Thursday, June 07, 2007

Keeping Tent Tidy, Phone Bill

One of my biggest challenges while re-enacting is keeping our tent tidy. Now, hubby and I have a medium-sized marquee tent. In it we have a full-size four poster bed, a table that'll sit 8, two dressing tables, 4 chairs and numerous boxes to hold all our gear. Now, with our son, we have a Peapod Plus until he's big enough for a bed of his own. That folds up to next to nothing when he's not using it. Everything MUST have it's place. Any mess must be tidied up immediately. On top of that, we must keep period correctness at all times. Any modern stuff, like the clothes we came in, or the diaper bag must be kept out of view. I'll let you know how I do after this weekend.

Our phone bill is going up AGAIN! (Thanks, Verizon) Now, we can't make budget with the phone bill, so it's getting cut. It's a shame because I really enjoy the freedom of unlimited local and long distance with caller ID and call waiting. Instead, I'm moving us to a 30 minutes per month free long distance (10 cents per minute after that) with caller ID and call waiting. (We need the latter two features for hubby's job). For calling our out-of-state friends, we'll use the cell phone. I THINK this move will cut our phone bill by more than half.

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