Monday, October 29, 2007


My preggy ticker says I'm morning sick. Reality says otherwise. I'm not. While some might say, "lucky," it actually scares me. I wasn't morning sick very long with my last pregnancy and I miscarried. However, with my last pregnancy, I was very bloated but otherwise didn't feel pregnant at all. I had a TON of energy, a great appetite and felt great. With this one, I'm very tired. Doing too much makes me sore and very sleepy. I can't eat much at one time and I usually feel ill when I'm hungry and after I eat (usually have to lay down to digest). I have to eat at regular intervals to avoid feeling ill. So, I'm guessing that I've been able to manage my "morning sickness" into just about oblivion. Perhaps it'll come back, too as hormones change. I'm only at 7 weeks. If I remember correctly, with Bubby I had off and on days.

So, I guess I won't worry. I'm too tired to worry.

Oh, can someone clean my fishtank? It really smells and I hate doing it. Better yet, can someone come take it away? :b


Anonymous said...

I've had a couple of pregnancies where morning sickness came and went. I had my good days and bad days. The fact that you are still experiencing lots of tiredness and feeling somewhat yucky is a good sign. Will be lifting you up in prayer.

Emma said...

We will be praying for you and your wee one.