Saturday, October 13, 2007


The idea popped into my head yesterday to cover my grandma's chair in tartan material. Ebay didn't have any Scott tartan and it was just too expensive to buy outright. Then, I remembered that hubby has 3 great kilts packed away in the basement. Two are blackwatch and one is a tartan I can't recall the name of. So, I grabbed the lighter of the blackwatch and covered the chair in it. The blackwatch matches the rest of the living room and it looks so cozy and perfect for the cooler months! The best thing is that it was FREE!

Frugality is something I'm diving into for the winter months. I have a few rather impossible goals:

1. Use only 1 tank of gas per month
2. Keep electric bill under $80.00
3. Cut grocery bill to $180.00 a month

Also, now that I'm pregnant, I'm going to need the space in Bubby's closet for baby stuff rather than my clothes. (The closet in hubby and I's room is pathetically tiny. Hubby has all his clothing in it because he prefers shelving over drawers). However, buying an armoire or wardobe is cost prohibitive at this time. Buying a portable closet just isn't attractive. I believe that the master bedroom should be relaxing and beautiful. So, I designed a wardrobe that I can probably actually make myself for about $100.00! It'll have a wood frame with cedar top, bottom and shelf and it'll be covered in toile fabric with fancy trimmings. If I do get around to making it, I'll post a picture.


Laura Leigh Dobson said...

hey kate!i just wanted to pop by. you and the little one are in my prayers. i enjoy your blog, btw. . . i just don't always comment. take care.

Mary said...

I love the wardrobe idea. I saw in a catalog, that sold the wardrobe frame, and you added your own fabric to match your decor. It was lovely!

Mary said...

Just wanted to say thank you for the angel food cake tip. I have never used pastry flour or cake flour. I will definately give them a try the next time I make a cake. I'll let you know how it turns out!