Thursday, May 26, 2005

Unleashed the trailer blues

We sold the mobile home yesterday! I mean, it's officially in the ownership of someone else! I hope they are satisfied. It does need a little work. They seem happy, though and eager to work on it. I'm glad someone else saw what I saw in that little mobile home more than 3 year ago, when I was house-hunting just weeks before hubby and I tied the knot. *sigh* There's that sad feeling again.

I've been blue all week! I was a little better yesterday and hubby commented that I sounded more cheerful, but today I'm blue blue blue blue blue. The gloomy, sunless weather isn't helping. It's damp and cold. I also went through our budget yesterday and I'm gloomy that we can't really save much money until those stupid credit cards are paid off! It's time I went to the Lord with it all. That'll cheer me up. He always does!

I'm also kinda stressed out because even though I quit my sewing business, I still have customers that demand satisfaction, so I have to finish their orders. I don't mind, really, it's just hard with piles of boxes everywhere, and I can't organize my sewing center because hubby needs to do some wall sealing before anything can be put in there. Of course, we're going away this weekend, so it's not going to get done anytime soon.

But, it's not all bad. Slowly but surely Taigh Beag is starting to feel like our home! I found myself tromping around yesterday like I owned the place and that felt good. But then I suddenly felt I was back in my brother's house. Oh when will it stop feeling like his house.

He called yesterday and I missed the call because I was outside. I actually played back the message just so I could hear his voice! It's funny, for a brother I hardly ever saw to begin with, that I miss him so much. But, in the last couple of years, we saw each other more often. Or maybe it's that he's the first one in the family to move out of the area. Most of my family, including my extended family lives right within the tri-county area.

I need sunshine and sonshine today.


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