Monday, March 31, 2008

Killer heartburn and my couch

It was the same with Bubby...heartburn and BAD heartburn during pregnancy. Like the tale goes, he came out with a full head of hair. So, I'm counting on my daughter being a fuzz-head, too. Consequently, I pretty much have to sleep sitting up.

One thing that's different this pregnancy is that I can't sleep in my bed. With Bubby, I was so comfy in my bed. With this pregnancy, if I stay in bed in any position for more than 2 hours (and you know preggy women can only sleep on their sides) then my back and hips stiffen up so bad, I can barely move and the pain is pretty bad, too. So, I've been curling up on my couch.

My couch is this not-so-pretty thing that we bought at Big Lots when we got married. It was cheap, small (we lived in a trailer) and kinda had that Adirondack theme I was going for at the time. My taste has changed since then. Over the years, it's been barfed on (by dog and child), peed on (by dog), chewed on (by dog), food spilled (by all of us), breast milked (by me), etc. Of course, I've cleaned and cleaned it, but it's seen better days. Still, it's THE MOST COMFY couch I had ever had slept on. So, I'm hard-pressed to get rid of it. I thought of slip-covering it, but between the dog and Bubby, I'd just get frustrated and rip the cover off anyway. I have a slip-covered chair the requires readjusting several times a day and it's just not something I need to spend my time doing.

So, as I close this message and start getting ready for a blessed night's sleep (as I'm trusting in the Lord for adequate sleep and no crazy preggy dreams), as much as I miss my bed and wish I could sleep in it, I look forward to my ugly duckling, but comfy as down couch.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

It's Not Easy Being Green

Earth Day is approaching. While I'm certainly not one to acknowledge "mother earth," I do appreciate God's creation. I also don't buy into global warming, especially since it's been well below normal in temperatures for the past MONTH! However, I do believe in conservation and taking care of this beautiful planet that God gave us. While the Garden of Eden is no more, God intended for us to be good stewards of His creation. So, from April 1st until Earth Day (or as I'll call it "Stewardship of God's Creation Day), I'm going to be working on and posting about being more green.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Preggy day....

Today was tough. I woke up with a dizzy spell and had to take twice the dosage of medication for it because it would not cease. Of course, the medication makes me very sleepy, so I was just short of nodding off all day long. On top of that, being sleepy and unmotivated left me moody and feeling completely unaccomplished. Also, my abdomen feels like it can't stretch anymore. I really dislike when there are things to do and my body fails me and I can't do them. I know, I know...I'm in my 3rd's to be expected. But it still stinks!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Preggy stuff....

Doc's more cake, ice cream, pies and cookies. I'm gaining weight too fast. I've gained 25 lbs this pregnancy, a good portion of them just recently. But, when my tummy is rumbling and keeping me awake at 3 am, and when a bowl of cereal or two eggs with toast just doesn't fill me up, I have to eat SOMETHING! My SIL thinks I'm just prone to weight gain in the latter part of my pregnancy. Still, it's forced me to take a look at my eating habits and to go cold-turkey on those little preggy splurges. I'd rather prevent extra pounds for the next 11 weeks than have to spend the rest of the year working them off!

My doctor also told me to stop picking up and carrying Bubby. Yeah, that's about as possible as holding my breath for 10 minutes and not passing out. He's still too short to get into his carseat by himself, or manage some stairs, or walk for long periods of time.

I swear my little girl is laying transverse right now. OW!!

Tomorrow, my neice will be born! I can't wait to meet her face to face!

By the way, apparently in the turn of the 20th century, pregnant women couldn't raise their hands above their heads because it could cause the cord to tie into knots.

Monday, March 24, 2008

One of my better ideas...

An indoor sandbox!

This is in the basement (which we are in the process of cleaning out and redoing, so pardon the appearance). When I get computer time, Bubby gets to play with his sandbox and he LOVES it! It's a great way to pass time during the long winters we have here.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Attempting a new routine:

5 am - wake up and see hubby off to work, get dressed and ready for the day, Bible reading, start some chores.
6 or 6:30 am - continue with chores or if I'm extra tired from my pregnancy, go back to bed until Bubby wakes up.
7 am- Bubby usually wakes up, breakfast, get him ready for the day
7:30 am - Bubby helps with morning chores and watches a video while I do chores he can't help with.
Sometime before 11 am - Playroom time for Bubby and I go online
11 am - LUNCH and lunch clean-up.
Between lunch clean-up and nap time - some schooling for Bubby, playtime with Bubby, book or educational video before naptime (depending on how many chores I need to get done as to whether he watches a video or not)
1:30 or 2 pm - nap time and I either nap if I need to or continue with chores or a project.
After nap, but before dinner is a quick snack, learning playtime with Bubby, clean-up, and then he gets a video while I make dinner.
(Yes, I know it seems like he watches a lot of videos, but I know all the studies so spare me the lectures. Most of what he watches is very educational, anyway and have good messages.)
5:30 or 6 pm is dinner and clean-up and Bubby has time with Daddy.
6:45 or 7 pm - Start bedtime routine for Bubby, sometimes includes a bath, then he goes to bed by 7:30 at the latest.
7:30 pm - I have some quiet time first, then finish up some chores or spend time with hubby or online if need be and start my nighttime routine and go to bed.

Monday: Chores day
Tuesday: Project day
Wednesday: Project day
Thursday: Errands day
Friday: Chores day
Saturday: Family day/Chores
Sunday: Rest/Family day

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Wipes, Mother's Milk, Birthday, Easter, Thoughts

Woah, Shan, you gave me some great ideas! To be completely honest, I avoid washable wipes and often grab a disposable diaper rather than a cloth one because my son still has mushy poos that stain rather badly even with immediately clean-up and soaking and washing. Also, if he does poo in a cloth diaper, I use the disposable wipes to scoop out the poo because the poo will not plunk into the toilet. I tried shaking the diaper into the toilet once only to have it finally dislodge and go flying. Although, I could forgo the disposable wipes and use paper towels to scoop out the poo. I wonder if in the long run paper towels are cheaper than disposable wipes?

I read that breast milk can get rid of cradle cap! My son still has a touch of it. It was never bad, so I never bothered with it. So, when my daughter is born and my milk comes in (and if I'm making enough, of course) I'm going to extract my milk and do some treatments on Bubby.

Bubby will be 2 tomorrow!! I can't believe it!

I look forward to Easter and Easter dinner. I love how my church celebrates Christ's ressurection. It's such a joyous occassion for us.

In a couple of the blogs I read, there have been some Christian issues brought up that have led me to be very contemplative. I feel like I need to hole up for a while and study the Word and pray and figure out exactly where I am and where I need to be in my walk with Christ.

I constantly feel like the world is tugging at me. I can even pretend to shake the world off, but then I wonder if I really have, or if I've just accepted it at a smaller level. I feel like I have too much confusion and conflicting ideas going on. I feel like shutting myself up to it all and just listening in silence for God's Truth. What needs to be put down? What needs to be taken up?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Chemicals and Children

No Greater Joy magazine has a recipe for home-made baby wipes. I'd rather just use a wet washcloth (though I do use disposable wipes) than make these, but a point is brought up.

I read somewhere, not sure where, that we Americans need to drastically reduce our children's exposures to chemicals and parabens because of increasing health concerns and cancer risks. The article said to stop using the ever-popular baby lotions on our infants' skin! Thankfully, Bubby had great skin as a baby and didn't need lotions. Now, he just thinks lotions are fun.

But, now I'm thinking about all those lotions I rub into my skin for winter and preggy itchiness. Am I doing myself and my unborn daughter any favors?

I'm really getting tempted to look into natural alternatives to popular products. I also have a renewed interest in reducing plastics in my house, buying natural-fibered clothing (thanks bethgem!), and eliminating most processed foods.

Some may think I've gone off the environmental deep-end, and isn't it better to go through life happy with potato chips and velveeta than worrying daily about chemicals? But, I don't find it worrisome. I find it creative and challenging. Besides, when I do eat well and provide well for my family, we all feel better. It's nice to not feel fatigued, heavy, weighty, moody and sick from all that nasty stuff out there.

Besides, God created the world and said it was good, so why should I replace what God made good with man-made not-always-the-best-choice?

Saturday, March 15, 2008

3rd Trimester!!

I'm in my third trimester now! I can't believe I've only got 13 weeks left, and that's if I don't go early again! In the grand scheme of things, that's not very long.

It's really beginning to show, too. I spent most of today in the nursery cleaning, sorting, and putting the cradle together. Bubby spent a portion of the time climbing in and out of the cradle, tossing clothes in the air like confetti and resting his weary body on my lap. (He's got a cold and has been fighting an off-and-on fever all day.) Hubby came home from helping a gentleman prune an apple tree and he found me sitting on the nursery floor in my apron surrounded by neatly folded cloth diapers. He asked what I was up to and I said, "Cleaning and nesting" as I gestured toward the fully erected cradle. He just smiled and chuckled a little.

I love the 3rd trimester. It's the only trimester I feel I deserve to rest in and let the days go by at my own pace. In the first trimester, I don't look pregnant and reality hasn't really set in, so I feel more like I'm sick rather than pregnant. In the second trimester, I'm not that big and it's supposed to be the "energy surge" trimester (it was with Bubby, but it wasn't with this one) so I feel I have to go-go-go. The third trimester, I'm obviously quite pregnant, nesting gets quite strong and preparations are made.

This is also the baby shower trimester! Everyone insists I have a baby shower since I'm having a girl and I missed Bubby's baby shower because Bubby came early. So, my mother, MIL, and friend are planning a shower for me!! I can't wait to see all the beautiful, tiny, little girl things I'll be getting!!

I also have to start preparing frozen dinners for the 6 weeks post-partum. Hubby insists I stay home for those six weeks to make sure baby and I are well. Isn't he wonderful?!

Spring is coming. Baby's coming. This is a beautiful time of year!

Monday, March 10, 2008


My ambitious side wants to plan a big garden. I even began ordering various new plants to put in. Then reality hit. There's no way at 8 months pregnant am I going to be able to do landscaping and hauling involved with putting in new plants. I can plant a small veggie garden, but that's it.

So, I kind of felt down. After all, dirt may not be good for my fingernails, but it's certainly good for my over all well-being. So, I decided that while May will probably be spent resting my preggy mass and preparing for the baby and June will be spent in birthing and recovery, I do have the rest of the summer to (when time allows) putter about the yard and prepare it for next year and plan very carefully where I'd like to put various plants.

I want blueberries, more raspeberries, bush cherries, rugosas, lingonberries, more rhubarb and a better strawberry patch.

Now, I feel better.

No One Told Me....

That the amount of food a toddler wastes and refuses could probably feed a small third world country!

All joking aside, it does bother me that my son can be so wasteful. I try to eliminate waste, but accidents still happen.

I am so turning into the "starving people in China" mom.

In other news, my dad has pneumonia. My mom's sick, too, but being pregnant I can't go over to give her a hand with anything. It's driving me up the wall!

Well, I've got a TON of chores to do today, so I better go.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Glad I have to wait...

I'm glad I have to wait for the bookcases and closet because my mind keeps changing. I've drafted the living room on graph paper and I'm having a hard time placing everything desirably. I'm kind of stuck in some areas in that hubby says he wants his chair to remain where it is and for the TV to remain where it is. I also want to draft the master bedroom.

I think I'll go do that now. I'm suffering from allergies of some sort (no idea what I'm allergic to) so I just want to rest. Especially since I spent the morning grocery shopping.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Nice Day, Dog Whispering, Stations for Children

Finally! A nice day has arrived! It's sunny and pleasant. I was able to talk the dog for a "driveway walk" this morning and even though it was only 24 degrees F, I could actually feel a hint of spring warmth in the air flow.

By the way, a "driveway walk" is when I hook my dog up to her leash and backpack and just walk the driveway and upper edge of my property. Bubby was still sound asleep, so I obviously couldn't take him with me, so I stayed close to the house so I could listen for him. Baby monitors are great for this, too. I can't walk in my yard yet because it's still snow and ice covered.

Dog whispering is in full swing. I was only half-baking it before, but my dog was walking all over me. Things are much better now. This morning was the first time I took her for a walk without her pulling and fighting me. She actually walked behind and to the left of me just like Cesar Millan says is best!

Candy at has a great article on Stations for Children. I've been thinking along these lines recently. I'd like to clean out a spot on the shelf in Bubby's closet and get some boxes to go up there. The boxes will have different sets of toys in them and I can get a box down for Bubby to play with during the day. This'll help reduce clutter and make some more room in the nursery for the new baby.

He's getting a kid-sized table and chairs for his birthday (thanks Mom and Dad!) and an indoor sandbox from hubby and I. Those'll make great stations!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

March Lion, Downs....

March is in full Lion swing here. It's so gloomy outside I have to turn lights on indoors. It's pouring rain, but barely above freezing. The wind is blowing hard, too. Bubby and I will be cozied up inside today.

I'm not sure what I have, but I'm ill, that's for certain. My sinuses feel dry and tickly and my throat is coated with "goo." I have a cough and I'm REALLY tired. Bubby has a cough, but seems well otherwise.
A big down is that a lovely lady in my family is having a miscarriage right now. Her 4th. She is in my constant prayers today.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Back to Bookcases...

The ones at Big Lots were just way too cheaply built. They're fine for DVD's, paperbacks or CD's, but not for big, thick hardcovers (gotta love that Barnes and Noble discount table!). My dad graciously offered to build me the bookcases AND my closet. In return, I'm making him a suit of clothes for re-enacting. So, I better dust off my sewing machine. Now, it's just waiting. We have to wait until around mid-late April before we can build the bookcases and closet. It's just too cold out now to work outside or in the garage.

Speaking of sewing, I have to sew some things for the baby's cradle. I guess it's time to start dusting off my sewing machine. First, though, I need to finish the scarf I'm knitting. That should be done soon.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Easter Baskets, bookcases, attitude adjustment

Just like with Santa, we're not "talking up" the Easter Bunny. If someone else mentions it to Bubby, then we just smile politely and teach Bubby to be polite back. However, we are doing baskets and an egg hunt for Bubby this year. Here's what the baskets will have:

Hubby: a few of his favorite treats and perhaps a DVD
Me: I'm filling my basket with seed packets!!
Bubby: crafts and stickers and little things from the Dollar Store. His birthday is coming up...he doesn't need more toys and we don't like him to eat candy except on occassion.
Dog: rubber doggy toy set and a treat

I'm going to run to Big Lots today and take a look at their bookcases again. I was there a while ago and saw 24" wide, 6 foot tall bookcases, but they were that cheapy material. But, the bookcases I want in the catalog are just a better version of that cheapy material at a MUCH higher price. So, I'm going to decide between the cheapy Big Lots ones or seeing about having some made.

I don't want to spend a lot of money on the bookcases because that won't be their permanent home. But I still want something that looks nice for the living room.

It's been put in plain English for me this morning that I've been rather....b-word...this pregnancy. I admit it, I have! It surprises me how snippy, sullen, moody, short-tempered and stewing I've been. At lot of it is preggy related: hormones and my clumsiness during pregnancy. (I don't get why pregnant women get more clumsy and drop things or forget things when it's triply hard for us to bend over to pick it up or remember it!) Some of it is laziness augmented by how exhausted I am this pregnancy. A good deal of it is my own lack of self-control. We can have biological reasons for our feelings, but we don't have to act upon them. So, I'm working on an attitude adjustment.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Better, Better, Worse

Better: My "game plan" is working! Hubby's totally in on it too and appreciating the results. As soon as Bubby starts whining/crying/tantrum throwing, I or hubby take him by the hand and lead him to his room and shut the door. (The room is toddler-proofed.) He can fuss in there, but it usually only lasts a minute and then he's fine. When we open the door, we have our happy-go-lucky son back! I've tried various methods from many different sources, but once again, following my God-given parental instincts WORKS!

I've also learned a few things about toddlers and food. I've been giving Bubby too big portion sizes and it overwhelms him. Also, I've realized that his little tastebuds are maturing and different tastes and textures are too much for him. I have noticed that he prefers simple foods and whole foods. Some of them may be a little crazy, like dill pickles (that's a lot of flavor!) but to him it's just one...dill pickle. This is helping me plan better breakfasts and lunches for him. Hubby and I agree that for dinner, he still gets whatever we're having. If he eats it, fine, if not, fine. I remember now that he used to nix breakfast, so now he's just nixing dinner. He's extremely healthy and he's a great weight and has great muscle tone for a toddler. His pediatrician praises me for his health and disposition, which makes me feel like a million bucks.

Better: I removed the curtains from the one window in my kitchen. That simple change made my kitchen so much brighter! I love having sunlight pour through my house. The window is west-facing, so in the blazing days of summer, I'll re-hang the curtain to help block out the light and heat. For now, I appreciate the instant face-lift to my kitchen.

Worse: I have a cold. Today is Day 1 of the cold...I feel fine other than that kinda warm-ish feeling I get when I'm sick and a slight sore throat, but it's unmistakably a cold. I'm hoping that it's a minor cold that comes and goes quickly with few severe symptoms.

Saturday, March 01, 2008


The shelf system won't work. After wasting a part of the afternoon trying to figure out how to make things work, I came to the conclusion that I just need to be happy with what I have for the time being. When the time comes, I'll appreciate the bookcases all that much more, or things'll change and I'll want something else. After all, the books are to be moved to the upstairs hallway when we add up. It'll be a beautiful library area up there.

But that's not what is stressing me out. I'm stressed because my son has seemed to hit what the mainstream calls "terrible twos." He's almost two and he's been really whiny, fussy, picky and throwing tantrums. It's so bad that it's causing some problems. The only one I'll discuss online is it seems to be affecting my pregnancy and general well-being. I'm overly exhausted and my stomach tends to feel more tight and crampy the more stressed I get.

So, what's a mother to do? I've shed a few tears and taken it to the Lord. I've come up with a "game plan" to help all of us through this difficult time in childhood.

I do believe part of it is general cabin fever. Even the dog is on edge from lack of exercise and fresh air. The weather rarely cooperates for us and gas being so expensive, I can't afford a trip to some place special to burn off energy.

He's also working on those canine teeth. OUCH!