Thursday, June 09, 2005

Scottish Lye Soap

I know what you're thinking. Lye soap? Doesn't that burn?

A re-enacting acquaintence of mine makes this in the time honored tradition, that is the old fashioned way with homemade lye and over an open fire in a 300 year old cast iron pot! The recipe itself is from the 18th century...a family tradition passed down.

This lye soap is the best soap I know of! It's soft, smooth, lathers well, and is great for many things. I use it to wash myself, hubby uses it to remove grease or when he's gotten into some poison ivy. I also use it for laundry, particularly whites. It is unscented and made from pure, natural ingredients, AND it's American made!

1 comment:

Anonymous said... says it good for eczema. My 5 yo dd and I both have it. This could be good.