Tuesday, June 26, 2007


The first thing I'd like to throw is the sofa. Above is a picture of the sofa throw I'd like to get, but in hunter. I like the light green, but it just doesn't quite go with my living room.
This one's nice because it's machine washable and had a polyurethane backing to prevent bunching up on the sofa. A must for me since my dog likes to nose dive on and off the sofa and I'm guilty of the occassional sprawling flop onto the sofa.
For now, I have to wait, though. I'm hoping next month I can splurge.
The second thing I want to throw is a garage sale! I've been going through every nook and cranny in the house collecting things to sell. Hopefully, this'll not only cut down on some of the clutter, but it'll make me a little money. Perhaps enough to buy the throw! :) I'm going to ask hubby to join me in this endeavor and hopefully we two and clean out the garage and sheds as well.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Today To-Do....

I stayed up until quarter after 10 to get everything done on my list. It felt good to go to bed with everything accomplished. I slept well....except for when hubby didn't think I was in bed and went to check and accidentally flopped an arm on my chest, scaring me. :b Oh, and that time in the middle of the night when my dog let out this horrible howl in her sleep. It sounded like a sick coyote. So, hubby checked outside to see if she was indeed responding to coyotes and he saw something in the field next door, but couldn't tell if it was a deer or a coyote.

Anyhoo....today's to-do list includes:

Laundry (thank you, hubby for putting up my clothes line yesterday!)
Sewing the banyan
Taking a walk
Working on my pantry
Baking something....not sure yet what
Probably weeding the garden
Hopefully going to a farmer's market
Getting clothing together for the re-enactment coming up
Maybe....just maybe returning some stuff to Walmart. I might wait until next week for that.
And there's always tidying to do.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Health and a pantry

As you can see, I've posted a ticker to show my weight loss progress. I'm determined to get into a healthy, strong and toned figure before I get pregnant again. I'm not really dieting, but I am looking to improve the quality of food I eat. I am exercising in hopes to build muscle, strength, flexibility and tone...and burn off some of the jiggle I have.

I like to listen to a local talk show host and his new complaint for the summer is "muffin tops." For those of you who don't know, "muffin tops" (which is defined in one brand of English dictionary) are people, usually women, who wear low cut jeans and their chub hangs over the top like the top of a muffin does out of the muffin wrapper. I bring this up because it has struck me how America seems to flaunt it's lack of health while at the same time complaining about our health care system. Everything starts with us as individuals. Yes, our health care system isn't perfect, but at the same time they are dealing with our rampant destruction of our own bodies.

Smoking, excessive drinking, casual drug use (legal and illegal), bad eating habits, chemical-laden foods consumed often daily (I'm not opposed to the occassional Oreo, but just don't plow them down every day), sexual promiscuity, risky behaviors, lack of movement, high exposures to electronic equipment.....we almost seem proud of these behaviors and lifestyles, but they're making us sick....from "Game Boy Thumb" to lung cancer to STDs.

Of course, I'm not going way over to the other side and eating bark and running for 3 hours a day. I'm just saying how our individual health really should be important to us. I'm the first to give up exercise in favor of plugging away on Yahoo Answers. So, here's hoping I can get myself to my healthy.

In other news, I bought 2 bookshelves to make a pantry in the basement for my produce that I put up. I'm so excited! I even bought contact paper to make the shelving pretty and easy to clean! I'll take a picture when it's all done and set up. :)

Monday, June 18, 2007

Clean House


Thanks to my mother for coming over and cleaning my house for me! It's so nice to have a clean house after a week of chaos.

My Miscarriage Story

Many women can't discuss their miscarriages. It's too painful for them, even years and births later. I respect and honor that. For me, I feel compelled to talk about it. I want to. It's like a therapy for me and I almost feel like it could help someone in the future.

However, I am going to be writing about my miscarriage in detail, so if you are sensative to it, please don't read it. If you have negative comments, please keep them to yourselves for this post. While I am able to talk and write about my loss, it is still a deep wound for me.

***My Loss, June 12, 2007***

It actually probably started over the weekend. We were at the re-enactment and I was feeling fine. However, my husband kept looking at me questioningly and asking me if I was all right. I felt just fine...perhaps a little dehydrated and that's why I was guzzling water, but fine. Later, my in-laws arrived for a visit and my father-in-law immediately noticed that I didn't look right. He said I looked gray. More questions. I honestly answered that I felt fine, however, I did decide not to attend a bridal shower because I felt like it would be too much for me.

Sunday, I was weary, but nothing out of the ordinary. Monday, nothing unusual. Monday night, I didn't sleep well and woke up Tuesday morning feeling wet. I figured it was sweat from a hot night, but I just kept feeling wet so I put in a pad. Tuesday, I started feeling crampy. I was slightly alarmed, but not too much so because I tended to cramp a little with Bubby. After a while, I realized the cramps weren't womb-enlarging cramps. They were contractions. My spirits fell. A trip to the bathroom showed brownish spotting in the pad. I immediately began to talk to God about what was happening. Deep down, I knew I was losing my baby.

Still, I kept on with my day, in denial. "I'm 11 weeks pregnant," I reasoned. "The baby's heart was beating just fine two weeks ago!"

After lunch, I went shopping and had to stop at my parents' house. The cramps were getting worse and worse. I was getting more and more fretful. I used the bathroom and noticed a tiny clot and some pink. I told my mom and went home to call the doctor.

I love my doctor and his whole staff. They're so kind, but up front and truthful. I was told to take it easy and they'd see me in the morning. In the meantime, if I were to start bleeding, I had to go to the hospital.

The tears started. I asked God if He was taking my baby from me. He already had her.

I composed myself in time for hubby to come home and I explained the situation. He was so supportive and didn't question anything I said. (I hate when guys say, "Nothing's wrong, you're just over-reacting or hormonal.") So, we sat down to dinner and as soon as I swallowed my last bite, I had a really bad contraction and the blood started. I told hubby I had to go to the hospital and we both jumped to action. Hubby called my mom to sit Bubby and I called the hospital and packed an overnight bag.

We were down the road asap to the local woman's hospital. They took great care of me immediately, but when I told them blood was running down my leg, they were rather taken aback at the amount I was bleeding. The doctor was detained (I think he was delivering a baby) so I had about a 20 minute wait alone (hubby was in the waiting room at this point). During this time, I had another huge contraction and passed my baby. I saw my little one. Still had the over-sized head, but I could see one closed little eye (baby was on her side.) She was curled up fetally and her little fists were closed tight. So peaceful was her shell, almost reflecting the perfect peace she's experiencing in Heaven in the arms of our Loving Savior.

Soon, the room was a hustle and bustle as they took care of me and re-alerted the doctor and sent me to ultrasound. The ultrasound showed a LOT of clotting within me. The doctor was finally free from the birth and arrived. He took a look at the ultrasound and within me. Then he jumped to his feet and got the nurses going, too.

While I was slightly amused at their efficeincy, I found out later that I was an emergency case.....I was bleeding to death.....

Quick as a wink, I was rolled into the OR where I met I kind-faced anesthesiologist who in rapid speed, explained that I was to get an epidural. I protested a little, but it was explained to me that because I had eaten a rather heavy dinner not too long ago, an epidural was the quickest and safest thing for me at that point. They didn't let me argue. They wouldn't let me wait. I felt peace and trust in them, so I didn't bother to argue. They were trying to save my life. I just didn't know at that point.

I didn't even feel the epidural. I was woozy from the "calming juice" they gave me and cold, even though they wrapped me up the best they could. The D&C didn't take too long and the doctor told me that it was a success. I immediately stopped bleeding and went back to spotting (normal and would last 5-7 days).

Recovery took the longest, though they were amazed I could move my legs soon after surgery. I was determined to go home. After a while, they wheeled me to my room. (I should note at this point that hubby was with me for the ultrasound, the doctor's exam, and the OR prep and recovery but he couldn't go in for the surgery). I layed there during a shift change and finally asked when I could go home. A nurse came in and told me I had to eat, drink and urinate before I could go home. So, I ate. I drank, but the epidural had me frozen.

Just before 2:30 am, I finally went to the bathroom. My discharge papers were drawn up, but the nurse kept saying that I should stay. But I felt pretty good! (I didn't know I had almost died!) I just wanted to go home to my own bed and see my son again. I was about to sign the final discharge paper when I passed out. The nurse alerted the doctor and it was decided that I should stay. I did.

Wednesday at 9 am, I was released. I felt good, but tired. I was told to take it easy for the next couple of days and was rattled off a list of reasons why I should call the doctor. So I went home, rested and developed an epidural headache. I spent the day in pain and emotionally ragged as I finally had a chance to run through what the doctors said and did and what happened and that I was no longer pregnant. I felt like I could never have another baby again. What if....what if....what if.....

WebMD says that an epidural headache can take up to 5 days to heal. I hated being bedridden and just wanted to move on with my life. Now, I believe God allowed me to have those headaches to get the rest I needed and to rely on Him. It still hasn't sunk in just how much I went through. I still can't believe that I almost died and just how much that takes out of a person physically. I admit, I'm on FORCED rest because I want to get out and clean the house top to bottom, go out for a run, go shopping, etc.

Sunday, just minutes after my church gathered in prayer for me, my epidural headache disappeared! Praise the Lord! I had plenty of therapy in the meantime with prayers coming from all over the world, to flowers, phone calls and open ears. My son showered me with kisses. My husband keeps saying how happy he is I'm still with him.

Now, I have a slight bladder infection. I'm still on rest and guzzling fluids.

Still, I find myself rubbing my tummy as if I'm still pregnant. Then I realize it's empty and I feel down. On the other hand, I'm ready to start trying again in August or September (depending on what my doc. says).

I have great Peace in my Loving Savior Jesus Christ. I know I'll see my children again (I miscarried back in October, too). I look forward to the day I can come back on here and announce a new pregnancy and trust in God that it'll "stick" and be a healthy one.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Roses for Mama

Yesterday, my husband came home from work with these roses for me he found while working along the power lines. How sweet is that?! They are so fragrant, too!
Hubby has been such a strong support for me in this difficult time. He's been quiet and pensive, but open to talking about what happened. After some discussion, he explained to me that I was actually dying and that the hospital staff worked expertly to save my life! If left to my own, I would have bled to death. Hubby firmly believes that if circumstances had been just slightly different, he'd be a widower now.
Was it really that dramatic? If I think about the scenario, I guess it was. I mean, the doctor was adament about my getting into surgery ASAP. It's like a story on a soap opera. It's unreal to me. I almost get a kick out of it. But then I realize the truth and I am humbled. God has a purpose for me on this earth. I feel I am meant to mother more children. I feel this was just yet another step in salvation for certain members of my family.
Just wait and see how God uses and sad and desperate situation for beautiful goodness.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Won't be blogging for a little while

You've perhaps noticed that my ticker is gone. Yesterday, I suffered a miscarriage. I had quite an ordeal where I was starting to bleed to death. Thankfully, my attending ob/gyn caught it before I needed a transfusion. I have to spend the rest of this week practically in bed to get my blood pressure and blood count back up and to make sure I'm physically healed.

I'm doing as well as can be expected emotionally, but I need a little time to grieve, so I'll be absent for a few days or perhaps a week. I covet your prayers.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Back from the Past Part 2

While shopping, we bought fabric (some for recovering the cushions on our dining room chairs and another 5 yard bolt for making more re-enacting clothing), a plate for Bubby and a toy sword for Bubby. There was plenty of visiting with friends and acquaintences. There was a LOT of picture-taking of Bubby.

Back in camp, Bubby finally went down for a nap, and I got to sit under the dining fly and chat with the ladies while noshing on cheeses and smoked meats.

I didn't bring a project to work on which was just as well because taking care of Bubby and the constant barrage of friends and public wanting to talk kept me busy.

Evening began rolling around. Shade covered our tent and it was quite comfortable inside. I had managed to keep it pretty much tidy and organized, other than Bubby's constant need for pulling everything apart again. :) Where I failed was our dining table. It had several piles of clean dishware from my Turkish Brunch that I didn't put away because I had to reuse some of it. The kitchen box is so meticulously packed that it's hard to just put some stuff away and not the others. I'm working on this and beginning to consider a shelf. What I'd really like is a kitchen work station much like our Master and Mistress'.

For the evening meal, I decided to dress a la Turque. It's very comfortable and my friends tease that I'm in my pajamas. I believe some of them took my picture, so I'll post it if I get a copy. The evening meal consisted of stuffed "squab" (really cornish game hens), trout and salmon pasties, a rice and currant dish, asparagus and cauliflower. To drink, there was wine, mead, and elderflower tea.

Eventually, it was time for Bubby to nap and the evening relaxation began with soft chatter, period music, light libations, the men pulled out pipes to smoke, and the ladies enjoyed conversation. At the mansion, there was a dance going on. I stayed close to camp in case Bubby woke up and wandered out of the tent. Master and Mistress has attended the ball at the Manse, so as the good servant I am, I made sure the lanterns and candleabras in their tent were lit for their return. Then, I retired to bed finding hubby already there and snuggled into the down mattress for a very good night's sleep.

Sunday, I got to sleep in until quarter to 7. I decided to get out of bed when Bubby started wandering about the tent and I noticed that during yesterday evening, things in the tent were a bit untidy. So, I got dressed, got Bubby dressed and did a quick clean-up of the tent. I knew by 8:30 am, Bubby and I were expected at the Manse to sit for a painting. (We really just got our picture taken to be later painted by an artist friend of ours for her award winning collection of 18th century life.) Still, I managed to get the tent spotless and ready for public viewing, Bubby had his breakfast, and we were ready to head to the Manse. Bubby was crying because he was sleepy, but didn't want to nap. Still, we managed to sit and then were able to head to "town" again. No purchasing was done among the sutlers, but we visited plenty. I kept eyeing a broom, but there was no price on it and I wondered if I really needed it. Master and Mistress keep a broom in their tent, so I could always borrow theirs.

We returned to camp and Bubby finally went down for a nap. Brunch was ready of French toast, sausage, bacon, melon, early berries and cherries, smoked salmon and pickles and raspberry tea. Afterwards, I was fighting a headache and decided to lay down. A cool breeze was managing it's way through the open sides of my tent. It felt so good to lay in bed and feel that. However, Bubby was soon awake and needing something to eat. I prepared him a plate of leftovers from brunch. He really enjoyed the french toast. Then, hubby returned to the tent to let me know that a friend of mine had arrived with her fiance. So, I got dressed (or at least tried to) while Bubby kept leaving the tent. As soon as he walked out of the tent, cameras went up everywhere and took his picture. He then followed groups of people around and would stand in the middle of the group and smile until they took his picture again. I kept my eye on him, but eventually had to go retrieve him as he wandered too far away and would not heed my call. (We're working on that.) I finally managed to pin myself into my pet en l'air and done my straw hat, so Bubby and I made our way back into "town." We found my friend and enjoyed a quick chat and introduction to the fiance before she departed to enjoy the encampment. I made a turn around sutler's row one more time and headed back to camp to start packing up. Not too much later, the cheeses and smoked meats made another appearance for afternoon noshing. The event was winding down and we all made our way to our tents to start packing up. Off came the reproduction clothing and on came our modern garments. Down came the tents. Fires were put out and sod replaced. Furniture was broken down and trunks packed. We managed to beat the rain. No one will go home with wet canvas.

Hubby, Bubby and I will be doing this all over again in a couple of weeks.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Back From The Past

Photo by Bill Trojan
The above photo is my father and my son. (I was in the tent either tidying up or getting dressed at that time.) Grandpa eager babysat and was rewarded with getting his picture in the paper with Bubby. :)
Bethgem will recognize the wagon, except that I had painted it. What a great purchase that was! Bubby loves his wagon!
Anyhooo......The re-enactment went very well. Hubby, Bubby and I arrived on Friday at around 1:30 pm. After some "hellos," we started setting up camp. Bubby did so well! I barely had to worry about him. He stayed in camp. He played on his own, and even helped out a bit. He was quite the happy baby.
It took us a lot longer to set up because of the heat and because I was being very particular about where to put things for utmost manageability and organization. When all was done, our tent was quite comfortable and neat.
Friday evening was a bit frightening, though. My father called up from home and told us about severe thunderstorm warnings for our area that included 70 mph winds and penny-sized hail. Bubby was asleep by this time and I wanted to go to bed, but the National Weather Service warned for people to seek shelter immediately. So, I fixed up the back of the truck for sleeping in. As soon as the wind started to pick up, I grabbed Bubby and camped out in the truck. Bubby hated it. He cried nearly the whole time we were in there. Thankfully, it was only for about 1/2 an hour because the storm never came. It took a strange and sudden swoop upwards. Nature? Or an answer to my prayer? Hmmmmm....;)
I finally made it to bed by 11 pm, way past my bedtime, but I slept like a baby among the down feather comfort of my full-sized four poster bed. Bubby slept through the night.
Saturday, I got to sleep in. It was quarter after six when Bubby and "nature calling" woke me up. I decided to start my day since I had brunch duty and knew it would take quite some time. A quick clean-up of the tent, change of Bubby, and slipping into my work clothes for re-enacting, I began to prepare a classic Turkish brunch of light cheeses, bread, yogurt, stewed apples in honey with raisins and walnuts, borek, cheese cake (18th century version), dried figs and apricots from Turkey, dates and hard boiled eggs.
To drink, I served grape juice and lime serbet.
It was difficult preparing the meal because hubby disappeared (he tends to do that at re-enactments because so many people want to talk to him, or someone needs assistance). Bubby wanted to be with me and see what I was doing, but I was working among two hot braziers and an open fire pit. He finally went down for a morning nap, and I got most of my work done. Brunch was a hit.
Afterwards, it was major clean up, getting dressed and heading into "town" for some shopping at the sutlers....almost. By this time, Bubby was whining up a storm and seemed to need a nap. Turned out, he just needed a bottle and was ready to go shopping......
I'm exhausted and starting to doze off. I'll continue this post tomorrow.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Keeping Tent Tidy, Phone Bill

One of my biggest challenges while re-enacting is keeping our tent tidy. Now, hubby and I have a medium-sized marquee tent. In it we have a full-size four poster bed, a table that'll sit 8, two dressing tables, 4 chairs and numerous boxes to hold all our gear. Now, with our son, we have a Peapod Plus until he's big enough for a bed of his own. That folds up to next to nothing when he's not using it. Everything MUST have it's place. Any mess must be tidied up immediately. On top of that, we must keep period correctness at all times. Any modern stuff, like the clothes we came in, or the diaper bag must be kept out of view. I'll let you know how I do after this weekend.

Our phone bill is going up AGAIN! (Thanks, Verizon) Now, we can't make budget with the phone bill, so it's getting cut. It's a shame because I really enjoy the freedom of unlimited local and long distance with caller ID and call waiting. Instead, I'm moving us to a 30 minutes per month free long distance (10 cents per minute after that) with caller ID and call waiting. (We need the latter two features for hubby's job). For calling our out-of-state friends, we'll use the cell phone. I THINK this move will cut our phone bill by more than half.

Re-enacting Prep and Thankful for Hubby

Re-enacting can take up to a week in advance to prep for and nearly a week afterwards to clean up after. For the past few years, I've been working on making the prep and clean up quicker and more efficient. It helps that we have an enclosed trailer we haul our camping gear in. Also, I stopped being so lazy at events and do a lot of clean up there. Still, there's always stuff to do. Today's big projects are grocery shopping for the event and preparing some of the foods ahead of time. I used to do all the food prep at the event, but with a little one, it'll be easier to "heat and eat." I also want to get as much packing done as possible today so we're not running around like crazy tomorrow. I also want to clean the house and get the laundry done. I dislike coming home to a house in disarray and then add the disarray with the stuff that needs cleaning up after the re-enactment.

I am so thankful for a husband who fully supports and encourages me as a stay at home mom. He sees me as an equal partner in this relationship even though I don't have a salary. He doesn't feel me to be a leech. Whenever someone asks if I work and I say no, he quickly jumps in and says that I do so work. In fact, just this past Sunday, a friend of ours we hadn't seen in a while asked me if I worked. I said, "no." Hubby said, "Yes you do! You're growing a baby!" It's so wonderful to have a husband who understands and VALUES the work it takes to "grow a baby," to take care of home and hearth, to raise a toddler, and to love a man. I'm so blessed!

Every time I mention starting up a business for myself to pull in a little extra money, hubby quickly nixes it because he values that my putting all my focus into our family is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing I can do for us.

How nice it is to have that balance and peace in our lives.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Busy, Jam, Amish

My week has certainly been a busy one. Thankfully, I am pretty much ahead of the game plan. Today, I have to sew a hat for Bubby, fix one of his petticoats (boys wore petticoats until potty trained in the 18th century), and possibly make a little shirt for him. I have two shifts, but we soon found out, where there's a bucket of water, Bubby will play in it. I think extra clothing is going to be wise. There's his 18th century wagon to paint today. I have to run down the road and pick up an adapter for the truck and trailer, then run over to my parents' house and pick up the re-enacting table and chairs. I have to call the historical site and see where we are going to be camping. I also have to buy bread and milk. Bubby's almost out of milk and the bread went moldy overnight. Oh, and I should return the wrong adapter and the fan I don't need. Oh, and hubby asked me to pick him up some brass clips for a project he's started. I also want to get all of my stuff packed and ready to go so I don't have to worry about it.

I'm not sure what to make for dinner tonight. Maybe chicken and rice.

I made my jam Monday evening. Out of two pounds of cherries, I got 3 1/2 jars, but it is so good! I love homemade jams and I love knowing I'm not injesting high fructose corn syrup or other ingrediants I can't say let alone spell. I'm a jam lover. I rarely bother to make jellies.

Making jam is actually easy. However, you need the proper equipment. You need a large stockpot with a trivet or drop-in basket. You need glass jars with the proper sealing lids. You need a jar lifter. Then, all you need is fruit, sugar, pectin and sometimes lemon juice. (Some make a parafin seal over their jams. I don't.) The jars and lids must be sterlized before use. Instructions for jam-making are on a pamphlet included with the pectin.

Canning is a little difficult for me because I have a tiny stove with a low hood. My regular canning stock pots are too big. I use my steamer pot and place metal cookie cutters I don't use on the bottom for a trivet. I learned that without some form of trivet, the jars have a tendency to explode while processing. This works well, but instead of processing 6 jars at one time, I can only do 3 to 4.

I saw 3 lovely Amish ladies in Walmart the other day. Every time I see the Amish, I always feel like I'm not doing something right with my life. So, after some contemplation, I realized what that feeling was stemming from. I'm not happy with the way technology has seemed to cause more distractions and wasting of time in my life. So, I've been really careful about the amount of time I spend online and I've pretty much stopped watching TV when I have things to do. Now, I don't feel so bad and I love being able to sleep at night knowing I got my chores done.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Busy Day

I have my work cut out for me today! Besides being a busy week preparing for our first overnight re-enactment of the season, I have plenty of housework. Bubby needs new re-enacting clothing sewn. I have cherries that need to be made into cherry jam. I have laundry that needs finishing, re-enacting clothing that needs sorting, a checkbook to balance, floors that need washing, dusting, dishes, dinner to be made (I'm thinking creole fish), shopping list to be put together and, of course, playtime with my dear little son! I already exercised this morning and spent time with the Lord. So, I guess I'll pop off and get my day going!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Movie Review: Charlotte's Web

Hubby and I watched Charlotte's Web last night (the one with Dakota Fanning). Well, hubby watched it. I watched a portion of it and then took Bubby for a walk. Afterwards, I asked hubby how it was. He wasn't impressed.

Early on, I found it to be not as good as the animated version I grew up with. I think what really got me to not liking it was the character Fern. In the animated one she was much like in the book. She was quiet, good, sweet and obeyed her mother. In the live action version, she was very much a 21st century girl in a 1950's styled movie. It starts with her father going to kill Wilbur because he's the runt and won't survive anyway. In the animated version (AV) Fern is very much a little girl who is upset and crying over the simple fact that Wilbur is cute and she doesn't want him to die. In the live action version (LAV) she doesn't cry, but puts on this PETA style front as she argues with her father. It isn't emotionally driven like the AV which seems more little girl reality believable to me. It's agenda driven. Subtle, but there.

Then, when her father says that Fern was up early ridding the world of injustice, in the AV, Fern is pleased with the love she's already forming for Wilbur. In the LAV, Fern looks smug and pleased with herself.

Then, in the LAV the movie makers put us through a small montage of Wilbur growing up with Fern caring for him. In the AV, Fern takes care of Wilbur properly on top of all her other chores and obedience to her parents. When mother calls, Fern comes quietly and sweetly. In the LAV, Fern seems to forget everything else, argues and whines to her mother when she can't have her way about Wilbur, takes Wilbur to school, etc. It actually got annoying after a while.

Fern is supposed to be known for her quiet, sweet and gentle nature. They show this in the AV. She would just sit with the animals and listen to them. In the LAV, she seems more jumpy, loud and boisterous. One scene that kinda confused me on how they were trying to portray Fern was when she was swinging in the barn going, "Wheeee." Doesn't the book say the animals liked and trusted Fern because she was still and quiet?

Soon after that, I took my son for a walk.

My conclusion about the Live Action Version of Charlotte's Web is to pass it up and rent or buy the Animated Version instead.