Thursday, May 12, 2005

More Kitchen Thoughts

Ok, real quick, because I have to start dinner....

I talked things over with my Mom about the kitchen in hubby and I's new home. We both brain stormed and although we like the red and white kitchen look, we both think a soft green and white with botanical prints is more practical for me and for that kitchen. Mom says that she would love the red and white kitchen, but she thinks I'd get sick of it too it would involve extra money invested because my current kitchen decorative items are more suited to a soft green kitchen like the one I have in my mobile home.

So, soft green it's going to be, I guess. I better ask hubby's input, though. He often has some great ideas and decorating solutions!

I am trying to convince him to let me replace those icky teal countertops with a butcher block countertop. :)


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