Saturday, June 18, 2005

My Computer Died...I'll be offline

I'll be off line for a while because my computer died and we can't afford a new one right now. But please stay tuned....I'll try and be back soon!


Friday, June 17, 2005

It's here, it's here!!

My hutch is here!!! Hubby was able to get the hutch today! It's such a cute hutch, hand-made so you won't find it in a store.

We got it in it's place in the dining room and hubby watched me with such amusement as his little wife scurried hither and thither pulling out the boxes of items that will find a home on the hutch. He grinned and praised me as I eagerly explained where and how I plan on putting everything.

On the top shelf ( will change eventually): Ginger jar, 4 reproduction 18th century wine glasses, matching tea pot and sugar bowl with 18th century scene on them

2nd shelf: My collection of handle-less tea cups, 2 or 3 of them being antiques (I'm not sure about one of them) and 4 stoneware thistle goblets

3rd shelf: My collection of tartan and scottish tea cups and saucers

Bottom shelf: my white platter, white soup tureen, white gravy boat with dish, white salt and pepper shakers

Drawer: extra table linens and aprons

Cabinet: my 12 place setting of white dishes (minus one bowl that I broke last year)

If I have enough room, after our re-enacting season, or 12 place setting of silverware and hostess set will be housed in there. Too bad our dining room only seats 4!

I'm such a happy wife today!


Power Outtage

Yesterday evening, 1/2 an hour before I was supposed to start dinner, the power went out. Blech....I have an electric stove. Thankfully, my brother left behind some seasoned wood in the shed where it was dry. Everything else is completely soaked in rain. I set up our re-enacting folding grill and thankfully had enough water pressure to fill our copper mucket with water. After some time in trying to get the wood to burn hot enough to boil the water, I was able to make shrimp alfredo. Re-enacting sure has helped me in this area. I can cook just about anything outside if I can get decent wood and enough coals in the fire.

Of course, hubby and I kept ourselves occupied in the evening. No matter what time of day it is, the dining room is always dark (especially when it's cloudy and rainy outside). So, hubby started a puzzle by kerosene lamp and candlelight. I did some handsewing by the picture window, and when the rain subsided, I went for a bike ride. The power was back on an hour before bedtime. I was glad because I really wanted to wash dinner dishes before bedtime!

I really don't like how we're so dependant on electricity and such modern things. It's so fickle and could easily be taken away from us and many of us are left without defenses or knowledge on how to live without them. Just 100 to 150 year ago, a man and his wife could head out west and make a home and life out of the wilderness. Today, with all the laws and regulations, you really couldn't even try! I feel like we've been backed in a corner and every power outtage reminds me of that.


Thursday, June 16, 2005

Estate Sale/Flooded pond/My first strawberry

I did it. I was a bad girl and went to the estate sale. I walked out with a book dated 1816 from London, and two vintage dresses. One is a sage green organza, and the other is a thicker cotton wiggle dress, both from about the 1950's, although the green one might be 40's. I spent $15.00. I tried on a riding hat, but it didn't fit, and a pair of shoes, but they didn't fit well enough to spend $5.00 on them.

My pond is just about ready to flood. We've had so much rain! I suppose I should displace some of the water in buckets because if it does flood, there goes my strawberry patch!

Today, I picked my first ripe strawberry of the season and gobbled it right up! Now, I have to buy netting so the birds and that silly rabbit doesn't get my precious berries. Harvest has begun!


Just playing with a photo program!

Dare I dream hutch

Hubby announced yesterday evening that he'd like us to run up to my grandparents' house Friday morning and pick up the hutch and tables! Hurray! I'm so happy, but I'm not holding my breath. Hubby could be called out for some work. So, I just wait patiently.

It is so gloomy, cool, and rainy out....a nice break from the heat and humidity we've endured. However, the gloom is starting to get to me. I'm a cheap-skate in some ways. I hate running electricity during the day, but this gloomy weather forces me to.

It's cool enough for a long skirt and long sleeved top, perhaps even a cardigan or light sweater. I'm supposed to clean the church today, so it's work clothes for me today.

Getting back to the hutch and tables, I know where the hutch is going, but I haven't decided on the tables, yet. One of them should go in hubby's hobby room, and the other in my sewing area. However, I've been using a large, metal teacher's desk. Then again, I could use the table because eventually that teacher's desk is going to be removed or turn into MY teacher's desk for when/if we homeschool our future children. Decisions, decisions.

I am excited about the hutch, though. I'll have penty of boxes unpacked after the hutch is set up because the hutch will house my 12 place setting fine dishes, some of my nicer serving dishes, and my vintage/antique teacups. My oldest teacup is a wedgwood. It's handless and comes with the matching saucer. I was able to date it to 1840, but a friend of mine who also collects teacups dates it to late 18th century. I got it for $10.00 at an antique shop.

The weekend is upon us and that means garage sales. I think I'll hit just one today. It's an estate sale in the city my church is in. A 96 year old lady kept everything! Who knows what I'll find!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Plugging right along at the Cottage

Now that the garden is in and the yard tidied at the cottage, I have time for indoor work. This weekend, my mother is coming over to help me paint the kitchen and possibly the bathroom. (Hubby will be away this weekend.) In fact, it works out because this morning hubby asked when I was going to paint the kitchen.

Yesterday, I finished recovering the chairs for our tent. They turned out well and I'm inspired to do a bit more upholstering! My urge to sew has returned. DH has requested that I FINALLY finish his new banyan and matching weskit for re-enacting by next weekend! UGH! Crunch time, but I think I might be able to manage. He's also in dire need of another pair of fly front breeches, not to mention that I have stays and a gown to finish for a customer that same weekend!

Exactly 6 more months until my birthday! Also, since it's June, it's time to start thinking about Christmas. We spent so much money the last few Christmases, I'm thinking of making most of the gifts this year. So far, this is what I've decided:

My FIL is going to get a hand-embroidered boston terrier sofa pillow.
A friend of ours is going to get death's head buttons (a type of 18th century thread button)

My MIL needs a painting for above her couch in her living room. Perhaps I could paint one! I love to paint. She likes Monet and Thomas Kincade....perhaps I could do something inbetween....a Monet style cottage in the woods.....I like Bob Ross and perhaps I could do one of his paintings.

Also.....remember to visit my other two blogs: (all about my kitchen at Taigh Beag) (my health blog based on Prov. 31:17)


Tuesday, June 14, 2005

"Finding Neverland" A review

I am departing from my normal shpeals on my cottage and am reviewing the movie "Finding Neverland."

Overall: Good movie. I don't recall swearing, there is no s*x (Barrie kisses his wife and not even on the lips once), and no violence. The acting was great, the costumes lovely, and the scenery breath-taking. The movie was interesting, especially if you like the story of Peter Pan and are interested in it's conception. It is a compelling movie, but I wouldn't call it entertaining. It keeps your interest. The movie is a sad movie. However, I may add it to my DVD collection if it goes on sale at Walmart. Johnny Depp played a Barrie wonderfully and the children were excellent actors.

Questionable material from a Christian stand-point:
1. Barrie's marriage breaks down throughout the film.
2. Neverland seems to be a replacement for Heaven.
3. There is a Victorianized conversation between Barrie and his friend that people suspect Barrie of using the boys wrongly for self-pleasure. (In real life, Barrie was NOT such a man, nor is he portrayed as such in the film)
4. Barrie and his wife confront and it comes to light that his wife left him and is with another man. (However, this is not a major focus of the film)
5. Barrie is married and spends loads of time with Sylvia and the boys, even inviting them to his cottage. In the film, he never even touches Sylvia except to help her while she's ill. He is rarely alone with her, and when he is, it's to talk of her illness out of earshot of the children.

Elements that may bother children:
1. This is a very emotional movie.
2. There are a few scenes of fantasy that seem a little nightmarish, particularly if your child is fearful of clowns or pirates.
3. There is a death and grave yard scene
4. The oldest Davies boy is dropped while "flying" via a rope and pulley and breaks his arm (no blood).

Although, it is only rated PG, I wouldn't let a young child watch it because it is very emotional. There are a few breaks of comedy. I'd say rent or borrow it first before you decide to add it to your library. I liked it.

For a more in-depth Christian review, go to and type in "Finding Neverland."

Home Away From Home

My husband and I have a vacation home. It's a tent, a good-sized tent the requires similar rules to cottage living as Taigh Beag does. Everything needs it's place. You see, we're living historians, or re-enactors. We re-enact the 18th century. We own this tent, behind the gentleman with the horse:

In it, we house a full size four poster bed, a full size dining table with 4 chairs, a side table, a carpet and floor cloths, and numerous trunks. We have running water in the form of a cistern. Next to it is a teapot on a hook with a candle under it for warm water. We even have a bathroom behind the bed in the form of a chamber pot and a bucket of water. The only thing missing is the kitchen, which has to be outside.

Hubby and I have a system when it comes to setting up our tent. He and I get the tent up, he does all the pounding of the stakes. He helps get the bed and table together and then leaves the rest to me while he goes and helps our master and mistress set up their tent. As I said before, everything needs it's place. The bed is neatly made and dressed with curtains appropriate to the weather and season. Heavy drapes for the cooler weather, mosquito netting for the warmer weather. There is always a drape along the back for privacy for use of the chamber pot. Facing the back of the tent on the right hand side is my "closet." My trunk is placed there and a tie a cord between two poles for hanging clothing on. My husband's closet is on the left hand side. Access to the "bathroom" can only be acheived on my side, so a seat is formed from an emptied trunk and extra blankets on hubby's side. Hubby's "closet" also has to hold a variety of weaponry and ammunitions for the event.

Then we have our table in the middle accompanied by two chairs. The table is covered with an Indian Print cloth and holds candle sticks, our candle box, my tea set, and our box of silverware. Along the right hand side of the tent from front to back is our burlap sack for trash, our kitchen box, our cistern and teapot on a hook and a box for food (ok, I admit, it's a cooler, but we have to make do with modern for safety reasons). On the left hand side from front to back is the side table that is covered with a white damask cloth and holds hubby and I's accessory boxes, a lantern and a mirror. The other two chairs are here at this table. Then it's our laundry bags. Two large bowls are kept under the table for use as sinks, laundry or for serving or mixing. Here and there are iron hooks holding lanterns. From the ridge pole hangs a small chandelier.

Outside are a couple more buckets, and usually a line from rope to rope for laundry.

The kitchen is outside under a canvas awning called a fly, the fire in a small pit with irons over the top.

We live quite comfortably in such surroundings. The longest I've ever lived in our tent is 5 days.

Glad for Gloomy Day

No, no, I'm not harboring some repressed depression. I do enjoy the occassional gloomy day. I really hope it rains and brings us some relief from this sweltering hot weather! The humidity really makes it unbearable.

I caved in and carried the other air conditioner from the shed, up the stairs and into the living room. I even managed to put it in the window and get it all set up! Now I feel like I have Rosie the Riveter bicepts! It is just too hot to be without it, especially since the living room has a huge west-facing picture window. Even with the shades drawn, it boils in here.

Now, perhaps the heat won't get the better of me. It did yesterday, and I ended up taking a 2 hour nap in the air conditioned bedroom. My doggy joined me and we dreamed away. It felt good, but I would have rather gotten things done.

I did manage to work on re-covering ladder back chair cusions. Hubby found this beautiful dark royal blue and gold fabric. I'm covering our chairs and his ottoman with it. He even had to drive me to Sears Hardware to purchase a staple gun! I got one on sale that can use many size staples and even brad nails!

I also cleaned the bathroom and did the laundry yesterday.


I never did dishes last night because we watched "Finding Neverland." So that's the main thing. In fact, I'm going to clean the kitchen today. Then I'll work on the chairs again. I also have loads of on-line work to do.

So, I best get started!

Monday, June 13, 2005

Friends/House/Rabbits/Heat and Humidity

Friday evening, our friends from PA and NJ visited our new home and had pizza before settling in at the re-enactment event. The general concensus was that it's a cute house, suitable for hubby and I, had loads of potential, and that we should build up when we add on, not out. I was pleased to be hostess again in hubby and I's new home.

Although, I'm not sure we'll stay forever. I wouldn't really mind, and hubby's pretty sure we're staying put. But there's a certain house we're really interested in and keeping an eye on. It's an original colonial house, exactly what we've always wanted, with acreage. The owner is sickly and we're seeing if she'll sell. But this won't be for years. She's not THAT sickly and plans to live there until death.

There is a rabbit haunting my garden! I saw him today, sitting in front of my tomato plants, so I walked outside barefoot and in my nightgown (luckily, it's fairly private back there) and approached the little guy. He hopped away a bit and then waited for me. I got within 13 feet of him before he bounded into the rye. Now, I need to rabbit-proof my garden! I'd like to do it humanely, but I may look into traps as well because hubby and I are eager for some rabbit in our freezer. We'd have to check with the DEC first. I don't think there are "seasons" on rabbits because they're so abundant. I'm usually a soft-touch for furry things and not big into hunting, but if it means less money at the grocery store and more meat on the table, I'm all for it!

It's been so hot and humid lately! For a week straight, so far, it's been unbearable at points. The garden loves it, though, so I'm not complaining. Especially after the winters we've been having! A little heat is welcome! I do have to adjust my schedule, and I spend loads of time in the basement during the heat of the day. I have plenty of laundry to do today, and some sewing, so I've got afternoon basement time today. :)

This morning, I'll do some gardening and clean the bathroom and do the dishes before the heat sets in too heavily.


Thursday, June 09, 2005

Late Start and Lots to do!

At six o'clock this morning, my husband suddenly shouts my name. I snap awake to see him scrambling out from under the covers. I look at the clock....ooops. I slept in and never woke him for work. He thought it was funny! So, needless to say, we had a late start. The thunderstorms in the middle of the night didn't help much either. They scared the dog, so we had her come up on the bed and all she did was hog the bed and covers and wiggle and shake during the storms.

I have LOADS to do today and I don't mean laundry, although laundry is on the agenda. I have to hand wash hubby's embroidered waistcoat for the event this weekend.

Off I go!


Scottish Lye Soap

I know what you're thinking. Lye soap? Doesn't that burn?

A re-enacting acquaintence of mine makes this in the time honored tradition, that is the old fashioned way with homemade lye and over an open fire in a 300 year old cast iron pot! The recipe itself is from the 18th century...a family tradition passed down.

This lye soap is the best soap I know of! It's soft, smooth, lathers well, and is great for many things. I use it to wash myself, hubby uses it to remove grease or when he's gotten into some poison ivy. I also use it for laundry, particularly whites. It is unscented and made from pure, natural ingredients, AND it's American made!

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Full of life today!

For some reason, I'm full of life today! It's about time! :) I did go back to sleep after hubby left for work. I feel so bad for him. He didn't get home until 11 pm last night and had to get up at 5:30 am to go to work this morning. They're expecting more thunderstorms. Hopefully, they won't be too bad. Although, the overtime money is welcome, I hate having hubby so tired and worn out.

Laundry is getting done, and I mowed the yard for my first time ever on a riding lawn mower, and it's not even automatic transmission! Ok, so I didn't do the best job in the world, but it's done (except for trim, but I don't know how to run the weedwhacker). I even successfully backed it into the shed! I watered the gardens too, cleaned the pond and put trash liners in the garbage and recycling bins.

I still have dishes to do, a steps to sweep, dinner to think about, a car loan to pay at the bank, and if I have time, I'll clean the church today. If not, it'll be a tomorrow job. Oh, and I have to finish my husband's breeches for the event this weekend and plan and shop for Saturday lunch...

Better get going!


Fields of Rye in the Wind

Now there's a lovely title. :)

Every time I step outside I remind myself to write about this, and then I forget. Well, not this time.

I live on top of a hill, but my house sits on top of a little hill-ette that looks over the farm next door. I love just sitting on top of that hill-ette and watching the rye sway in the breeze. The waves of shades of green are so beautiful! The patterns it makes are breath-taking. Maybe I'm just easy to please, or enjoy simple things, but I'm so glad he decided to plant rye instead of corn.

Thanks to the warm weather, the rye is taller than me now!


Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The Wanderer

The weather has taken a turn for the better. No storms, but it's still windy out. After hubby left for work, as tired as I was, I decided not to go back to bed. Instead, I've been a cleaning freak today! I scrubbed down the walls in the kitchen, swept and vacuumed the floors, cleaned the bathroom AGAIN, worked some more on the basement, organized some of the clothing in their boxes in the bedroom, and started work on the motif I'm hand painting in the dining room. (more on the motif later)

I was so eager to leave the house and get to JoAnn Fabrics and Walmart to start working on the porch, but I had to wait for the insurance gentleman to show up and evaluate the property. He came and was very pleasant and as soon as he left, I was out the door, completely forgetting that my mother was supposed to come over to visit.

Thus started the wandering. I tried getting ideas in the fabric store, but I didn't find anything that really struck me. I began second-guessing my patriotic theme in the porch. I'm not really big on themes. Styles, ok, but themes....not really. I checked out their foam pads to make a light mattress for the rope bed on the porch, but they didn't have anything wide enough and I HATE the feel of foam anyway. So over to Walmart. More wandering. I couldn't find a hamper I liked, the shades weren't the right size, I couldn't find anything foam-y that would fit the little rope bed.....

My mom was there too, so I was able to apologize for missing her and we did a little more wandering together. At least I got new blinds for the bathroom!


Living Large in a Small House

I grew up in an old HUGE farmhouse. It had 11 rooms, with a huge living room, giant kitchen, and big dining room, library, 1 1/2 bathrooms, 5 bedrooms and a sitting area upstairs. It also had a garage, loft, 2 porches, and a partial basement. There were 7 of us in this house and I loved it! I believed that when I grew up, I wouldn't settle for anything other than an old large house, something colonial, victorian or a huge farmhouse. I scoffed at cottages. How could I live the way I want in a cottage.

Before my husband and I got married, we house hunted to see where our nest would be after we married. All the big houses were either too much, or needed so much work we wouldn't have been able to live in them until the work was done or they wouldn't give us an affordable mortgage for it. Time ran out and we ended up in a mobile home. I could handle that. It was only temporary until we got that big house! Then it happened....hubby decided we should buy my brother's house to help him get his big dream house. It worked. My brother moved into a large colonial farmhouse on 6 1/2 acres and hubby and I moved into his 1 story cottage on less than an acre.

Am I upset? Amazingly, no! I'm quite happy here and eagerly learning to live large in a small house! It's 900 square feet, but living in a single wide mobile home before taught me how to deal with small spaces and get large looks! It's great to economize and make things look cute and tidy. It keeps me from being materialistic and getting more and more to fill the spaces.

We will be adding on in the future, if we don't decide to move again. With the number of children we'd like to have, it would be quite difficult to fit them all in that tiny bedroom! But the house will still be small and still be a cottage. We can handle that.

I can live large in a small house. With careful furniture and color choices, keeping clutter to a minimum and expanding into outdoor living, this little house can feel big.

Many of us yearn for a simpler life. Living in this little cottage is forcing me into that and I'm glad.


Monday, June 06, 2005

Buy American Made Products

Lately, I've been more and more patriotic. Maybe it's because my husband and I have reached an American Dream in purchasing our own home and a bit of land. My husband is so proud and humbled at the same time to have a house and land, a good job, a wife and the potential for a family.

I AM proud to be an American! I am also eager to buy American made now. Here are some websites that can help us buy American made products:


Cottage Living Magazine

I am a charter subscriber to this magazine! I just love it! It's got great ideas for living small, lovely articles and pictures, great garden ideas, and cute craft ideas. I was upset when Victoria went under, but Cottage Living is a great substitute, even if it isn't as elegant as Victoria was.

Busy Hubby

Hubby started painting the basement with Wetlok. He chose gray. I wasn't too sure, but the color is actually quite nice. It's light enough, with just a hint of blue to keep it from being plain ol' gray. Hubby wants to turn the basement into a castle-look family room.

While I lounged away on the couch in front of the box fan and read Girl with a Pearl Earring, hubby slaved away outside and trimmed the hedges. They look so much better! He also trimmed under the apple tree so we can walk under it now. I set up two lawn chairs under it and hubby and I like to sit there and watch the rye blow in the wind and enjoy the garden, or our doggy playing in the yard. I ought to sing to him, "Don't sit under the apple tree with anyone else but me, anyone else but me, anyone else but me. No No No!"

My mother is so proud of what we did to the yard. Really, hubby did a lot of the work. I planted the garden and flower boxes and weeded the flower bed, but hubby's been doing quite a bit! Besides buying the lawn mower and weed whacker, it's cheaper to tend to the yard right now than it is to work on the interior.


Lazy Sunday, Lettuce Rescue, Empty Nest Syndrome

Yesterday was such a lazy Sunday. I went to church like I wanted to and was really excited to be there. It was so good to see all those familiar faces and worship the Lord. I got to hold my 1 year old nephew on my lap and enjoy his company. I got some stares, though because I wore a vintage late 40's early 50's yellow sun dress with a matching yellow shrug. I wrapped my long hair in a bun with the ends hanging out pony-tail style. I was cool, neatly dressed, and modest.

By the time I got home, it was scorching out. A dry heat, too. Everything was sucked dry. That's a rare thing here. We usually drown in humidity. I plodded down to my newly planted garden and saw that my lettuce was quickly dying. I watered the little plants and left them. A little while later, I checked them again and they were dry and looking just as pitiful. I was getting desperate and petitioned hubby. He didn't say anything. Was he waiting to see what I would do? (he knows I have a brain and forces me to use it sometimes) Or was he secretly wishing the lettuce would die and he wouldn't be forced to eat that "rabbit food." :)

I watered the little plants again, surrounded them with grass clippings and covered them with a homemade tent made from an A-frame you put over bushes in the winter time, and some wet muslin. The muslin drying cooled and shaded the lettuce while the mulch kept the water from evaporating from the roots of the plants. I checked them again in the evening and they looked 90% better! Hubby congratulated my efforts but didn't seem to share in my joy. Now, he'd have to eat lettuce. :)

How can someone without children have Empty Nest Syndrome? Well, I do. You see, the weekend of our move, a tiny robin hatched in a nest built in the bushes by the front door. Almost every day, I would peek in at the little, pink bird while it's mother was away. Then, we went away for a weekend and when we came back the baby was nearly full-sized and had all it's feathers. I marveled to my husband about how quickly he grew and hubby explained to me how it doesn't take long for some birds. I grew up with chickens and it takes them a little longer to mature. Hubby said that the bird will be out of the nest soon. I figured a few more weeks, but later that week, my brother came over to pick up some forgotten items. I went to show him the baby bird and found the nest empty. I dropped to my knees and started moving the brush aside from under the bush. Perhaps he died or fell out. I didn't dawn on me right away that he had matured and flew away. Now, every day, I walk by that empty nest and peek in. Nothing. Just an empty nest. I feel sad that my little bird isn't there anymore. I look up in the trees to see if he's around, but there are so many robins, I can't tell.


Sunday, June 05, 2005

Finally back to church! What to do today.

After a month away because of moving and re-enacting weekends, I'm finally going back to church and I NEED IT! It's amazing how much one needs church. So many people convince themselves that going to church or having church isn't needed. It really is.

I thought for a moment that I'd take just one more Sunday off because I don't want to spare the time away from home. However, spending just a few hours at church, worshipping my Savior will build me up again for the week. The Lord will bless me for taking the time out of my life to seek Him and I will get more done this week.

Dear husband got called into work today on an emergency job. Apparently, another tree crew dropped part of a tree on electrical wires and put out a part of the city. The wires are back up, but the rest of the trees have to come down. Hubby is trained for removing trees near power lines.

So, what shall I do while he is gone. Sundays are a day of rest, but I like to putter. I have some small rectangle pieces of wood. I'm thinking of digging out my paints and painting signs for my herbs and plants.

Even though I hate shopping on Sundays because it lets the stores know that they need to be open on Sundays and keep their employees from church, I might stop by JoAnn Fabrics and make some purchases for starting the decorating on the porch.

I'll probably pop by my parents' house and see if they can spare me some clumps of herbs for my garden.

I also need to pick up a newspaper and search for bargains for the week.

But for now, I need to prepare for church.


Saturday, June 04, 2005

Yard Sales, Lawn Mower, Garden, Sore toe


Today, I went to the village wide yard sales. I only hit about an eighth of the sales before I got blisters and decided to go home. I did get a British SAS GI Joe collector action figure for hubby, Girl With a Pearl Earring book, and a bunch of Taste of Home magazines. I'm becoming addicted to old furniture. I was tempted to buy a ton of it today to restore and resell, but I decided against it for fear of a reckoning from DH. :) I have a few pieces I plan on restoring first just to see if it pans out. If I find I don't have the skills, then I haven't lost much money.


Yesterday Evening my dear husband decided it was time to purchase our John Deere L100 lawn tractor! He is proud as a peacock on that mower and stayed up to 9:30 pm mowing the lawn. Good thing it has headlights!


Well, just about all of my garden is in now. I'm just waiting to put the beans in because hubby promised me a teepee for them. I wish the garden was a little bigger. I'd love to have planted more!


Silly silly me. I was on my concrete front steps and saw an ugly, dead catapiller. I went to kick it off and ended up smashing my big toe instead. I put a hole in my favorite slippers and did some major damage to the skin. *pout*


Friday, June 03, 2005

Rock Garden

I have a rock garden whether I want one or not!! Sheesh! And I was so afraid that I would have enough rocks for boarders when I moved that I brought along ALL my rocks from my mobile home. Live and learn, I guess. :)


Garage Sale-ing again! Telephone company deceit

I think hubby is starting to warm up to my garage sale-ing on the weekends. Two weekends ago, I bought him a heavy-duty hand truck and some lawn chairs. He liked those. This weekend (so far) I bought a huge and very heavy antique mirror for our bedroom for $8.00. (I also bought a spelling book from the late 19th century, and a parasol with no fabric that I'm going to restore into an 18th century parasol.)

Today, I have 6 on my list, but I'll probably only hit 3 or 4. Mostly because tomorrow is the BIG village-wide yard sale near the town I grew up in. My mom, my SIL, my nephew and I are all going to go. My SIL lives right in the village.

I got my first phone bill for this house yesterday in the mail. $78.00!! I nearly fell off the chair! They told me on the phone it would only be $49.99 a month. Well, they neglected to tell me it was on top of the regular fee and all those other fees and taxes. Needless to say I'm cancelling. And if I don't like next month's bill, I'm switching to a different phone company. Hopefully, I can keep my number, though.


Thursday, June 02, 2005

Garden Surprise!

While weeding out the bulb garden out front, I discovered Lily of the Valley plants in full bloom! I didn't even know I had them and there they were, fragrant and lovely! I LOVE Lily of the Valley and always wanted them, and now I have them!

Praise the Lord for such gifts!


Bathroom Surprise

When you read or hear the words "Bathroom" and "Surprise" together you probably think nothing good can come of it. However, this time it has!

I discovered recently that the fan in my bathroom isn't just a fan. It's got a heater in it too! Now I don't have to turn on the furnance just to warm up the bathroom. (I dislike cold bathrooms.) What a nice feature!


My Garden, my Porch and Riding Lawn Mowers

My Strawberry Patch is in! I also planted more flowers, my bittersweet, and put in some morning glory seeds. I also weeded out the bulb bed, and knocked out the tall weeds around the little lilac bush and apricot tree. Tomorrow, hubby said he's going to till the garden for me! Hurray! I still have LOTS of grass to rake. Hubby finished mowing yesterday evening. He asked about our financial situation and it was determined that sometime this weekend we are getting a John Deere Riding Lawn Mower.

My porch is starting to come together. Yesterday, I cleaned it out and vacuumed that ugly carpet. It's not green, it's a dingy gray. I put together our little rope bed and it looks so cute out there. There's also enough room for the side table and my blue windsor chair. The bed is green and I'm going to paint the table red. I'm thinking of decorating it in a patriotic theme.

Today is my errand day. I have to clean the church, go to the bank, grocery shop and visit State Farm Insurance. When I get home, I'm going to think about my herb garden and prepare the garden for tilling.


Wednesday, June 01, 2005

I have a New Blog!


Just letting you know that I have a new blog! It's about my kitchen, including receipts, decorating, and cleaning exploits!

You can find it at:

God bless,


A Plan, A Poll

Ah HA! A little light bulb turned on in my head. I've decided to put the little rope bed out on the porch! It would get it out of my way in the spare room and would create a bit of a day bed sort of thing out on the porch. I love when I come up with free ideas!

Of course, I am going to have to figure out some sort of mattress for it, since the feather mattress that was on it is being used for re-enacting. I hate foam, but I might resort to it.

Now for my poll:

Do you prefer an electric stove or a gas stove?

I personally miss my gas stove and can't stand electric, except for the oven. I like an electric oven.


Fine Weather=lots to do!

Yesterday I was so busy, but it felt good! After all those errands, I finally got some planting in. After hubby came home and we had pancakes and scrambled eggs for breakfast, he asked me the question. "Did you get a weed whacker?"

I hate when hubby asks me to do something and I didn't do it and then he inquires about it. Even when I have a good excuse like, "they were out of the one's you wanted." He just shrugged his shoulders and said that he didn't care, so long as it was a gas powered weed whacker. So, I pulled the car out of the garage and drove up to get one, quite happily for my dear husband. He was quite pleased with it and proceeded to mow and weed whack our rain forest of a yard. It was so thick, it left clumps of grass all over the place. With lawn mower running, I told my dear husband that I was going to rake the lawn for him. He thought I told HIM to rake the lawn. He looked so wearied and upset and I couldn't understand why, so I just started raking. He turned off the mower and with a pleased and relieved look on his face, he admitted to not hearing me right and was thankful that I took up the rake.

Unfortunately, he went crazy with the weed whacker and decapitated Vern the Fern, a tiny, struggling fern plant that was my SIL's favorite little plant. Hubby assured me that Vern would grow back.

Today, I have to expand the strawberry bed and figure out where else to put the rest of the flowers I have. I could use more dirt, too. I really didn't want to head to Walmart today, but I think I'm going to have to. I'd also like to get in more of the garden. It's getting really late.