Tuesday, October 09, 2007

What we should be spending our time on

1. God. It is immensely important to spend time with the Lord each and every day. I find that if I don't, my day goes right down the drain. Everything else seems to fall into place more easily if I spend my time with my Savior every day.

2. Husband. Make sure the man you're supposed to be in love with feels loved! It's funny how the top two priorities in our lives are often the first two to be neglected when we get too busy.

3. Children. We wanted them. We gave birth to them. Now take care of them! Quit sending them off for other people to take care of. They only need a couple of extra curricular activities. They NEED to be with us. That also means turning off the TV, putting down the novel, and getting off the computer or phone when they need us to spend time with them.

4. Family. Thankfully, I was blessed with a very close knit family. It's easy to spend time with them. It is nice to stay in touch and not become strangers. I do need to improve in a couple areas, though. Some relatives are elderly and ill and I need to be with them more.

5. The Needy. Whatever happened to the days of knitting socks for soldiers, or making quilts for the homeless shelters, or baking a casserole for the lady down the road who just gave birth? Sometimes, I think in our trying to separate ourselves from the world, we easily become too reclusive or exclusive. Other people are just so busy in this fast-paced world, they barely have time for themselves, completely give up #1 and #2, basically ignore #3, markedly ignore #4 and don't even think about #5.

6. Ourselves. Notice I didn't put friends. For me, friends are family or they fall into #5 for when they need help or #6 when I've accomplished 1-5 and have time to do something for myself (ie. go to lunch with a friend). Yes, we ourselves are last on the list, but that doesn't mean we neglect ourselves either. We NEED to take care of ourselves.

So what does that mean? It means that none of these numbers should ever be neglected or discarded. That's right. With a complete re-evaluation of our lives, it IS possible to fulfill all 6.

Now, keep in mind, I'm not saying DAILY. There are times in our lives when some are set aside for a time because others need more attention. However, God should always remain #1 and never be neglected. For example, you've just given birth. Of course your new baby is going to take a lot more of your time and hubby will be in the background for a little while. But, don't make it a habit. Or, perhaps a major storm hit your area, so those in need suddenly bump up a few numbers. Or, your mother is sick and dying, so you have to leave your children for a couple weeks while arrangements are made for your mother. But, these are just temporary times. They should not be the norm.

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Tracy said...

Great post! Well written and thought out. I agree, they are all important, but don't have to be done everyday:)