Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Here we go....it's the last day of May and still no garden. So, I ran hither and thither trying to find plants. My dad gave me two tomato plants. The local green house was out of many items, but I was able to pick up 3 more tomato plants, lettuce plants, and some flowers. I got pansies but no johnny jump-ups. :( Walmart had a lot of dead or dying plants, but I managed to get a bag of potting soil and 4 sweet pepper plants.

Now, I just need dear husband to till the garden for me. That won't happen until this weekend. Patience, ladyscott. We have a longer growing season down here near the valley.

I'm at an impass right now. You see, we have this slope behind our garage and workshop. It's a steep slope, shaded and the soil is poor from the pine trees that shade it. However, I'd like to grow something there more lovely that the weeds that currently make it an eyesore. I came up short at the stores and green houses. Hmmm.... Perhaps this year I'll just remove the weeds and keep it tidy.

There's a stump just in front of our stone wall out front. The stump is hollow, so I'm going to fill it with good soil and plant some flowers.

I stopped by Home Depot today to pick up a weed whacker, but I couldn't decide which one to get for dear husband. He'd be better off picking out which one he wants. I hope he's free this weekend to pick one up. There's lots of weeds that need whacking!!

I also need to clean up the stone fence. I can't see the road from my driveway because of all the greenery growing in and around it.

Well, gardening won't get done on the computer!


Front Porch thoughts

I have an enclosed front porch. We call them three-season porches up here, even though we only have two seasons in Upstate New York....winter and construction.

This enclosed front porch has tongue and groove pine paneling and many lovely windows to look out of. I have a table that I'm redoing and two antique red windsor chairs. I wants of other furniture, but I know not what just yet, so I leave it alone. What it's desperate for is a new floor covering.

Currently, the porch has an icky old green industrial carpet. It's ancient and filthy. Underneathe is an even worse linoleum. I need a floor covering of sorts. Any ideas? The basic color theme of the porch along with the wood is red and white with some green....cabin-ish colors. Birds and tea. I'm also keeping my magazines out there. It'll be a great place to read them!

Oh....I wish I had a day bed to put out there. That would be even better than the windsor chairs! It would also make for a great summer guest room!


Back Home?!

We have returned from our trip to Maryland, and yes, my dear husband was right. I knew he was. I'm so glad God gave him to me! He knew exactly what I needed....a trip away. We had such a great time and no problems with the drive. Plus, when we got home, dear husband made me dinner.

The nice thing was we moved closer to the thru way, so we got home sooner. When I walked through the door, it almost felt like home. Although, I was upset at myself for leaving dirty dishes in the sink before I left. Ah well, they'll just have to be cleaned up today!

Things have mysteriously changed while we were away. We left a lawn, and returned home to a rain forest! I need to borrow some sheep or goats to help cut it down to mow-able size! The fish in the pond faired well without food or the fountain turned on. Luckily, it didn't get too warm to do them harm and there is a continued supply of mosquitoes and their eggs to keep the goldfish fed.

Also, the weather has taken a turn for the better. It's in the 70's during the day and sunny. Time to work on the garden! Most people got their gardens in over the weekend. I'm behind. Mine isn't even tilled yet. I'll see what I can do by hand. I could use the work-out.

I am eager to get back on track, though, back into routine. It'll be an effort because I'm fighting an infection in my mouth brought on by the cutting of a new wisdom tooth. I keep teasing that I need a teething ring! It is quite painful, though. I'm gargling with antiseptic listerine often, and apply listerine directly to the infection via cotton swab. I have sympathy for my nephew who is at this time cutting his baby teeth molars and having a hard time with it. Molars hurt.

Besides getting the garden in this week, I'd like to paint the kitchen and paint the alcove off the kitchen. I'd also like to get some boarder and stone for a path from the driveway to the breezeway. Right now, it's just dirt and dirt mixed with water equals mud.


Thursday, May 26, 2005

Sweet Husband...My wish list

We've only just moved a week ago, and my dear husband insists we go to Maryland this weekend. *pout* He firmly believes we need to get away, as I have said in previous posts. Almost all day, I just stewed, wanting to grab him by the ears and make him understand that going away is more stressful for me than staying amid the boxes. But, for some reason, God has given this man wisdom to see into my weaknesses, one of them being a hermit of sorts. Perhaps we DO need to get away. My pride makes me not want to admit it. My personal sense of reason tells me to just stay and feather the nest. My husband says, "no." But I can't be mad at him. He's been so gentle and loving, seeing the strain on my face, hearing the weariness in my voice, and noticing the "blues" in my eyes. He only wants what's best for me.

He came in this evening from changing the oil in his truck and kissed me on the head, saying, "You look like you needed that." And I did.

I'm also excited that when I mentioned that I needed a place to start a compost, he suggested we get a compost tumbler! I've been wanting one of those (possibly two, but lets not push it)! I think my excitement took him by surprise. I mean, wives are supposed to get excited about jewelry, vacations, spas, manicures and shopping sprees. I get excited about compost.

Although, I think he's started something. I'm forming a wishlist for this new house. However, I really don't want to clutter it all up....time to make some choices. Luckily (or unluckily, depending on how you look at it) finances usually makes the decision for us.

1. Compost tumbler
2. Bread machine so I can bake bread in the summer time without cooking the whole house
3. Excalibur dehydrator

Oh, I know there's more, but I can't think of them right now....


The Dining Room

I have a dining room in Taigh Beag. In the mobile home, we had an eat-in kitchen and I didn't like that because I had to stare at the pile of dishes in the sink while I ate dinner. The dining room in Taigh Beag is just perfect, though. We're "forced" to eat there because this kitchen is a galley kitchen and has no room for a table and chairs. So, we eat in the dining room like a king and queen. :)

The dining room is also the center of the house. All the rooms are attached to the dining room. It gets a lot of traffic. It's also warmly lit and houses many of our 18th century-themed items. I can see it becoming the hub of hospitality. Right now, it's still swamped in boxes and lacking in a few pieces of furniture, like my grandmother's hutch. That still needs to be picked up. I'd also like to get a sideboard and a cabinet to house our scotch. (yes, hubby and I are scotch drinkers, but for him, it's a few sips a night, and for me, it's more medicinal)

I'm scouring old Colonial Homes magazines for color ideas for the dining room. It has to meld with the other rooms since they all join, mostly the kitchen and living room.

The kitchen is going to be Ralph Lauren Palm Green and White with cheery yellow accents. The Living room is cream with hunter green trimmings. The master bedroom is going to be green and black marble. The bathroom is going to be antiqued french blue. The nursery is going to be yellow(maybe).



Unleashed the trailer blues

We sold the mobile home yesterday! I mean, it's officially in the ownership of someone else! I hope they are satisfied. It does need a little work. They seem happy, though and eager to work on it. I'm glad someone else saw what I saw in that little mobile home more than 3 year ago, when I was house-hunting just weeks before hubby and I tied the knot. *sigh* There's that sad feeling again.

I've been blue all week! I was a little better yesterday and hubby commented that I sounded more cheerful, but today I'm blue blue blue blue blue. The gloomy, sunless weather isn't helping. It's damp and cold. I also went through our budget yesterday and I'm gloomy that we can't really save much money until those stupid credit cards are paid off! It's time I went to the Lord with it all. That'll cheer me up. He always does!

I'm also kinda stressed out because even though I quit my sewing business, I still have customers that demand satisfaction, so I have to finish their orders. I don't mind, really, it's just hard with piles of boxes everywhere, and I can't organize my sewing center because hubby needs to do some wall sealing before anything can be put in there. Of course, we're going away this weekend, so it's not going to get done anytime soon.

But, it's not all bad. Slowly but surely Taigh Beag is starting to feel like our home! I found myself tromping around yesterday like I owned the place and that felt good. But then I suddenly felt I was back in my brother's house. Oh when will it stop feeling like his house.

He called yesterday and I missed the call because I was outside. I actually played back the message just so I could hear his voice! It's funny, for a brother I hardly ever saw to begin with, that I miss him so much. But, in the last couple of years, we saw each other more often. Or maybe it's that he's the first one in the family to move out of the area. Most of my family, including my extended family lives right within the tri-county area.

I need sunshine and sonshine today.


Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Hey, I like this!

And what is "this" that I like? Due to our move, I've had to quit my sewing business. Owning my dog is preventing me from finding an insurance company that will insure a business in the home with the dog present. Therefore, I've had to "temporarily" quit my at-home business. So, since our move, other than my small job cleaning the church, I've been just a housewife and I breathe a sigh of relief! I enjoy being able to feather the nest and deep clean (rather than just wiping off because that's all I had time to do). I can actually take my time making dinner rather than rushing through it. I enjoy being able to get my housework done rather than ignoring it because I have to sew.

I actually feel like I'm getting more done and getting more quality work done! Even my husband has seen the difference. Before, the house would be a mess and he never really saw the progress of my sewing because it was often packed and shipped before he saw the finished product. The money really didn't make much of a dent, so it just seemed that I lazed about the house and didn't get anything done.

This move has also showed the both of us the importance of my being home. This wouldn't have happened if I worked outside the home. It was just too involved and required a lot of phone calls, e-mails, and arguing and arranging meetings and running errands that literally took up my days.

I like this.


Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Gloomy outside, but getting cozy inside

What a gloomy day. It's been rainy, cold and gloomy since Sunday and there's no end to it in sight for the week. That's why I'm typing this in a cheerful color. The wind is whipping and I sit here in distress because I still have to return to the mobile home to pick up the garbage and take it out to the park's garbage dumpster. I REALLY don't want to do this chore in this weather. :( *sigh* The sooner I get it done, the sooner I'll be back in Taigh Beag.

Taigh Beag is getting quite cozy now. I did my first load of laundry in this house today. I felt bad because my brother and SIL left me their brand new washer and dryer because they didn't want to bother hauling them out of the basement. Instead, I gave them my set, which is only 3 years old, but isn't as high quality as their set. But it was their decision. They were the ones who offered the switcheroo. So I guess I should just count my blessings that I have such a nice washer and dryer. Besides, the set I gave them was a wedding gift from my FIL...so they have something special. :)

I hung a lot of pictures and other wall decorations today. I'm really trying to use the existing nails in the walls, and have been fairly successful.

Hubby and I also discussed redoing the dining room. I'd like a colonial look that will mesh well with the country/cottage look of the rest of the house. Hubby tends to agree. Right now, the dining room has a cranberry bottom wall, a cream top wall and an Adirondack mountain scene chair rail border wallpaper. It's really cute, but doesn't quite work for hubby and I's tastes.

Hubby and I usually share our decorating ideas together and come up with a compromise. I do most of the decorating, but I like to have his input because he has really good taste and ideas and I want it to feel like his home too. It bothers me when wives completely take over decorating the house and their masculine husbands are stuck living in a Victorian Princess nightmare with enough pink, chintz and delicates to make Barbie sick. No wonder men hide out in the garage or basement.

I admit, though, I did take over without suggestion the decorating of the kitchen. Hubby basically left it alone because he just wants to eventually move the kitchen anyway, but I simply couldn't live with the current kitchen as is, even for a few years. So, I got out the paint samples and started in....well, he couldn't leave it alone and ended up offering some really great suggestions for it! He wasn't sure when I told him I was going with green, but after he saw my paint sample, he agreed it was a good choice. Men and women tend to see colors differently.

Still no ideas for the master bedroom yet.

Well, I better go take care of that garbage.



Listen....do you hear it? It's quiet here. Something my husband and I have wanted. Peace and quiet. Just the sound of the birds, the rustle of leaves, a dog barking in the distance. I never realized how strange it would be.

I grew up in a large family at an intersection between two schools. It was rural, but there was still plenty of noise, especially when 3 of us 5 children were teenagers and each had our own taste in music and would play it all at the same time! My oldest brother would play classical. My older brother would play classic rock. I would play showtunes. Not to mention that the neighbors on one side had 3 children and a couple of ATVs. The neighbors in the small farm across the street had 5 children as well. We also lived close to a private airport and would often have small aircraft flying overhead. There was always noise.

But here, it's so quiet. I listened to talk radio most of yesterday just for another voice, another sound. Outside, I could hear the whirr of the silos in the grain farm next door, but inside, just quiet. So Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity kept me company for a while. :)

I suppose I should enjoy the quiet while it lasts before the pitter patter of little feet takes it away. :)


Monday, May 23, 2005

We've Named Our Cottage

When I was in Scotland, I loved that people still named their houses and estates. The house I stayed in was called Drummore. Some friends of mine have named their houses. One friend's tiny colonial saltbox is "Endsleigh Cottage."

My husband and I have decided to call our house, "Taigh Beag" (pronounced "tie beck"). It is Scottish Gaelic for "little house." Simple, but effective and rather cute.

A Strange Sadness

It's kind of hard to explain, but all day yesterday, I had this strange sadness about the moves. I felt sad for leaving hubby and I's starter home....the home where I began our marriage and spent 3 lovely years forging ahead in life. We really needed to upgrade to a house, and had definately out grown the mobile home, but I still felt sad leaving it.

I also felt sad about my brother and his wife leaving their home, the one we bought. It still feels like, "L and S's house." So much of their "touch" is here and I almost feel imposing. Plus, they moved a bit of a distance away, so it's no more, "Hey, you wanna come over?" and we're visiting in less than 1/2 an hour.

I'm also sad about leaving the foothills and moving to the valley. I really fell in love with that little town and all it's redneck workings. I miss not being able to just hop a mile around the corner to the Fuel and Food station where everyone knew everyone else and get my newspaper, or a bottle of soda, or even visit their deli.

I'm also sad about change. I get that from my mother. Change effects her and I deeply and we get quite emotional about it.

There really was a cloud of sadness yesterday. I just about lost in when my brother (who drove back down to pick up some more stuff) was getting ready to leave back to his new house, and turned around and gazed over his old house and said, very sadly, "I feel sad leaving this little house." I told him I felt sad leaving the trailer and I guess it has to do with our homes being "beginnings." Leaving the familiar is sad.

I finally had my silent cry last night after hubby and I went to bed. I tried not to sound like I was crying because I didn't want hubby to think I was miserable here in the new house. (I'm not miserable and I do like it here) I slept well and feel better this morning, but I'm still sad and keep wondering how long it'll take before I feel like I'm home.

I thought back to when I got married and hubby and I moved into our trailer. I was so homesick, every day I would drive to my parents' house (which was only 5 miles away....now I'm 17 miles away) and visit and eat a bowl of cereal. Perhaps when we think we're ready to spread our wings, our talon is caught in the nest.

Hubby teasingly called me a homebody, and I am. Perhaps that's why I'm sad. I'm a homebody, but I don't feel like I have a home, yet.

Tuesday, I have to go back to the mobile home and remove the garbage. I dread doing this, because I really don't want to look back. Just like my brother doesn't seem to want to come back to this house even though he has a few more things to pick up. It's time to look forward into the frightening future, endure our homesickness, and eventually, it'll all come to pass.

Thank goodness I have the Lord to talk to on these matters.

The Move

This past weekend was the BIG MOVE. Friday night, hubby and I packed the truck and utility trailer. Saturday morning, I packed the car while hubby headed for our new home. We met there and my brother arrived with his moving van. (Remember, hubby and I moved into my brother's house and my brother moved to another town). We packed the moving van and every vehical we could.

My worst fear came true. I ended up having to drive my husband's pick-up truck with the trailer on the back. Thankfully, it wasn't that bad. What was bad that we hadn't got 5 minutes on our 2 hour trip to my brother's new house and I suddenly had to "go" badly! And I went before I left! It was so bad, after an hour and half of driving, I gave up the convoy and pulled into a gas station. There was NO WAY I was going to make it another half an hour. Thankfully, my brother, who was driving his truck behind me, saw me pull in and was able to lead me back on the right road to his house and we caught up with the rest of the convoy.

My brother's house is gorgeous, but this is a blog about my new house. :)

After unpacking and eating at my brother's house, hubby and I finally left around 5 and went back to our mobile home and packed up the truck and trailer again. This time we took our doggy with us. Then we drove up to our new house and unpacked and had dinner around 9 pm. It was Velveeta shells and cheese. :) Our bed was still in the mobile home, so we slept on the living room floor. Doggy was restless and nervous and kept me up most of the night, so by morning, I was miserable.

Sunday, we finished packing the mobile home, and had a surprise visit from the family who's buying it. It was pleasant. Later, back at the new house, I got the living room furniture set up and I had hubby set up the fridge and the bed. It's starting to look like home.

This morning, I set up the shower curtain and the computer. I NEED to grocery shop and do some more unpacking and plan a dinner for my in-laws who are coming over today. (Hubby and I invited them.)


Thursday, May 19, 2005

Advert and Garage sales!

Here is a happy housewife right here! Scotchbrite Erase pads/sponges have made cleaning fun for me! I love them! They're a little pricy for the length of time they last, but they pick up grime so easily!! It cuts my cleaning time in half!

We're coming upon the weekend and I was glad to get an early surprise and see there was a large garage sale today! I called up my mom, and we both took off for it. I spent $14.00 and walked out of there with an old, but in great shape heavy-duty hand truck, 2 lawn chairs in GREAT condition, and a Thomas Kincade puzzle for my husband, "Mountain Majesty."

Tomorrow, I'm hitting a few more garage sales, and Saturday is the village-wide garage sale in the town my brother is moving in. Us girls are conspiring to sneak away under the pretense of picking up some pizza and hit a few of the garage sales. ;)


A Different Discrimination!

Ok, I'm a little upset! I am so sick of this sue-happy world we live in and the lows of this society who get rich quick on ridiculous lawsuits (and the judges who rule in their favor!) I'm also sick of media-hype which is just another word for out and out LIES and/or deception!

What is this soapbox rant all about? I am finding it hard to get insurance to have a business in my house because I apparently own a "dangerous breed dog." What a bunch of hooey, especially since I train my dog well, she's a sweetheart of a dog who adores humans and when people come over, she's penned up away from them and I do not allow them to pet her unless I trust them to behave. If they behave, she'll behave. My doggy, an American Staffordshire Terrier, is labeled until "dangerous breed" or "pit bull" even though she has no history of legalities against her for biting. I can't say she's never bitten, because ALL DOGS BITE! She bit me once when I kissed her on the nose while she was having a nightmare, but that was MY stupid mistake. She was acting on fear and instinct.

A friend of mine told me the story of friends of hers who had a sweetheart of a Chow that had puppies. They kept her and the puppies in the garage. A young boy broke into their garage to steal a puppy. The mother, acting on an instinct to protect her young, gave the boy a warning bite (a bite that doesn't break skin). The boy ran home to sue-happy mommy and they sued and the people had to put their beloved dog to sleep. The boy received no punishment for breaking and entering.

Some friends of mine own horses and bring them to re-enactments. People are sternly turned away from even going near the horses. This upsets some people, especially those who want their children to "pet the nice horsey." Horses are large, gentle animals in general, and the ones who re-enact are highly trained and on alert like police dogs or seeing eye dogs. However, they are large, they can get frightened, and accidents can happen. A horse can't always judge where your feet are in comparison to them and all it takes is a step back and crunch....you've got hoof on your foot. And all it takes is someone getting embarrassed or injured to sue and this gentle, expensive horse who's often like a member of the family is ordered to be put to sleep.

Yes, I know there are times when a dog has gone bad (usually because the owner is already bad) and it attacks. My dog's been attacked twice by other dogs (one of those dogs was a breed that isn't at all listed on the "dangerous breed" list). One dog just nipped and scrapped at her. The dog that's not on the dangerous breed list actually attacked her and bit chunks out of her rear end. So, how can you bunch all these dogs together?

Plus, the people who own the attack dogs are usually the kind of people who don't bother with getting insurance anyway! At least around where I live. I'd much rather have an agent come out and evaluate my property and my dog before just blanketing me with, "sorry we can't help you because your dog is the wrong breed for our insurance."

Hopefully, I'll fnd a company that doesn't discriminate and I can have a business in my home.


Wednesday, May 18, 2005

My Sweet Mother

Today, I brought up another load of boxes in my little car to my new house. When I pulled in the driveway, I saw my mom's car there. When I walked in the house, there was my mom, unasked, on her hands and knees scrubbing the floors!!

I had to chuckle, though, because she kept asking my SIL about what other chores she should do, when it's MY HOUSE! LOL.....of course I didn't press the issue. She's actually cleaning for my SIL who can't do much because she's in a very careful pregnancy.

I did stop by Home Depot today and splurged on a book about how to paint rooms (hints, troubleshooting, decorative techiniques) and I was blessed to find they had a small baggy of paint in the exact color I want for the kitchen! I bought that and am going to try it in the kitchen tomorrow!

Tomorrow's chore: bring up the bookcases. I can empty a LOT of boxes if I have the bookcases up!


We are Homeowners!

And the nesting instincts are kicking in full gear!

Yesterday, our closing took only 1 hour and *bam!* we were homeowners, hubby and I. However, we're still in the mobile home because we're letting my brother and his wife live in the house until they close on their new house this Friday. Please keep them in prayer.

We did move some of our stuff yesterday and my brother moved most of his furniture into the shed. I grabbed a shovel and started edging what will be my vegetable garden. Now, I just need to beg of hubby to grab his dad's tiller and till the garden for me.

We also met our neighbor. He's a very nice man, very kind. He runs the farm next door and lives across the street from us with his wife and 3 children. I'm so thrilled to have such nice neighbors, especially since we're leaving some behind.

Today, I have SO MUCH to do! I have to take out the garbage, clean the church, pack more, call about a million people and places, shop, find an ink cartridge for my ancient printer so I can print out "We've Moved!" cards. If that doesn't work, I might draw up my own. I have a cute idea for one....oh, so many things to do, but I'm so glad!!

I can't wait to start feathering my new nest and showing pictures!


Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Today's the day!

It's Closing Day!! I'll let you know how it goes......


Perplexed feminist in insurance agency

We all think, "It'll never happen to me," but yesterday it did. I figured I lived in a conservative enough area that I wouldn't have to face this, but I guess I was wrong.

I was sitting in the insurance agency getting my homeowners and when asked what I do, I said, "I'm a housewife." She avoided looking at me, but almost seemed sick. I guess it's hard to believe that a strong, active 24 year old isn't "working." So, then she asked, "You mean, you don't work at all?" Ok, she got me. I told her I had a job cleaning the church I attend. She seemed relieved until I told her that it only takes me 2 1/2 hours a week. (It's a small church.) Then, she seemed almost desperate. "Are you going to be having children soon?"

There it is! It was her last grasp at "reason." I told her I was hoping to have children soon, and she seemed settled. I guess it's ok to be a stay-at-home mom, but not a stay-at-home wife.


Monday, May 16, 2005

A few more brick walls to bang my head against

Woah, what a day! I had to apply for last minute homeowners. The insurance company wasn't happy, but they were nice and complied with my last minute wishes. However, I got a call back from them saying that I was denied because I own a "dangerous breed dog." I have an American Staffordshire Terrier (a close relative to the pit bull...in fact the AKC shows them as the same breed). She is the sweetest, nicest dog as many of them are. Well, thanks to media hype (most "pit bull" attacks aren't even American Pit Bull Terriers or American Staffordshire Terriers) and sue happy creeps, I couldn't get homeowners. Finally, my agent found someone who'll insure our home with our dog, but we can't have liability insurance. I've been bitten by just about every kind of dog moreso then I've ever been bitten by a pit bull!

So, I took what I could because I need it for closing, but I'm doing heavy searching to find a company that'll give us a decent rate, liability and who just doesn't care that we have a sweet, harmless doggy just like millions of other Americans.

I also couldn't find a shower curtain. Searching and searching led to nothing, so finally, I settled on a semi-sheer white one with a little ribbon embroidery. Hopefully, hubby won't mind that bit of femininity.

At least the closing is still on for tomorrow!


This past Saturday, I packed up my sick mother and we went to some garage sales. We had a blast! I spent a total of $6.00 and this is what I got:

1. A Thomas Kincade gift box with Thomas Kincade notecards in it (I gave this to my mom because she loves Thomas Kincade paintings)
2. An old wooden chair that's just so neat and shabby chic!
3. An ottoman for hubby that I'm going to slip cover in a lovely 18th century style fabric
4. 3 herbal prints for my new kitchen
5. a wild game cookbook
6. A Denise Austin workout video

Next weekend, we are moving, but hubby has to work on Friday, so that'll give me the morning to go to some more garage sales!

My goal is to get lots of old furniture I can revamp into shabby chic and then sell. I better start out small, though, because I don't want to be stuck with a lot of furniture!


Thursday, May 12, 2005

More Kitchen Thoughts

Ok, real quick, because I have to start dinner....

I talked things over with my Mom about the kitchen in hubby and I's new home. We both brain stormed and although we like the red and white kitchen look, we both think a soft green and white with botanical prints is more practical for me and for that kitchen. Mom says that she would love the red and white kitchen, but she thinks I'd get sick of it too quickly...plus it would involve extra money invested because my current kitchen decorative items are more suited to a soft green kitchen like the one I have in my mobile home.

So, soft green it's going to be, I guess. I better ask hubby's input, though. He often has some great ideas and decorating solutions!

I am trying to convince him to let me replace those icky teal countertops with a butcher block countertop. :)


Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Kitchen thoughts

Moving on to the next room in question, the kitchen. The kitchen is a galley kitchen with 1950's metal white cabinets, and a teal blue swirly countertop and small floral wallpaper. Hubby wants to spend very little money on the kitchen because we're eventually going to move the kitchen into an addition we plan to build in the future. However, one of the things I learned with our mobile home is to go ahead and spend some money to make a room livable and likable rather than just living in blech.

So, I'm stuck with the metal cabinets, but I decided to turn lemons into lemonade with them! My original thought was to cover them with Victorian style botanical prints, but then I got inspired by some vintage linen kitchen towels I have with red stripes along the boarders. I've wanted a red and white kitchen for some time now, but it has to be just right. So now I'm thinking along the lines of a 1950's country look.

My brother turned the lemonade even sweeter when he showed me that the countertops just lift off and I could easily replace them with a butcher block. We also brain stormed that I could wainscott the bottom half of the wall in white bead board and wallpaper the top in a vintage-look red and white stripe.

This got the ol' brain juices flowing....but now I'm going back to my original thought of botanical prints and a soft green kitchen, much like the one I have now......hmmmmmmm.......

What do you think?


Curtain dilema possible solved

Many ladies posted suggestions on the Beautiful Womanhood message board. The general vote is for muslin curtains slightly embellished. I thought of this myself, and I also thought of inside shutters that simply sit on the window sill.

Today, I went over to my soon to be new house and checked out the bathroom more closely. The window doesn't have a sill (I'm not going to mount shutters) and the bathroom really is quite narrow and small, therefore I don't want clutter. Curtains sometimes make a room look smaller and more cluttered to me, so I think I'm going to settle for white shades for now and maybe and embellished muslin valance.

Oh, how small that bathroom is!

Help me pick curtains for my bathroom!

Ok, I need help! I don't know what to do for curtains for my bathroom in my new home. The bathroom already has white tile and a light colored vanity. I'm doing the walls in a french blue and I'm getting a blue toile shower curtain:

However, I haven't an idea yet about what to do for a curtain for the window above the toilet. I don't want more blue, nor another toile....so I'm thinking white or slightly off white. Swiss dot? Muslin? A brocade or jacquard?

Since the house is a cottage, I want a cottage look, nothing too elegant. The bathroom is sort of going to be a quasi-french country provincial look.

Any ideas?


6 days and counting to closing!

Today, I'm eating Cap'n Crunch Berries and changing my address on my credit cards and magazine subscriptions. There is just so much to do and to think of while moving! It's a good thing I pretty much stay at home. I can't imagine trying to do this while working outside the home!

My husband and I downright have ants in our pants! We're so eager to move! It's so hard to concentrate on anything else but the move and the new house. Thank goodness for this blog to let my feelings out!


Tuesday, May 10, 2005

We Found a Buyer!

Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord!! His timing is always perfect! We found a buyer for our little trailer! They're paying cash, so that's going to mean less headache with financial institutes! Plus, I have another thing to be thanking God for....if this falls through, there's someone else who's willing to pay cash for our trailer! Oh, He is SO GOOD!

We're almost moved!


Monday, May 09, 2005

Finding a Buyer

It's amazing how the Lord always provides. I often find that His timing is a bit more "last minute" than what I'd prefer, but somehow, it's always perfect! He knows. :) As we creep closer to our closing, we're beginning to get eager for someone to buy our mobile home. Yesterday, a young couple with two children stopped by and I took them on a tour. They loved the mobile home, but it's still up in the air whether or not they're going to buy it. Wednesday, I have another lady stopping by to see the mobile home. Hopefully, one of the two will decided to purchase. It really is a cute mobile home.

This weekend, we had a family yard sale. My husband and I did well and made around $100.00. Now we're having a cheerful debate on what we should use that money for. I originally thought about putting it towards a new bedroom set. Hubby figured we will need a weedwacker. Then, I suggested getting one of those old-fashioned candlestick phones, since we've been wanting one since we saw All Creatures Great and Small.

Today, I am running several errands, packing some more and tidying the mobile home. Hopefully, I can make another delivery of boxes to the new house. I am so anxious to move!


Friday, May 06, 2005

A little game


Name a store or restaurant you no longer visit because of a bad experience you had there.

Applebees (but only one branch). The restaurant wasn't busy at all, but once we were seated, the waiter came up right away and took our drink orders. After we got them, it took him 20 minutes to return to take our order. Then it was a LONG time before our order came to the table (no drink refills in the meantime because he was too busy chatting with the barmaid). The order was all messed up and he took even longer to try and correct it. (How hard is it to run back and get an order of fries?) Still no drink refills. When our food came out, it was served by someone else because he was too busy chatting to the barmaid. During all this, a rather large family was seated, served ate and paid before we managed to get our appetizers! When all was said and done, we left no tip.


If you could own any building in existence, which one would you want?

Hmmm....any gorgeous colonial with plenty of land.


What's your favorite commercial these days?

Don't have TV.

Main Course:

When was the last time you felt guilty about spending money, and what was it you purchased?

I spent $55.00 on a Mary Kay Microdermabrasion kit. After I ordered it, my car needed $300.00 worth of work done and I felt bad that I spent all that money on my skin.


Friday's Feast is going to be having it's First Birthday in 2 weeks. What should we do to celebrate?

I don't know what Friday's Feast is, but I don't mind celebrating. I think sleeping in is a great way to celebrate anything. :)

I got this off of www.walkingcircumspectly.blogspot.com

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Welcome to my Cottage on the Hill

Welcome to my blog about my Cottage on the Hill. This is going to be a housekeeping blog for my new little home. After failing "homemaking 101" in hubby and I's first home, I intend to tend our new home like a Proverbs 31 and Titus 2 wife should!

This blog will also trace our footsteps as we proceed to close on the house (Closing is May 17) move, redecorate, add to and generally live in our new home. I'll also discuss my gardening as we have a lovely plot of land I can do much with! I'll also post pictures when I can.

The Cottage on the Hill, as I'll temporarily call it for now, is a 1950's bungalow, 1 story with attic and basement. 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a galley kitchen, cute dining room, good sized living room and an enclosed porch. Hubby loves the 2 car garage with workshop and the two large sheds on the property. Currently, the existing landscape consists of a bulb garden, some evergreen shrubs out front, a stone wall, a garden patch, a decorative pond with strawberry patch, a couple of sad apple trees, and an outdoor camp-style fireplace. Surrounding the property are woods and a cornfield.

So, please feel free to drop in and read about our progress. Critique my housekeeping skills (nicely please) and even help us name our property (in the near future). Feel free to leave comments. You don't have to be a blogger.com member to do so!

Thank you, and God bless,