Tuesday, June 26, 2007


The first thing I'd like to throw is the sofa. Above is a picture of the sofa throw I'd like to get, but in hunter. I like the light green, but it just doesn't quite go with my living room.
This one's nice because it's machine washable and had a polyurethane backing to prevent bunching up on the sofa. A must for me since my dog likes to nose dive on and off the sofa and I'm guilty of the occassional sprawling flop onto the sofa.
For now, I have to wait, though. I'm hoping next month I can splurge.
The second thing I want to throw is a garage sale! I've been going through every nook and cranny in the house collecting things to sell. Hopefully, this'll not only cut down on some of the clutter, but it'll make me a little money. Perhaps enough to buy the throw! :) I'm going to ask hubby to join me in this endeavor and hopefully we two and clean out the garage and sheds as well.


Jodi said...

Lovely throw. Hope that garage sale happens ~ successfully ~ for you. :o)

Anonymous said...

Now that is the type of sofa throw that I need! Mine kept bunching and I got tired of messing with it, so it only gets put on when company is coming.