Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bliss! And other news...

I received my first issue of the reinstated Victoria magazine in the mail today! Oh, how lovely it is, too. www.victoriamag.com I curled up on my sunny windowseat in my porch and went cover to cover.

Through the nausea, fatigue, food aversions, and gas pains, I'm smiling radiantly because I know all the former means my pregnancy is going very well. The food aversions and cravings really destroy any idea of going "low carb" this pregnancy. I'm going to start a sidebar list of my food cravings. It'll be a funny little way to chart my pregnancy.

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Mary said...

Your list of cravings made me smile. When iwas expecting my daughter, I craved canned spaghetti sauce. I must have drank a gallon of it during the last month. The thought turns my stomach now!

When I was expecting my son (20 years ago!!) I craved toothpaste, and even packed several tubes to take with me to the hospital. My husband thought I was nuts!
Enjoy your cravings and even give in alittle!
Blessings to you,