Saturday, November 11, 2006

Outdoor furnace

Our outdoor furnace is installed and running! What a difference! Our house is so warm, I have to wear summer clothes indoors and keep the enclosed porch open. The heat radiating off the water pipes from the furnace outdoors to the exchange unit in the basement keep the whole basement toasty warm! Hurray! Now we can actually use the basement in the colder weather!

The house is this warm because we're having indian summer right now and hubby chose a furnace that's actually too large for our little cottage because we're going to add a second storey onto the house. I am so happy to have this furnace. The wood is free and we're free from dangers of fires within the house.

God is so good!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

a budget

This post is for wives who's husbands have charged them with tending to the household finances. Some women have strong convictions that only the man should care for the finances, but as Mrs. Pearl points out, we are to obey and submit to our husbands....therefore, if he asks us to take care of finances, please do so. My husband has asked me because he doesn't want to. He believes me to be better at such book-keeping and he trusts me with the money he brings into our home.

However, with this added responsibility comes an issue. You see, it is natural for your husband to want to know where the money is going and what you are doing with his paycheck. Especially if money is tight and he doesn't see any reward for his efforts. A wife in charge of finances needs to put together a simple budget and balanced checkbook that she can show her husband frequently so he knows where his hard-earned dollars are going.

I am going to show you my method of financial organization. You're free to follow it or adjust it according to your preferences. I'm not saying this is the be-all end-all method. It's just the one that works for my family.

1. Make a budget. I make one for the week based on my husband's weekly paycheck (which is consistent). To make sure I always have a little extra money, I round my husband's paycheck down and bills up. I list every bill and expense from what hubby needs per week to the mortgage, phonebill, etc. If they are monthly payments, I break it down per week. For example, my electric bill is budgeted at $80.00. On my weekly budget, I list $20.00 under electric bill. Why? Because of the envelopes.

2. Use the envelope system. Write one payment per envelope for the envelope for the electric bill...etc. Every week according to your weekly budget, place cash in the envelope. For example, every week I place $20.00 in my electric bill envelope. Then when it comes time to pay my bill, I have the money already set aside to pay it.

3. Always keep your checkbook balanced and well-written. Use both lines. The first line write where the expense went to, the second line what for. For example, say I wrote a check for Walmart. In the first line I write "Walmart" in the second line I write a brief description of what I bought, "baby needs, b-day card." That way when hubby takes a look at the checkbook he not only sees where the money went, but why it went there.

4. Stay within your budget!

Happy Budgeting,