Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Hey, I like this!

And what is "this" that I like? Due to our move, I've had to quit my sewing business. Owning my dog is preventing me from finding an insurance company that will insure a business in the home with the dog present. Therefore, I've had to "temporarily" quit my at-home business. So, since our move, other than my small job cleaning the church, I've been just a housewife and I breathe a sigh of relief! I enjoy being able to feather the nest and deep clean (rather than just wiping off because that's all I had time to do). I can actually take my time making dinner rather than rushing through it. I enjoy being able to get my housework done rather than ignoring it because I have to sew.

I actually feel like I'm getting more done and getting more quality work done! Even my husband has seen the difference. Before, the house would be a mess and he never really saw the progress of my sewing because it was often packed and shipped before he saw the finished product. The money really didn't make much of a dent, so it just seemed that I lazed about the house and didn't get anything done.

This move has also showed the both of us the importance of my being home. This wouldn't have happened if I worked outside the home. It was just too involved and required a lot of phone calls, e-mails, and arguing and arranging meetings and running errands that literally took up my days.

I like this.


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Mrs. Happy Housewife said...

I'm glad you're getting a chance to breath a bit.