Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Dinner Tonight

I have lazagna listed, but the thought of it just doesn't settle with me. I'm craving tacos, but I have no tomatoes. I'll have to run to the store the buy tomatoes and hard taco shells. I want hard tacos, not soft. The soft doesn't settle with me, either. Pregnancy is so strange! My food cravings and aversions make no sense whatsoever, but they're as real as the day is long.

With Bubby, I lived on white cheddar cheez-its, frosted shredded wheat and grilled cheese sandwiches. I remember craving pizza, blueberry waffles, veggie subs from Subway and milkshakes. This time around, it's a lot more varied and the cravings are stronger.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Yesterday, I talked to my SIL on the phone and was able to voice all my preggy concerns. She promised to pray for me and I prayed too. Soon after, I got a tummy ache again! This time I'm not lamenting it. I also feel a stronger sense that this time my pregnancy will be fruitful. I'll feel so much better once I get past week 11, though.

Hubby announced yesterday that he's taking 2 weeks vacation in November! Woo hoo!

My mom is coming over tomorrow to help me clean the house...and boy, does it need it.

My neighbor came over and gave me 2 grocery bags filled with ground beef, hamburger patties, a huge pork roast, a beef roast and stew beef.

Oh, and I'm not going to be fostering goats. My friend found a home for them.

I think I might actually put it to prayer to get rid of the fish and the tank. I truly don't want them. The fish were left to us by the previous owner of the house. The fish proceeded to breed. I now have 3 generations of gold fish in a 55 gallon tank in my 880 square foot house. I'd be happy not to have them anymore.

Monday, October 29, 2007


My preggy ticker says I'm morning sick. Reality says otherwise. I'm not. While some might say, "lucky," it actually scares me. I wasn't morning sick very long with my last pregnancy and I miscarried. However, with my last pregnancy, I was very bloated but otherwise didn't feel pregnant at all. I had a TON of energy, a great appetite and felt great. With this one, I'm very tired. Doing too much makes me sore and very sleepy. I can't eat much at one time and I usually feel ill when I'm hungry and after I eat (usually have to lay down to digest). I have to eat at regular intervals to avoid feeling ill. So, I'm guessing that I've been able to manage my "morning sickness" into just about oblivion. Perhaps it'll come back, too as hormones change. I'm only at 7 weeks. If I remember correctly, with Bubby I had off and on days.

So, I guess I won't worry. I'm too tired to worry.

Oh, can someone clean my fishtank? It really smells and I hate doing it. Better yet, can someone come take it away? :b

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Feeling Better

I took it all to the Lord and I'm feeling better. I can actually function now. Still, I have to be really careful with what I eat and when and I down plenty of Altoids. Altoids are a preggy staple for me. The real gingerale has done nothing for me and churns my stomach just to think about it. Strange. But, that's pregnancy. :) Now, I'm beginning to enjoy my pregnancy, but I'll feel so much better once I get past 11 weeks. Then, I'll be more sure that this pregnancy is a keeper and I won't miscarry like I did last time.

I got an issue of Cottage Living in the mail yesterday. That helped spur me on to tidy up the house a little. I still can't do too much. I'm still so sleepy and too much thrashing about sets my stomach off. Still, it's nice to get something done.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Housekeeping in the First Trimester

Ah! You may think this is some brave, super-mom keeping the house spotless while writhing in nausea and sleeping 15 hours a day post.'s not.

Housekeeping in the first trimester? Almost non-existant. I vacuum in the morning. I clean the bathroom with lysol wipes when I can. (Usually, if I feel the need to visit my porcelain friend, I grab the wipes and clean while I wait for my stomach to settle.) The kitchen....I do dishes once a day. I take the garbage out when I can't stand the smell anymore. I make my son simple meals. For dinner, it's packaged easy-to-make dinners like frozen lazagna and hamburger helpers. I put stuff away when I can. I do laundry when it desperately needs it, but I admit that Monday's whites are still dry in the dryer. My laundry is in the basement and walking down stairs really churns my stomach, and walking up them leaves me winded.

What's hubby doing, you may ask? Oh, he's just working 6 days a week to provide a living for his precious family. Can you believe he comes home as soon as possible every evening and greets us with so much love and happiness? Can you believe that this husband of mine kisses and rubs my tummy and asks how I'm doing and then baby-talks to our unborn baby? Sheesh...some men. *smirk* Of course he helps out, but he also has his "manly chores" to do (lawn care, lifting heavy things, and calling everyone we know ~ and we know a LOT of people ~ and proudly telling them I've got another bun in the oven). He researches baby names, talks about baby products, listens to my moaning and groaning about my tummy aches, graciously gives up the bed so I can thrash all I want all night long (I'm a very restless sleeper when pregnant), watches Bubby so I can rest.....Gee, I guess I need to find a better man. Wait! There isn't one! I've got the best! :)

Oh, this post was supposed to be about housekeeping....oh well.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Cheerio and Seltzer Diet....

I've really had to lower my expectations of myself. I'm just too sick this pregnancy. I'm on a Cheerio and Seltzer diet. I can barely exercise at all, much to my great disappointment. I sleep for at least 12 hours a day. Otherwise, I spend a lot of a time prostrate. I love to cook, but cooking just churns my stomach. Food churns my stomach. Still, I have loving, hardworking hubby to feed and a sweet, caring son to feed. So, I managed to drag myself to the store today and buy enough easy-to-make/ready-to-make dinners for a week. Plus, I needed more seltzer and Cheerios.

I look forward to my second trimester. The energy, the nesting.....

My Pollyanna view of the whole thing is: at least I have a great excuse to rest, relax, and not have to do much at all!

Monday, October 22, 2007

What Our Feminist Foremothers Said About Abortion

In a letter to abolitionist and social activist, Julia Ward on Octover 16, 1878, Elizabeth Cady Stanton penned, "When we consider that women are treated as property, is it degrading to a woman that wae should treat our children as property to be disposed of as we see fit."

July 1869, Susan B. Anthony wrote, "I deplore the horrible crime of child murder...No matter what the motive, love of ease or a desire to save from suffering the unborn innocent, the woman is awfully guilty who commits the deed...but oh!, thrice guilty is he who drove her to the desperation which impelled her to the crime."

1868, Matilda Electa Joslyn Gage (Native American activist, suffragist and abolitionist) wrote, "The subject lies deeper down into woman's wrongs than any other...the crime of abortion is not one in shich the guilt lies solely or even chiefly with the woman....I hesitate to assert that most of this crime of "child murder," "abortion," "infanticide," lies at the door of the male sex."

1990, Gloria V. Hefferan, MD described abortion as "the ultimate exploitation of women. It's no surprise that Playboy Foundation money competes with Rockefeller Foundation money to promote the concept of permissive abortion."

1963 Planned Parenthood pamphlet states, "an abortion kills a baby after it has begun. It is dangerous to your life and health. It may make you sterile so that when you want a child you cannot have it."

Friday, October 19, 2007

Real Gingerale and Boston

I found a couple of things that help ease my "morning" sickness: real gingerale and Boston music. My favorite songs are Amanda and More Than a Feeling. For some reason, just listening to them keeps my mind off my stomach.

Hermit Christians

It upsets, and I dare say, angers me that Christians get into this Hermit-Habit. We go to our familiar church, sit in our familiar pews (and get a bent nose if some new face invades our church or worse, our pew), go home to our familiar houses and forget about everyone else around us.

When my father was forced into retirement after an on-the-job injury that wasn't his fault (he was safely parked and someone hit him), raising a family of 7 was very difficult. When he ended up in the hospital, a call was put out to provide meals for our family since dad was in the hospital and mom was with him (my brothers were old enough to watch the littles.) A local restaurant owner provided us with pizza every Saturday night for free. Otherwise, the only other person to step foward sent us a dish of baked beans. That was it!

The reasoning? "I have my own family to take care of." "We're worse off than they are!" "I can't be bothered, I'm too busy." "I don't know them very well." Etc, etc etc.

I think it's horrible that we can't bake a casserole for the widow down the road. Or help clean house for the new mom in the church. Or send a little note to the new family attending the church.

I think it's downright sickening that the church will pray for someone having hardship, but don't bother to help that person otherwise. We may pray for God to answer their prayers or help them out, but forget, WE may be their answer. A church that practices tithing and runs their finances Biblically should have enough money to give a financially burdened family something to help them along.

When my cousin lost her husband, money would anonymously appear in her mailbox. Or church members would shake her hand and leave a $20.00 in her palm.

For some Christians, it's just the cares of the world and keeping up with the rat race that blinds them to the needs of others. For other Christians, it's the business of running a cookie-cutter "Biblical" household that leaves no room for helping others. For still others, it's a complete lack of faith coupled with selfishness, "I can't make them a casserole. I only bought enough for this week for my family." It's the same mentality of those who donate old cans of saurkraut to the local food drive, but keep the Campbells Supper Bakes for themselves.

I urge every one of my readers to stop being hermit Christians before the end of the month, help someone out! Can't think of anyone? Ask your pastor if anyone in the church could use a hand. If no one's really in need that you know of, do something for a charity! Buy a bag of groceries for a local food pantry. Donate for Thanksgiving to a homeless shelter. Drop off a bag of dog food and treats to an animal shelter, or a bag of feed to someone who fosters animals. Drop off a bag of groceries to a local foster family. Send a cheerful, oversized card to a children's ward in the hospital or to a nursing home. Buy a coat for a child who needs one. Donate your gently used baby clothes to a Birthright or unwed mother's home. Drop off a box of diapers while you're at it. If you really can afford it, pay to have the heating tank filled for someone who can't afford it.

Do SOMETHING! Christians should be helping others.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Day Off ~ Off Day

Day Off:
Last night, Bubby wasn't breathing so well. He has a cold coupled with a possible allergic reaction to something he ate yesterday. So, I had him sleep on the sofa with me last night, keeping him upright. Needless to say, I got very little sleep. So, we're having a day off today. Lots of R&R for the both of us.

Still, when he goes down for his nap, I'd like to get at least one project worked on. I might clean out more of the basement or work on the beadboard for the mud porch.

For dinner tonight, I'm in the mood of pork schnitzl with homemade spaetzl(spellings?).

Off Day:

The news just keeps getting weirder and worse! Here's some of the news for the day:

The Governor of New York has made it legally possible for illegal immigrants to get driver's licenses.

The Governor of California has decreed that it is discriminatory for "Mom, Dad, Husband and Wife" to be used without also adding reference to alternative sexuality, especially in public schools.

A Yahoo headline says that sex with robots isn't far away.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bliss! And other news...

I received my first issue of the reinstated Victoria magazine in the mail today! Oh, how lovely it is, too. I curled up on my sunny windowseat in my porch and went cover to cover.

Through the nausea, fatigue, food aversions, and gas pains, I'm smiling radiantly because I know all the former means my pregnancy is going very well. The food aversions and cravings really destroy any idea of going "low carb" this pregnancy. I'm going to start a sidebar list of my food cravings. It'll be a funny little way to chart my pregnancy.

Saturday, October 13, 2007


The idea popped into my head yesterday to cover my grandma's chair in tartan material. Ebay didn't have any Scott tartan and it was just too expensive to buy outright. Then, I remembered that hubby has 3 great kilts packed away in the basement. Two are blackwatch and one is a tartan I can't recall the name of. So, I grabbed the lighter of the blackwatch and covered the chair in it. The blackwatch matches the rest of the living room and it looks so cozy and perfect for the cooler months! The best thing is that it was FREE!

Frugality is something I'm diving into for the winter months. I have a few rather impossible goals:

1. Use only 1 tank of gas per month
2. Keep electric bill under $80.00
3. Cut grocery bill to $180.00 a month

Also, now that I'm pregnant, I'm going to need the space in Bubby's closet for baby stuff rather than my clothes. (The closet in hubby and I's room is pathetically tiny. Hubby has all his clothing in it because he prefers shelving over drawers). However, buying an armoire or wardobe is cost prohibitive at this time. Buying a portable closet just isn't attractive. I believe that the master bedroom should be relaxing and beautiful. So, I designed a wardrobe that I can probably actually make myself for about $100.00! It'll have a wood frame with cedar top, bottom and shelf and it'll be covered in toile fabric with fancy trimmings. If I do get around to making it, I'll post a picture.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Goats, Preggy Dining, Anonymouses

Looks like I might become the proud caretaker of two female goats. A friend of mine needs to find a home for her two goats and hubby said we could take them in! I've got my work cut out of me. They need to move in before Thanksgiving and that spot out back needs cleaning and the shed needs to be divided and prepped for safe and adequate goat housing.

For Bubby's pregnancy, I allowed myself the pleasure of indulgences. I "ate for two" and gave in to every craving. I knew I was going to blow up like a balloon and that I'd have to work hard to get it off, but I was ok with that because I knew I could do it and I did do it. Not only did I go down to my pre-preggy weight, I lost 7 more lbs!

For this pregnancy, I'm really trying to stay fit and healthy with healthful meals following the Nourishing Traditions diet and exercise. So far, so good because I'm not bogged down with nausea (I get little bouts now and again, but it's still early). Here's today's menu for me:

Breakfast: whey-soaked oatmeal with walnuts, fresh apple, cream and a touch of maple syrup. Water. Cod liver oil, B6 and Folic Acid.

Lunch: A pinch of Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal (my little cheat), roma tomatoes and chicken salad (chicken breast, walnuts, apple, cheese and mayo seasoned with paprika) Water

Snack: Probably a Fruitbu and homemade yogurt if I'm hungry at all, Water

Dinner: Brother is coming over, so I'm making homemade pizza with whole wheat crust. I load mine down with veggies. The men will get sausage. For dessert, I'm thinking of making an Angel Food Cake with homemade whipped cream and peaches. Water, 1/2 dose of a Prenatal Vitamin

Do to the general annoyance of some anonymous commenter(s) who insists on being ridiculous, I'm only allowing blogger registered users to post comments. I apologise to those anonymous commenters who are good and decent, but it really doesn't take much to join blogger and it's free and you don't have to start up a blog.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Book Giveaway!

Crystal at is giving away 10 copies of this book! You must register by this Saturday, though!

My Grandma's Chair

My grandmother had a lady's chair in her bedroom. She eventually gave it to my parents who had it in their library room. Somehow, I ended up with it, and gladly so. I'm honored to have my grandmother's chair. However, the chair has seen better days. The upholstery is extremely threadbare and in the arms and seat, worn right through. A good portion of the horsehair filling is pulled out, no thanks to a curious dog.

When we were filling our house with loved ones to celebrate our son's first birthday, I grabbed some fabric I had stashed away and did a quick 1/2 slip cover ~ 1/2 reupholstering job on it. However, the fabric just doesn't go with the rest of the living room and really isn't suitable.

Reupholstering it is out of the question right now. The style of the piece makes it too difficult for me to do it myself and expensive to have it done professionally. Eventually, we will have it reupholstered, but for now, I need a quick and lovely and inexpensive fix.

I found a chenille throw at Walmart for an affordable price, but put it back on the shelf when I found it to be made in China and not really what I wanted. I'm hoping now to find something at an antique shop or thrift store. A store-bought slip cover wouldn't work either because of the unique shape of the chair.

I'm hoping for a nice throw, piano shawl, thin quilt or even a length of material to dress it up in.

A verse for the frugal-minded...

Luke 3:14 ".....and be content with your wages."

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Some Great Buys This Week

I can't ignore the sales this week! They're actually pretty good! I'm really trying to be more and more frugal. Here's what I'm buying today that really will save me money:

1 lb butter $1.88 (usually around $2.12-$2.23)

1 gallon whole milk $2.99 (usually close to $4.00)

1/2 lb roast beef lunchmeat $1.99 (usually around $5.00 and I don't buy it, but hubby needs lunchmeat for his work lunches and he loves roast beef. To save money, he only gets lunchmeat sandwiches every other week. On the non-lunchmeat weeks, he gets salad sandwiches (tuna, egg, etc) or peanutbutter)

1 lb American Cheese $3.99 (usually $4.99, but not the best deal. A couple weeks ago, it was $2.99. Still, we could use the cheese. If money is tighter than expected, I'll only get 1/2 a lb.)

Golden Grahams Cereal $1.66 a box (usually hovering around $3.50-$4.00 and I don't buy it unless on sale, or I get the generic version. I get it for hubby. I don't eat boxed cereals anymore, except for the occassional treat.)

Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast $1.69 lb (usually $2-something a pound, but I only ever buy it if it's on sale. This is the cheapest I've seen it in a long time. I'm going to stock up!)

Liverwurst $2.99 lb (usually around $3.99 a lb, but I might not buy it. During Bubby's pregnancy, my doctor recommended I eat liverwurst for increased iron since I nearly always run slightly anemic. I like it anyway, but I might not bother since I'm cutting carbs and not eating very much bread. Making a sandwich out of it is something I probably won't do then. Besides, I'm buying calf liver for dinner later anyway.)

Yep, good buys!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

What we should be spending our time on

1. God. It is immensely important to spend time with the Lord each and every day. I find that if I don't, my day goes right down the drain. Everything else seems to fall into place more easily if I spend my time with my Savior every day.

2. Husband. Make sure the man you're supposed to be in love with feels loved! It's funny how the top two priorities in our lives are often the first two to be neglected when we get too busy.

3. Children. We wanted them. We gave birth to them. Now take care of them! Quit sending them off for other people to take care of. They only need a couple of extra curricular activities. They NEED to be with us. That also means turning off the TV, putting down the novel, and getting off the computer or phone when they need us to spend time with them.

4. Family. Thankfully, I was blessed with a very close knit family. It's easy to spend time with them. It is nice to stay in touch and not become strangers. I do need to improve in a couple areas, though. Some relatives are elderly and ill and I need to be with them more.

5. The Needy. Whatever happened to the days of knitting socks for soldiers, or making quilts for the homeless shelters, or baking a casserole for the lady down the road who just gave birth? Sometimes, I think in our trying to separate ourselves from the world, we easily become too reclusive or exclusive. Other people are just so busy in this fast-paced world, they barely have time for themselves, completely give up #1 and #2, basically ignore #3, markedly ignore #4 and don't even think about #5.

6. Ourselves. Notice I didn't put friends. For me, friends are family or they fall into #5 for when they need help or #6 when I've accomplished 1-5 and have time to do something for myself (ie. go to lunch with a friend). Yes, we ourselves are last on the list, but that doesn't mean we neglect ourselves either. We NEED to take care of ourselves.

So what does that mean? It means that none of these numbers should ever be neglected or discarded. That's right. With a complete re-evaluation of our lives, it IS possible to fulfill all 6.

Now, keep in mind, I'm not saying DAILY. There are times in our lives when some are set aside for a time because others need more attention. However, God should always remain #1 and never be neglected. For example, you've just given birth. Of course your new baby is going to take a lot more of your time and hubby will be in the background for a little while. But, don't make it a habit. Or, perhaps a major storm hit your area, so those in need suddenly bump up a few numbers. Or, your mother is sick and dying, so you have to leave your children for a couple weeks while arrangements are made for your mother. But, these are just temporary times. They should not be the norm.

Beautiful Distraction, Bringing the Past Forward

I've been rather distracted these last couple of days. I guess finding out you're pregnant does that to a woman. :) So, I'm not getting as much done as I'd like. It also doesn't help that the nesting instinct that hits me like a ton of bricks every pregnancy distracts me into alternative projects. For example, I've taken up knitting again!

Ok, I admit, I can't knit. I can purl. That's it. So, I'm purling a nice dish towel. Walmart sells "Peaches and Cream" cotton yarn and it's made in the USA. I found an "earth tones" skein and am using that. It's so pretty! Plus, the repetative clicking of the needles is rather comforting and restful for me. I feel so feminine and old fashioned while I'm knitting.

Something about autumn and winter brings the old-fashioned out of me anyway. Also, lately I've read other women's posts about thinking they were born in the wrong era or wishing that things were more like the past. I've come to realize something as I entered into the latter half of my twenties....instead of wishing, we CAN do more to bring the past forward in our own lives and homes.

A simple first step is to just turn off the electronics! It won't be hard to turn off the TV in a little while anyway. They're making the switch to digital and we don't have cable or sattelite. Already, the one channel we get barely comes in at all!

If you want instant vintage in your home, turn on a small radio (like a clock radio) to an "am" station that plays music from the 40's-60's. Oh, what a sound!

I'll see what other things I can come up with.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Nesting Already?

I'm so jittery! I can hardly sleep, I'm practically bouncing off the walls! Plus, I can't stand anything out of it's place. I don't mind, though. I'm getting plenty of housework done. There is scheduled rest times, too. There's nothing like curling up on my down mattressed window seat in my sun porch with old issues of Victoria Magazine.

I refuse to fear another miscarriage. I'm taking it one day at a time, but I'm optimistic. So far, it's going (symptom-wise) much like Bubby's. Thankfully, no morning sickness yet.

My family is so great! Today, after church, we got together and the 4 cousins were able to play. Everyone had a grand time. My parents' house was so gleefully noisy. The happy squeals of children is music to my ears. My dear mother made a huge pot of galumgies (spelling?) or Polish cabbage rolls. She also made a roast with veggies in the crockpot and two of her signature apple pies with crumb topping! Oh, it felt like the holidays! What a special occassion for all of us. I thank God so often for my loving, supportive family. I wonder how I got so blessed in such a broken world. Hubby's family isn't just broken, it's shattered. He finds refuge in my family and I'm glad for that. I'm also thankful I have two older siblings and two younger siblings. I can't imagine growing up and living life in a smaller family.

Thursday, October 04, 2007


I didn't do too much today. I haven't been feeling well. I'm not sick. I'm just hovering around 60-70%. I ran my errands today and visited my parents. Then, while Bubby napped, I tried working on my business site, but an essential computer program crashed. So, I tidied a bookcase and got rid of some books and then went through my catalog pile and got rid of a pretty heavy pile of catalogs. For dinner, I made lazagna and used my homemade curdy-cheese. It was delicious and filling! I always make my lazagnas different. It depends on the ingredients on hand. Here's how I made today's lazagna:

I cooked one box of lazagna noodles. I spread a very thin layer of sauce on the bottom of the pan. Noodles, then half the curdy-cheese, garlic and italian seasonings, mozarella cheese, fresh spinach, parm. cheese, sauce, noodles, sauce, remaining curdy cheese, moz. cheese and parm cheese, cooked ground turkey with minced garlic, italian seasoning, noodles, remaining sauce, moz. cheese and parm cheese.

I baked it uncovered for about 20 minutes to half an hour. Yum!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I found space!

Wednesdays are usually home project days. Today's projects were: cleaning out the walk-in closet, cleaning out two cabinets in the kitchen and painting window frames. (This evening, I have to can applesauce.)

The projects went well. The closet is now a tidy, organized space and I was able to get rid of some junk. But the cabinets were a pleasure to re-organize. Both were stuffed full and in danger of avalanches every time the doors were opened. Also, I had things in each cabinet that really didn't make sense. Why keep most of my pots in pans in one cabinet, but some others in the other? The cabinet by the door, I decided would be better used for my least used items and as a sort of dry-cool storage (it butts up against two outter walls). The cabinet on the other end would be for my oft used supplies. For the winter, I plan to put a chair between the cabinet and the door for hubby to use to remove his slushy boots. Therefore, I didn't want to be moving the chair several times a day to get items out.

Overall, the re-organization went very well. I got rid of just a few items, but gained and amazing amount of space. My oft-used cabinet is so tidy and spacious now, I'm just thrilled and don't mind opening the door and putting things away. Plus, it'll be nice to easily pull out my bread machine without having to take apart an entire cabinet just to get to it.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Recommended Utensils, 1884

My mother picked up a 5 volume boxed set of little cookbooks of recipes from Early America through the young Republic and Ante Bellum through Victorian America and the Westward Expansion. In the Victorian cookbook, there's a "Facsimile of a list of minimum utensils recommended for every kitchen of the 1880's. From Miss Parloa's New Cook Book (1884)."

The following is a list of utensils with which a kitchen should be furnished. But the housekeeper will find that there is continually something to be bought. If there be much fancy cooking, there must be an ice cream freezer, jelly and charlotte russe moulds and many little pans and cutters. The right way is, of course, to get the essential articles first, and then, from time to time, to add those used in fancy cooking:
Two cast iron pots, size depending upon range or stove (they come with the stove).
One griddle
One porcelain-lined preserving kettle
One fish kettle
Three porcelain-lined stew-pans, holding from one to six quarts
One No. 4 deep Scotch frying kettle
One waffle iron
Three french polished frying-pans, Nos. 1, 3 and 6
Four stamped tin or granite ware stew-pans, holding from one pint to four quarts
One double boiler, holding three quarts
One Dover egg beater
One common wire beater
One meat rack
One dish pan
Two bread pans, holding six and eight quarts respectively
Two milk pans
Two Russian iron baking pans, two sizes
Four tin shallow baking pans
One smaller dredger for salt
One, still smaller for pepper
One boning knife
One french cook's knife
One butcher's knife
One large fork
Two case knives and forks
Two vegetable knives
Four large mixing spoons
Two table spoons
Six teaspoons
One larding needle
One trussing needle
One set of steel skewers
One wire dish cloth
One whip churn
One biscuit cutter
One hand basin
One jagging iron
Three double broilers one each for toast, fish and meat
One long handled dipper
One large grater
One apple corer
One flour scoop
One sugar scoop
One lemon squeezer
Chopping tray and knife
Small wooden bowl to use in chopping
Four deep pans for loaves
Two quart measures
One deep, round pan of granite ware, with cover for braising
One deep Russian iron french roll pan
Two stamped tin muffin pans
One teapot
One coffee pot
One coffee biggin
One chocolate pot
One colander
One squash strainer
One gravy strainer
One strainer that will fit on to one of the cast iron pots
One frying basket
One melon mould
Two brown bread tins
One round pudding mould
Two vegetable cutters
One tea canister
One coffee canister
One cake box
One spice box
One dredger for flour
One for powdered sugar
Moulding board for good hard wood
Board for cutting bread on
One for cutting cold meats on
Thick board or block one which to break bones, open lobsters, etc
A rolling pin
Wooden buckets for sugar, Graham, Indian and rye meal
Wooden boxes for rice, tapioca, crackers, barley, soda, cream of tartar, etc
Covers for flour barrels
Wire flour sieve - not too large
A pail for cleaning purposes
One vegetable masher
Stone pot for bread, holding ten quarts
One for butter, holding six quarts
One for pork, holding three quarts
One dust pan and brush
One scrubbing brush
One broom
One blacking brush
Four yellow earthen bowls, holding from six quarts down
Four white, smooth-bottomed bowls, holding one quart each
Six cups, holding half a pint each
One bean pot
One earthen pudding dish

Monday, October 01, 2007

How to get more done in a day

Step 1: Get off the computer....