Monday, June 12, 2006

Why I want to homeschool Reason #5

Socialization within the public school is highly limited.

Ooohhhh....what's this now? The most oft said comment I hear when I mention homeschooling is, "But your children won't get the socialization a public school provides."

What?! What socialization! Cliques, gangs, teachers yelling above the classroom din, and the only people to talk to are your own age.

With homeschooling, my children will have many opportunities to socialize with children of all ages, including their own through homeschool get-togethers, sports or extra classes (art, music, etc), church, my own family, and re-enacting. Re-enacting and church also will involve my children in socializing with adults as well, and people from all walks of life with many different backgrounds, stories, experiences and skills that can be passed on to my children.

And what socialization does public school provide when your child becomes "too cool" to talk to you and only utters caveman talk:

Mom: Hi John. How was school today.?
John: 'K
Mom: Did you pass your math test?
John: uh-huh
Mom: That's great, hon! What grade did you get?
John: Dunno
Mom: Well, I'm proud that you studied for it and did your best.
John: Mmm

Or, what about your daughter who becomes a raving drama queen because she's so peer pressured into being pretty, cool, and having boyfriends?

Hey, I went through this in public school. I did the time. 13 years from K-12. I did it. In the same school, too. So, I know how it is and I know that there's another way....a better way.


Kirsten, Cameron, Jess and Olivia said...

I know someone who has a 15 year old daughter with a severe eating disorder. Why? Because all the girls at her school are pretty, slim and have all the latest gadgets, and she's struggling with her schoolwork. I'd rather have my daughter at home where she can learn at her pace, grow up with our values and mix with a group of lovely children with involved parents. I know which type of socialisation I'd prefer!

Best wishes


Kristen said...


"I did the time." Aptly put. The parallels between schools and prisons are staggering.