Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Health and a pantry

As you can see, I've posted a ticker to show my weight loss progress. I'm determined to get into a healthy, strong and toned figure before I get pregnant again. I'm not really dieting, but I am looking to improve the quality of food I eat. I am exercising in hopes to build muscle, strength, flexibility and tone...and burn off some of the jiggle I have.

I like to listen to a local talk show host and his new complaint for the summer is "muffin tops." For those of you who don't know, "muffin tops" (which is defined in one brand of English dictionary) are people, usually women, who wear low cut jeans and their chub hangs over the top like the top of a muffin does out of the muffin wrapper. I bring this up because it has struck me how America seems to flaunt it's lack of health while at the same time complaining about our health care system. Everything starts with us as individuals. Yes, our health care system isn't perfect, but at the same time they are dealing with our rampant destruction of our own bodies.

Smoking, excessive drinking, casual drug use (legal and illegal), bad eating habits, chemical-laden foods consumed often daily (I'm not opposed to the occassional Oreo, but just don't plow them down every day), sexual promiscuity, risky behaviors, lack of movement, high exposures to electronic equipment.....we almost seem proud of these behaviors and lifestyles, but they're making us sick....from "Game Boy Thumb" to lung cancer to STDs.

Of course, I'm not going way over to the other side and eating bark and running for 3 hours a day. I'm just saying how our individual health really should be important to us. I'm the first to give up exercise in favor of plugging away on Yahoo Answers. So, here's hoping I can get myself to my healthy.

In other news, I bought 2 bookshelves to make a pantry in the basement for my produce that I put up. I'm so excited! I even bought contact paper to make the shelving pretty and easy to clean! I'll take a picture when it's all done and set up. :)

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Mrs.Garcia said...

Thank you for posting about Health and Pantry. Yes we Americans are to be Held Accountable for our Health. I know that I am nowhere near where I need to be Health wise.
God Bless,