Monday, January 29, 2007

Ugh, Hmmm, and Yay!

UGH!! My electric bill went up again! I thought I was being careful, but it is WAY over budget this month. I've been replacing bulbs with florescent ones, turning off lights, unplugging appliances, and trying to harness the sun's rays. I think a major issues is the outdoor furnace. Since we're saving on heating fuel costs, we've kept the thermostat way up. Now, I'm turning it down in hopes to get back under budget. Any other ideas?

Hmmmm..... My husband told me that his GF (general foreman) paid me a compliment. He said that I keep a very organized home and that if his home was more organized, maybe his marriage wouldn't have ended in divorce. What a thought! It is true that when a home is in disarray, it can cause added stress and anxiety in the home which isn't good for anyone. It does take a lot of discipline to maintain organization in the home.

It also takes a joyful heart. Here's what I mean. Have you ever asked someone to do something for you and they do it, but grumble about it the whole time? It doesn't make you feel good, does it? You feel bad for asking them. You may feel resentful that they weren't joyful about it. Their grumbling just creates a sour atmosphere. Cleaning my house with a joyful heart fills my home with joy. Hubby can sense that when he gets home. It lifts his spirits when he asks me to do something and I do it joyfully for him. He feels good, and I feel good.

I'm not just the preacher on this message. I'm the congregation, too, because lately I've been feeling a bit resentful and "grumbly" about some household chores. Let's all try to do better, shall we?

Yay!!!! I made my goal weight!! I'm 125 lbs! If you missed my previous posts, after I gave birth to my son last March, I decided to get down to my pre-baby weight (130 lbs) and hopefully get down to my goal weight (125 lbs) before I get pregnant again. Those last 5 lbs were the hardest. I would like to drop 5 more lbs now just to be even more ahead of the game. (Keep in mind that I am petite and small-boned. My healthy weight scale is 110-130. Yours may be different).


Meredith said...

Congratulations, Kate!

I'm wondering if your bill reflects an estimated use, rather than actual use. Sometimes--for whatever reason--power companies will bill you based on a previous average rather than the exact numbers on your meter. This has happened twice to us. I would check the meter and call to make sure.

Leigh said...

Hi Kate!

I couldn't agree more about having a clean house. I feel so much better when my house is clean. It seems like I always forget that though and when my house gets messy, I can't figure out what I feel unhappy and then I clean and it is like an epiphany all over again! :)

Congratulations on the weight loss!! I am down 17 lbs and am loving. I still have (ideally)43 more to go, but each lb. lost feel amazing!

Take care,

Mrs.Garcia said...

Kate,Congrats on your Weight Loss.
Thank you for the reminder to do all things without complaint and grumbling.

LYNN said...

I feel your pain with the electric bill. For the past 2 months ours has been a whopping $300!!! And, I can not figure it! A lot of my friends and family have said that theirs is also higher than normal. ugh! Good luck on getting it down!

Dooce Fan! said...

Dooce has a very organized home. She keeps it clean and inviting for all to see.

Courtney said...


I just read this post about your electric bill. National Grid (NiMo) has a budget plan that will spread your payments out over the year, evenly so there aren't any surprisese every month. This is especially helpful during the winter when you're naturally using more energy. Obviosuly, it's still a good idea to conserve, but this way you absorb the extra expense all year long. Occasinally, they will reevaluate the amount based on your usage. Once you've lived in your home for a year (which I know you have), you are eligible. Check out their website to sign up. We did, and it's made a world of difference. We always know exactly how much to budget for electric and gas.

Good luck!