Friday, June 22, 2007

Today To-Do....

I stayed up until quarter after 10 to get everything done on my list. It felt good to go to bed with everything accomplished. I slept well....except for when hubby didn't think I was in bed and went to check and accidentally flopped an arm on my chest, scaring me. :b Oh, and that time in the middle of the night when my dog let out this horrible howl in her sleep. It sounded like a sick coyote. So, hubby checked outside to see if she was indeed responding to coyotes and he saw something in the field next door, but couldn't tell if it was a deer or a coyote.'s to-do list includes:

Laundry (thank you, hubby for putting up my clothes line yesterday!)
Sewing the banyan
Taking a walk
Working on my pantry
Baking something....not sure yet what
Probably weeding the garden
Hopefully going to a farmer's market
Getting clothing together for the re-enactment coming up
Maybe....just maybe returning some stuff to Walmart. I might wait until next week for that.
And there's always tidying to do.

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