Saturday, November 11, 2006

Outdoor furnace

Our outdoor furnace is installed and running! What a difference! Our house is so warm, I have to wear summer clothes indoors and keep the enclosed porch open. The heat radiating off the water pipes from the furnace outdoors to the exchange unit in the basement keep the whole basement toasty warm! Hurray! Now we can actually use the basement in the colder weather!

The house is this warm because we're having indian summer right now and hubby chose a furnace that's actually too large for our little cottage because we're going to add a second storey onto the house. I am so happy to have this furnace. The wood is free and we're free from dangers of fires within the house.

God is so good!


Anonymous said...

What a coincidence, my husband and I have been considering getting one of those. We have a gas furnace that isn't hooked up, with gas being so high, we can't justify the expense. So, we currently heat our home with 2 kerosene heaters and a couple well placed space heaters.
I'm glad to hear that it works so well, I'll have to tell my husband about it :-)

babygirl_nz said...

hope all is about an update! I miss hearing about baby! You are such an inspiration of a young godly woman. I would love to hear more about your marriage...and what it is like being a mommy