Thursday, October 25, 2007

Housekeeping in the First Trimester

Ah! You may think this is some brave, super-mom keeping the house spotless while writhing in nausea and sleeping 15 hours a day post.'s not.

Housekeeping in the first trimester? Almost non-existant. I vacuum in the morning. I clean the bathroom with lysol wipes when I can. (Usually, if I feel the need to visit my porcelain friend, I grab the wipes and clean while I wait for my stomach to settle.) The kitchen....I do dishes once a day. I take the garbage out when I can't stand the smell anymore. I make my son simple meals. For dinner, it's packaged easy-to-make dinners like frozen lazagna and hamburger helpers. I put stuff away when I can. I do laundry when it desperately needs it, but I admit that Monday's whites are still dry in the dryer. My laundry is in the basement and walking down stairs really churns my stomach, and walking up them leaves me winded.

What's hubby doing, you may ask? Oh, he's just working 6 days a week to provide a living for his precious family. Can you believe he comes home as soon as possible every evening and greets us with so much love and happiness? Can you believe that this husband of mine kisses and rubs my tummy and asks how I'm doing and then baby-talks to our unborn baby? Sheesh...some men. *smirk* Of course he helps out, but he also has his "manly chores" to do (lawn care, lifting heavy things, and calling everyone we know ~ and we know a LOT of people ~ and proudly telling them I've got another bun in the oven). He researches baby names, talks about baby products, listens to my moaning and groaning about my tummy aches, graciously gives up the bed so I can thrash all I want all night long (I'm a very restless sleeper when pregnant), watches Bubby so I can rest.....Gee, I guess I need to find a better man. Wait! There isn't one! I've got the best! :)

Oh, this post was supposed to be about housekeeping....oh well.

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