Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Beautiful Distraction, Bringing the Past Forward

I've been rather distracted these last couple of days. I guess finding out you're pregnant does that to a woman. :) So, I'm not getting as much done as I'd like. It also doesn't help that the nesting instinct that hits me like a ton of bricks every pregnancy distracts me into alternative projects. For example, I've taken up knitting again!

Ok, I admit, I can't knit. I can purl. That's it. So, I'm purling a nice dish towel. Walmart sells "Peaches and Cream" cotton yarn and it's made in the USA. I found an "earth tones" skein and am using that. It's so pretty! Plus, the repetative clicking of the needles is rather comforting and restful for me. I feel so feminine and old fashioned while I'm knitting.

Something about autumn and winter brings the old-fashioned out of me anyway. Also, lately I've read other women's posts about thinking they were born in the wrong era or wishing that things were more like the past. I've come to realize something as I entered into the latter half of my twenties....instead of wishing, we CAN do more to bring the past forward in our own lives and homes.

A simple first step is to just turn off the electronics! It won't be hard to turn off the TV in a little while anyway. They're making the switch to digital and we don't have cable or sattelite. Already, the one channel we get barely comes in at all!

If you want instant vintage in your home, turn on a small radio (like a clock radio) to an "am" station that plays music from the 40's-60's. Oh, what a sound!

I'll see what other things I can come up with.


Mary said...

We have not owned a tv for 7 months now and it is amazing how much our lives have changed. We play board games, talk, sing around the piano, *try* to crochet, bake cookies, craft, read... the list is endless. We have grown closer as a family, and I love that!

Kate said...

I bet your electric bill decreased, too! We'll still own the TV set because hubby likes movies and documentaries and use it for work-out videos.

I met a lady a few years ago who told me that she and her husband gave up TV and found that they had so much spare time that she earned her PhD!

Tracy said...

I love peaches and cream yarn:) Hand knitted, or purled, dishcloths are awesome. It is amazing how useful they are!

I agree, we still have our TV but only watch DVDs occasionally. The peace is amazing. We feel calmer and time moves more slowly in the evenings.

Mary said...

My husband said the next time i saw a tv for sale at a yard sale, to buy it, so our daughter could watch educational videos. Our library has a wonderful collection of old black and white classic movies on dvd, and many many documentaries. I have been wanting to see "Frontier House" again.
And yes, our electric bill only runs about $60 a month, with the ac on about 73 degrees. that's down from a $200 a month bill, but we are also in a smaller, more energy efficient home, and I only use the dryer maybe twice a month for towels.

Linda said...

In our livingroom, we only have one electrical device running (other than the aquarium pump).... which is our computer. We use it as a radio (play songs in MP3), as a computer (obviously), and we USED to use it as a tv. (since we had a tv-card with cable plugged in).

..now, for the reason that TV ain't nothing but evil (*lol*) well, CAN be ;) we threw the cable away, and occasionally watch a DVD on it..

We hid the main computer in a door covered part of the desk, so the only thing we ever really saw was the flatscreen monitor....