Thursday, January 11, 2007

Blessing, Wisdom, Modesty, Feminine Influences

My wonderful husband bought me a new vacuum! My old one threw sparks out at me, so I refused to run it for fear of my life. So, hubby bought me a new vacuum and it's wonderful! It even has a self-cleaning duster attachment! Hubby appreciates the hepa filter. I enjoy having a vacuum that actually does it's job. Oh, and my other favorite attachment is the special adjustable upholstery and stairs doo-hickey with it's own rotating brush. It's great for dog hair.

I recently had my 4 impacted wisdom teeth removed. Hubby teased me that I was going to lose my wisdom, but I actually gained some! While I was in dreadful pain and recovering, I had to eat VERY carefully. During this time I learned that:
1. I eat when I'm not hungry...not a good habit to get into.
2. I eat too fast and don't savor my food. Therefore, I tend to eat a bit more so as to enjoy the flavor.
3. I put food in my mouth when I'm still chewing the first portion I put in. Blech...what a poor habit!

This has been something on my mind for many a year. It's something most people do without thinking about it, but every time I do it, I feel a twinge of conviction. It's shedding layers in front of a man. There are times I'll wear a cardigan or sweater over a blouse or other shirt. When I got hot, I would naturally shed a layer. This seems harmless enough, but I realized that for some men, watching a woman remove a layer is very sexy - even if she's fully dressed underneathe. Now, I'm not talking about overcoats because that's just going way too far and being silly. And I'm not saying we need to run to the restroom every time we want to remove a cardigan. I'm just saying to be a little more careful and descreet about it. I think this came about in my life because there was a married man in my circle of acquaintences who was(is) struggling with pornography and a bosom-addiction. (He talks to women's chests) If I was in his presence and removed an outter layer (like a cardigan or sweater over a turtleneck), he would watch with wolf-eyes. Now, we could say that it was his problem, not mine, and that's true. However, it did occur to me in this extreme circumstance that slipping out of a cardigan can be just as teasingly provactive as slipping out of the blouse underneathe in the eyes of some men.

Some of you may think I'm just being crazy or too careful. Some may even think I'm being extreme and blaming women and not the men with the problem when I'm not! Men are responsible for their own actions and thoughts. It's just simply and observation, thought and conviction on my part that I'm freely sharing with you. Take it or leave it.

Feminine Influences in my life:
1. My maternal Grandmother - Godly woman full of grace; Never complains, brags, or points out the bad in others; Always has a smile on her face, even in the tough times; Takes care of her ill husband and little home efficeintly so as to have extra to give.

2. Helen Harriot (as played by Carol Drinkwater in All Creatures Great and Small) - Always feminine in dress, stature, and character...even in pants; Supports her husband in a difficult, time-consuming and low-paying job without complaint or a "what about my needs" attitude; helps with the vet practice's books, but never expected pay...just did it because it helped out her husband and his friends; Even when angry or disagrees with her husband, she peacefully voices her thoughts and then keeps mum, defering to her husband and never staying angry.


prayzgod said...

Great post. I agree, removing layers in front of men can be dangerous. Men are very visual and have quite the imagination, so we need not tempt them.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree! It is nice to see that people actually care, and take the time to think about what they are doing. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I've been reading your blog for a while now, but couldn't comment lately when all of the blogger change over was happening. Hopefully all the kinks have been worked out!! I really enjoy your blog - my little boy is a little younger than yours (mine is 7 1/2 months) so I enjoy hearing about how your little one is growing and about your daily stuff. It makes me feel connected, ya know? Anyway - I just wanted to say that I had NEVER thought about shedding a layer in that way, but I can totally see your point. I will definitely make a point to be more careful in the future! =) Hope you're feeling better!

Calla Lilly said...

Wow! It's sounds like you got the same vacuum for Christmas that I did! :)
Interesting point on modesty!

Anonymous said...

I really like your point about shedding layers.

Studying about the effect of body language is something that I think would be quite beneficial to many Christian ladies.

Things such as:

**Keeping a discreet look in your eye when dealing with the opposite sex. It's hard to describe but our eyes say a lot (I think the Bible talks about this in Proverbs) and I think it's important to watch what we say with our eyes.

**Standing a good distance from a man when talking to him. This keeps a short woman from staring up at a tall man like she's 'awe-struck'. If she stands a little further back then that doesn't happen.

**And lastly the woman who crosses her legs while sitting, and then shakes it. I've been told that this can be very distracting to men.

I rarely mention these things to people because they think I'm crazy but I try and remember to be discreet and chaste with my body language, especially when talking with men.

Thanks for the reminder. (o:

Dooce Fan! said...
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