September 15, 2005

De-cluttering Taigh Beag

I am convinced it's never too early to start preparing for a baby. My husband was just telling me yesterday that the nine months will be over before we know it. After all, I'm already 8 weeks along TODAY!

So, time to start the decluttering process and getting rid of the material things I don't need! Not only for the simple reason that we need room in our little house for the new addition, but that I've been suffering anxiety attacks and feeling "closed in." I want a clean, uncluttered house! It's a little more difficult now that my brother is living with us, but I think I can manage! I'll let you know my progress.


Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I'm Back with LOTS of news!

My little brother has moved into the spare bedroom at Taigh Beag so he can more easily commute to college until May. With this comes his computer, of which I have access to when he's not at home. Therefore, I'm sort of back online and can keep up with my blogs!!

Biggest news of all is that I'm pregnant with baby #1! I'm due April 27th. What a good time of year to have a baby!

My garden did well, but getting pregnant during the harvest season made lots of it go to waste. I was simply too sick to put up much of my produce. I'm not really planning on a garden next year since I'll be busy with a newborn during planting season. I've given up on the dream of being the perfect, put-together wife and mother. I'm more interested in simply being a loving, Godly one. If that means my flower garden has weeds, then so be it.

My husband is building a stone wall across the roadfront of Taigh Beag. He may continue one down the side that boarders the woods. If not, then he may put up a wattle fence instead. I'm thinking of putting up a wattle fence around the garden.....make it more formal looking. But we'll see. I'm much too busy growing a baby right now. :)

I also got a new job. I work in a costume shop part time. I love it! Although, I'm quitting at the end of March to prepare for the arrival of God's gift to us.

Now, we just have two big events immediately ahead of us.....paying for heating oil and hunting season.


Saturday, June 18, 2005

My Computer Died...I'll be offline

I'll be off line for a while because my computer died and we can't afford a new one right now. But please stay tuned....I'll try and be back soon!


Friday, June 17, 2005

It's here, it's here!!

My hutch is here!!! Hubby was able to get the hutch today! It's such a cute hutch, hand-made so you won't find it in a store.

We got it in it's place in the dining room and hubby watched me with such amusement as his little wife scurried hither and thither pulling out the boxes of items that will find a home on the hutch. He grinned and praised me as I eagerly explained where and how I plan on putting everything.

On the top shelf ( will change eventually): Ginger jar, 4 reproduction 18th century wine glasses, matching tea pot and sugar bowl with 18th century scene on them

2nd shelf: My collection of handle-less tea cups, 2 or 3 of them being antiques (I'm not sure about one of them) and 4 stoneware thistle goblets

3rd shelf: My collection of tartan and scottish tea cups and saucers

Bottom shelf: my white platter, white soup tureen, white gravy boat with dish, white salt and pepper shakers

Drawer: extra table linens and aprons

Cabinet: my 12 place setting of white dishes (minus one bowl that I broke last year)

If I have enough room, after our re-enacting season, or 12 place setting of silverware and hostess set will be housed in there. Too bad our dining room only seats 4!

I'm such a happy wife today!


Power Outtage

Yesterday evening, 1/2 an hour before I was supposed to start dinner, the power went out. Blech....I have an electric stove. Thankfully, my brother left behind some seasoned wood in the shed where it was dry. Everything else is completely soaked in rain. I set up our re-enacting folding grill and thankfully had enough water pressure to fill our copper mucket with water. After some time in trying to get the wood to burn hot enough to boil the water, I was able to make shrimp alfredo. Re-enacting sure has helped me in this area. I can cook just about anything outside if I can get decent wood and enough coals in the fire.

Of course, hubby and I kept ourselves occupied in the evening. No matter what time of day it is, the dining room is always dark (especially when it's cloudy and rainy outside). So, hubby started a puzzle by kerosene lamp and candlelight. I did some handsewing by the picture window, and when the rain subsided, I went for a bike ride. The power was back on an hour before bedtime. I was glad because I really wanted to wash dinner dishes before bedtime!

I really don't like how we're so dependant on electricity and such modern things. It's so fickle and could easily be taken away from us and many of us are left without defenses or knowledge on how to live without them. Just 100 to 150 year ago, a man and his wife could head out west and make a home and life out of the wilderness. Today, with all the laws and regulations, you really couldn't even try! I feel like we've been backed in a corner and every power outtage reminds me of that.


Thursday, June 16, 2005

Estate Sale/Flooded pond/My first strawberry

I did it. I was a bad girl and went to the estate sale. I walked out with a book dated 1816 from London, and two vintage dresses. One is a sage green organza, and the other is a thicker cotton wiggle dress, both from about the 1950's, although the green one might be 40's. I spent $15.00. I tried on a riding hat, but it didn't fit, and a pair of shoes, but they didn't fit well enough to spend $5.00 on them.

My pond is just about ready to flood. We've had so much rain! I suppose I should displace some of the water in buckets because if it does flood, there goes my strawberry patch!

Today, I picked my first ripe strawberry of the season and gobbled it right up! Now, I have to buy netting so the birds and that silly rabbit doesn't get my precious berries. Harvest has begun!