Monday, October 10, 2005

FAQ about l'il ol' me

1. How did you come by your nickname, "Ladyscott?"
"Lady" is to remind me to be a lady, and "Scott" is my clan name.
2. Are you a Christian?
Yes, I am a born again Christian. I attend an Assembly of God Church, however, I don't agree with all AG beliefs (ex. I don't believe women should be senior pastors.)
3. Are you "dresses only?"
No. I don't necessarily believe in dresses only, but I do believe in femininity and that a woman should look like a woman. I do enjoy and PREFER wearing dresses, but have been known to wear pants occassionally.
4. Do you believe in long, uncut hair?
This goes along with a woman should look like a woman. While I don't pinpoint my belief on "long hair only," I believe a woman should have longer, feminine hair. My hair is just past my waist and gets cut twice a year. Anything longer tends to give me headaches and become a tangled mess.....sloppy is NOT feminine. And frankly, ladies, those short, choppy "owl" hair-cuts aren't feminine either.
5. But, doesn't your husband have long hair?
Yes, he does. AND he has earrings. Two in each ear to be exact. But no one can doubt his masculinity! He's strong, rugged, a very much a Command Man. His long hair is well kept and masculine (like Braveheart, or Daniel Day-Lewis in "Last of the Mohicans.") His earrings are a cultural thing.
6. What's your favorite color and flower?
Pink, but hubby has forbidden me to decorate any room with pink. I stick to clothing in that color. Pink is SO feminine! I love roses, but really my heart belongs to the violet family. Wood violets, african violets, pansies, johnny jump-ups....I adore them!

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is your husband a christian?