Friday, June 15, 2007

Roses for Mama

Yesterday, my husband came home from work with these roses for me he found while working along the power lines. How sweet is that?! They are so fragrant, too!
Hubby has been such a strong support for me in this difficult time. He's been quiet and pensive, but open to talking about what happened. After some discussion, he explained to me that I was actually dying and that the hospital staff worked expertly to save my life! If left to my own, I would have bled to death. Hubby firmly believes that if circumstances had been just slightly different, he'd be a widower now.
Was it really that dramatic? If I think about the scenario, I guess it was. I mean, the doctor was adament about my getting into surgery ASAP. It's like a story on a soap opera. It's unreal to me. I almost get a kick out of it. But then I realize the truth and I am humbled. God has a purpose for me on this earth. I feel I am meant to mother more children. I feel this was just yet another step in salvation for certain members of my family.
Just wait and see how God uses and sad and desperate situation for beautiful goodness.

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Mrs. Rabe said...

I am praying for you still, and praying that God will use this "close call" in your husbands heart and that he will see what God did on his behalf, by sparing you.

You are right that God has purpose for your life. I hope you are recovering well, and are able to get as much rest as possible.