Thursday, June 29, 2006


Hello, my readers:

My computer died. So, I'll only be able to hop on my dad's computer about once a week to update, but I'll try to keep updating. :)


Monday, June 26, 2006

I've been tagged!

1. What's the last book you read?
The second Baby Whisperer book by Tracy Hogg

2. What did you eat for breakfast?
Cinnamon Life cereal and a peanut butter no-bake cookie

3. What was your first pet and what was it's name?
When I was born, we had a dog named Patches, but my first pet of my own was a black cat named Cinder.

4. Do you know latitude from longitude?
5. If you could take your dream vacation, where would you go?
Hmmm.....I'd go back to Scotland and I'd take my husband with me. :)

6. What's your favorite shower soap?
Right now, I love Gerber Baby Body Wash in Oatmeal. I loved Irish Spring vitamin soap, but they don't make it anymore.

7. Mustard or mayo?
Spicy Brown Mustard

8. Tell a knock-knock joke you know.
Knock Knock. Who's there? Ivana. Ivana who? Ivana come in!

9. How old were you when you got your driver's license?

10. If you cook or bake, what's your favorite thing to make? If you don't cook or bake, what's your favorite thing that your mom makes?
Oatmeal raisin cookies. I also like experimenting with old recipes

11. From memory - who wrote Beowulf?
I should know this, but I know Seamus Henry read it on audio book.

12. What's your worst quality?

13. What's your best quality?
My undivided loyalty to my husband.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Housekeeping Goals and a Personal Observation

I started a list of housekeeping goals/rules to help me keep my little cottage tidy:

1. Nothing sits on top of the microwave
2. Radiators are NOT shelves
3. The desk should remaid tidy and the dropleaf closed when not in use.
4. The dining room table is not a desk or work station
5. Chairs are not catch-alls
6. The vacuum belongs in the porch closet when not in use
7. The mop and broom belong on the basement landing when not in use
8. The porch bench is not a catch-all
9. I must be able to close the grocery bag drawer (sometimes it's so stuffed with grocery bags, I can't close it all the way)
10. The dining room bookcase is not a catch-all
11. My dresser is not a catch-all

Lately, I've been noticing my posture and presense has been horrible. Not only that, but I'm starting to acquire that slapped together look busy moms tend to have. While shopping in Aldi today, I noticed a young lady shopping as well. She wore a simple, long denim dress. It could have been dowdy, but it was clean and neatly pressed. Her hair was a non-descript medium blond, but the braid down to her hips was neat without a hair out of place. Her posture was very upright and she moved gracefully. She didn't shlump when she walked. She didn't bend or reach sloppily. Her countenance was lovely. Her eyes were soft, her chin held high, her lips bore a slight smile. Her brows weren't furrowed, and her mouth wasn't gaping.

I took mental note of myself. My brows were furrowed. I shoved the shopping cart rather than pushed it smoothly. My mouth held a concentrating frown. My shoulders were stooped, my walk was a plod, and my jeans and pilled knit shirt suddenly seemed sloppy.

She was all loveliness. I was not. I did not envy her. Envy is for lazy people who don't get up and get it done. I admired her politely. :) She was an inspiration, and so young! Thank you, God for showing her to me. From now on, I work on being more lovely.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Basic Wardrobe 1964

My mother was giving away a bunch of books, and among them I found this book:

Secrets of Loveliness by Kay Thomas (1964)

It is a cute paperback for teenaged girls on how to be lovely both inside and out. In it includes practical tips on what to wear and how to manage your wardrobe. Here is their basic wardrobe checklist:

Coats: 1 heavy winter
1 rain - year round
1 lightweight for spring and fall (optional)

Suits: 1 wool for spring and fall (optional)

Dresses: 3 cotton - year round
1 velveteen for parties
1 silk or nylon for Sundays and dress-up occasions
1 full-skirted silk or chiffon for dances

Separates: 4 cotton skirts - 2 straight or flared in solid colors; 2 full or dirndle style, prints or plain
2 wool, velveteen or corduroy skirts
4 cotton blouses (8 are better)
3 sweaters (including 1 cardigan to throw over party dresses)
2 pairs of shorts or pants

Hats: 1 fall and winter
1 spring and summer

Bags: 1 for every day
1 for dress-up

Gloves: 1 pair warm winter
2 pairs short white cotton
1 pair long white for evening (optional)

Shoes: 2 pairs low-heeled for school
1 pair high-heeled for dress up
1 pair sneakers
1 pair sandals or flats
1 pair overshoes
1 pair winter outdoor boots

Stockings and sockes: 3 pairs nylon stockings
4 pairs short white socks
3 pairs short dark socks
2 pairs knee length socks
2 pairs tights (optional)

Lingerie Check List:

3 bras
4 pairs of panties
2 girdles or garter belts
2 panty girdles (optional)
1 petticoat (optional)
3 full slips
3 half-slips
3 nightgowns or pajamas
1 tailored bathrobe
1 housecoat or negligee (optional)

Makes me want to tackle my wardrobe and narrow it down to essentials! But not today. I have other things to do. :)


Monday, June 19, 2006

A blessing, but a little dilemma

I've been offered an upright piano for free! I've always wanted a piano! Hubby said I could have it, but we have a little dilemma.....where to put it! The spot I originally planned for it is against the wall between the living room and dining room. The problem is the 55 gallon fish tank is on the other side of that wall. I feel it's too much weight for that area at once. I can't move the fish tank because we actually have very little wall space in our Taigh Beag (little house). The only other available wall space is in the living room where the sofa is. I do have a pretty good idea of how to rearrange the living room, BUT I'd have to be rid of the current entertainment center and get an armoire instead. We can't afford that right now. Hmmmm.....

Baby Einstein

In the comments section, I was sent a comment from Anonymous concerning my son watching Baby Einstein videos (or any TV for that matter). The writer warns me that TV can be detrimental to my son's development and to his eyes. Lately, I have been hearing and reading about this and that Pediatricians recommend that children not be exposed to TV until they're at least 2 years old.

I've also been convicted that I'm not spending enough time with my son in one on one playtime and games. And while I thought he liked his Baby Einstein, he does get fussier and more difficult to calm on the days that I let him watch it.

Soooo....away goes the Baby Einstein until he's a bit older.

Father's Day Weekend

I had a pretty active weekend.

Saturday, hubby and I went to see the movie "Cars." It was really cute, but I would have enjoyed it more if the little girl behind me stopped talking, kicking my seat and pulling my hair. What was worse was she was sitting on her dad's lap and he did nothing to stop it! That clinched it for me. My children are not going to the movie theatre until they can prove that they can behave through it.

After that, we went to my parents' house where my two older brothers and their wives and children were visiting. It was great seeing all the cousins together again! We had my mom's homemade pizza (YUM!) and just chit-chatted. When we got home, we did some yard work and let the dog play outside. When it was time to come in, I noticed blood on the floor. My dog's mouth was covered in blood, so I checked it out and didn't see any flowing blood. So I threw her in the bathtub and started washing her off. That's when I noticed that the fleshy bit on the back of her forepaw had a huge gash. So, I call my husband in to the bathroom. He examines it, and goes to get the first aid kit while I was the dog. We got her clean and bandaged up, and she proceeded to bite the bandage off. It had stopped bleeding, so we let her go.

In the middle of the night, it started bleeding again, but we didn't know until morning when I saw her blanket was covered in blood. So, I bandage her up this time. That lasted longer, but she bled through. Thankfully, our neighbor had bandages and ointment used for horses and cows. Hubby got her re-bandaged, and she's doing much better.

This is now Sunday.

Father's Day was a busy one. I took hubby out to breakfast and we spent the late morning doing yard work. Bubby was extra fussy yesterday, so I was constantly back and forth tending him. We had hamburgers, pasta salad, asparagus for hubby and cucumber/carrot/tomato salad for me for dinner. By the evening, hubby had fallen asleep in his recliner with the book he's reading, "The Turk, The Life and Times of the Famous 18th Century Chess Playing Machine" by Tom Standage. I cleaned up as best I could while tending to my little man.

Busy, but a good weekend!

I am so thankful for my husband. He's a wonderful husband, father, provider and friend.


Thursday, June 15, 2006

Hillary Clinton

I recently sent an e-mail to my state's senators, Chuck and Hillary. I don't agree with either of their politics or agends, but at least Chuck sent me an automated responce in a timely fashion. Hillary sent nothing in return.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Why I want to homeschool Reason #5

Socialization within the public school is highly limited.

Ooohhhh....what's this now? The most oft said comment I hear when I mention homeschooling is, "But your children won't get the socialization a public school provides."

What?! What socialization! Cliques, gangs, teachers yelling above the classroom din, and the only people to talk to are your own age.

With homeschooling, my children will have many opportunities to socialize with children of all ages, including their own through homeschool get-togethers, sports or extra classes (art, music, etc), church, my own family, and re-enacting. Re-enacting and church also will involve my children in socializing with adults as well, and people from all walks of life with many different backgrounds, stories, experiences and skills that can be passed on to my children.

And what socialization does public school provide when your child becomes "too cool" to talk to you and only utters caveman talk:

Mom: Hi John. How was school today.?
John: 'K
Mom: Did you pass your math test?
John: uh-huh
Mom: That's great, hon! What grade did you get?
John: Dunno
Mom: Well, I'm proud that you studied for it and did your best.
John: Mmm

Or, what about your daughter who becomes a raving drama queen because she's so peer pressured into being pretty, cool, and having boyfriends?

Hey, I went through this in public school. I did the time. 13 years from K-12. I did it. In the same school, too. So, I know how it is and I know that there's another way....a better way.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Home Sweet School....Already?

My son is only 2 months old and I'm already establishing education in the home. Most moms do this naturally. Your infant is constantly learning and absorbing information. I'm doing it more consciously.

It's nothing major, really. After all, he's only 2 months old! He still spends much of the time sleeping.

I have him watch his Baby Einstein video every other day. I think every day is too much, personally. Plus, I don't want to get into the habit of using the TV set as a babysitter, or needing the TV set to occupy him son. I'd rather cultivate his creativity in occupying himself otherwise. However, Baby Einstein videos are so cute and rather good for his developing mind. He has Baby Neptune right now. The next one I want to get is Baby MacDonald.

At night, I read a book or two to him before leaving him to fall asleep. At first, he fussed because I turned off his turtle (a cribside toy that plays classical music, lights and swimming fish). Now, he seems to like listening to my voice. Dr. Seuss rhymes are good because of the repetition and aliteration.

Still, it IS early to be concentrating on education, but I believe it's good to get into the habit now. Besides, he's growing up so fast! He'll be saying his first words before I know it and by then, I'll really be concentrating on regular home education.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Organizing Thoughts

While in Lowes today buying paint, I spotted a Better Homes and Gardens publication on organization. I flipped through it, but put it back with a chuckle. It would be a great magazine if you had all the space in the world to organize with. These closets were bigger than my son's bedroom!!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Why is it...

Why is it that when I seem like I'm the busiest and face deadlines that my sweet son becomes a screaming, crying, needy, hysterical mess. And then I become frustrated with him because I want him to be calm, but he needs me.

Key words here: I WANT him to be calm, but he NEEDS me. Sometimes, I feel I NEED him to be calm because I'm facing a deadline for getting something made for a customer. (Before I had my son, I had some garments I was sewing for customers, planning on getting them done before he was born, but he arrived early).

Then I have to remember that my son arrived on God's timing. Also, my son is more important than some customer. My business is actually closed, but these are residual orders. I can't wait to be unloaded of them so I can put all my focus on my son without that added stress of needing to sew something for someone by sometime.

Speaking of which, I best be off and getting some sewing done.

Taking the plunge

Yesterday, I tried cloth diapering my son with the simple rectangle cloth diapers you have to pin. You know, the ones that most people buy at Walmart to use for burp cloths. My son soaked the whole thing in an hour. It ruined his nap.

Pride goeth before a fall.

I proudly touted that I was going to use cloth diapers for my son. Mothers smuggly smiled and said, "no you're not." Even my own mother said so. Well, my pride took a fall yesterday.

But I haven't given up hope. I'm going to make or buy an all-in-one cloth diaper to try first. If that works, then I'm hooked! If not, well, I went out with a fight and I'll have to suck it up and admit that I was wrong.

Thursday, June 01, 2006


I realized a few things today:

1. How untainted my son's body is and how I hope to maintain a healthy lifestyle for him.

2. How I felt I spent my grocery money wisely when I brought home healthful foods.

3. How buying cheap, bulky processed foods is not a wise way to spend grocery money. Not only is it less healthful, it also usually ends up wasted because the unused portion ends up rotten in the back of the fridge. It's better to spend the money on portion sizes of more healthful foods. Sure, it's more expensive in comparison, but at least I'm using it and my body is using it better.

Why I want to homeschool Reason #4

I want to homeschool because the theory of evolution is just that...a THEORY! Schools teach it as fact and refuse to teach "intelligent design."

I have no idea why they teach evolution as fact when Darwin himself at the end of his life didn't believe it.