Monday, June 11, 2007

Back from the Past Part 2

While shopping, we bought fabric (some for recovering the cushions on our dining room chairs and another 5 yard bolt for making more re-enacting clothing), a plate for Bubby and a toy sword for Bubby. There was plenty of visiting with friends and acquaintences. There was a LOT of picture-taking of Bubby.

Back in camp, Bubby finally went down for a nap, and I got to sit under the dining fly and chat with the ladies while noshing on cheeses and smoked meats.

I didn't bring a project to work on which was just as well because taking care of Bubby and the constant barrage of friends and public wanting to talk kept me busy.

Evening began rolling around. Shade covered our tent and it was quite comfortable inside. I had managed to keep it pretty much tidy and organized, other than Bubby's constant need for pulling everything apart again. :) Where I failed was our dining table. It had several piles of clean dishware from my Turkish Brunch that I didn't put away because I had to reuse some of it. The kitchen box is so meticulously packed that it's hard to just put some stuff away and not the others. I'm working on this and beginning to consider a shelf. What I'd really like is a kitchen work station much like our Master and Mistress'.

For the evening meal, I decided to dress a la Turque. It's very comfortable and my friends tease that I'm in my pajamas. I believe some of them took my picture, so I'll post it if I get a copy. The evening meal consisted of stuffed "squab" (really cornish game hens), trout and salmon pasties, a rice and currant dish, asparagus and cauliflower. To drink, there was wine, mead, and elderflower tea.

Eventually, it was time for Bubby to nap and the evening relaxation began with soft chatter, period music, light libations, the men pulled out pipes to smoke, and the ladies enjoyed conversation. At the mansion, there was a dance going on. I stayed close to camp in case Bubby woke up and wandered out of the tent. Master and Mistress has attended the ball at the Manse, so as the good servant I am, I made sure the lanterns and candleabras in their tent were lit for their return. Then, I retired to bed finding hubby already there and snuggled into the down mattress for a very good night's sleep.

Sunday, I got to sleep in until quarter to 7. I decided to get out of bed when Bubby started wandering about the tent and I noticed that during yesterday evening, things in the tent were a bit untidy. So, I got dressed, got Bubby dressed and did a quick clean-up of the tent. I knew by 8:30 am, Bubby and I were expected at the Manse to sit for a painting. (We really just got our picture taken to be later painted by an artist friend of ours for her award winning collection of 18th century life.) Still, I managed to get the tent spotless and ready for public viewing, Bubby had his breakfast, and we were ready to head to the Manse. Bubby was crying because he was sleepy, but didn't want to nap. Still, we managed to sit and then were able to head to "town" again. No purchasing was done among the sutlers, but we visited plenty. I kept eyeing a broom, but there was no price on it and I wondered if I really needed it. Master and Mistress keep a broom in their tent, so I could always borrow theirs.

We returned to camp and Bubby finally went down for a nap. Brunch was ready of French toast, sausage, bacon, melon, early berries and cherries, smoked salmon and pickles and raspberry tea. Afterwards, I was fighting a headache and decided to lay down. A cool breeze was managing it's way through the open sides of my tent. It felt so good to lay in bed and feel that. However, Bubby was soon awake and needing something to eat. I prepared him a plate of leftovers from brunch. He really enjoyed the french toast. Then, hubby returned to the tent to let me know that a friend of mine had arrived with her fiance. So, I got dressed (or at least tried to) while Bubby kept leaving the tent. As soon as he walked out of the tent, cameras went up everywhere and took his picture. He then followed groups of people around and would stand in the middle of the group and smile until they took his picture again. I kept my eye on him, but eventually had to go retrieve him as he wandered too far away and would not heed my call. (We're working on that.) I finally managed to pin myself into my pet en l'air and done my straw hat, so Bubby and I made our way back into "town." We found my friend and enjoyed a quick chat and introduction to the fiance before she departed to enjoy the encampment. I made a turn around sutler's row one more time and headed back to camp to start packing up. Not too much later, the cheeses and smoked meats made another appearance for afternoon noshing. The event was winding down and we all made our way to our tents to start packing up. Off came the reproduction clothing and on came our modern garments. Down came the tents. Fires were put out and sod replaced. Furniture was broken down and trunks packed. We managed to beat the rain. No one will go home with wet canvas.

Hubby, Bubby and I will be doing this all over again in a couple of weeks.

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