Tuesday, September 24, 2013

October Goals

I am here.  I am alive, I promise!  I went through a bit of a funk and had some adjusting to do.  We started homeschooling for the year in August.  We've finally settled into a routine and the Autumn air feels so freeing as opposed to the oppressive humidity of August.

Feeling renewed and refreshed in so many ways, I would like to set some goals for myself for October and I thought I'd share them with you:

1. Stress LESS!   I let stress get the better of me this summer and stressed about things I didn't really have to.  So now, I am going to make a concentrated effort to NOT stress.

2. Exercise!  I am joining my cousin's Beachbody Challenge Group for October.  I'm  not looking to lose weight, but I would like to keep my blood flowing as the temperature chills.  Plus, it's just so good for you!

3.  More homemade!  The cooler weather means I can return to a meaningful relationship with my oven!  There's nothing like homemade foods.  But, I am also adding homemade household and beauty products to the list.  By the way, my homemade make-up foundation effort was a fail and I can't seem to find a homemade product or method to successfully wash my hair!

4.  Less Waste!  I purchased The Zero Waste Home by Bea Johnson (blog in sidebar) and it is full of inspiration for reducing waste.  While I will probably never be able to be as successful or zealous (I mean that in a good way) as Ms. Johnson, I like to work towards a greater goal.

5.  More time with kiddos, less time online!  (As I write this on an online blog...doesn't that irony annoy you?  All those blog posts and tweets and facebook updates condemning being online....)  Actually, I am increasing my online involvement.  I recently started a facebook page for local cottage industries, but I plan on spending less time wallowing online...you know, aimlessly surfing, mindlessly scrolling through facebook, getting sucked into message boards and newsfeed comments....

6.  Hobbies!  I told hubby, recently, that I miss my hobbies.  I'm so busy with so  much, I miss those times I had sewing, drawing, singing, knitting, painting.  Hopefully, as our youngest gets older and more independent, and as I continue to purge and organize our little home, I can start dabbling again.

7.  Planning!  The back of my mind is filled with ideas for the spring!  We had no animals or garden this year, and next year I want to make up for it!  If we don't choose the travel trailer plan this spring, I would like to start a micro farm on our 1/2 acre.  Why wait for the farm we dream of?  We have a slice of God's creation!  Let's use every square inch of it for something (without overcrowding, of course!).

Do you have Autumn goals?