Thursday, March 06, 2008

Nice Day, Dog Whispering, Stations for Children

Finally! A nice day has arrived! It's sunny and pleasant. I was able to talk the dog for a "driveway walk" this morning and even though it was only 24 degrees F, I could actually feel a hint of spring warmth in the air flow.

By the way, a "driveway walk" is when I hook my dog up to her leash and backpack and just walk the driveway and upper edge of my property. Bubby was still sound asleep, so I obviously couldn't take him with me, so I stayed close to the house so I could listen for him. Baby monitors are great for this, too. I can't walk in my yard yet because it's still snow and ice covered.

Dog whispering is in full swing. I was only half-baking it before, but my dog was walking all over me. Things are much better now. This morning was the first time I took her for a walk without her pulling and fighting me. She actually walked behind and to the left of me just like Cesar Millan says is best!

Candy at has a great article on Stations for Children. I've been thinking along these lines recently. I'd like to clean out a spot on the shelf in Bubby's closet and get some boxes to go up there. The boxes will have different sets of toys in them and I can get a box down for Bubby to play with during the day. This'll help reduce clutter and make some more room in the nursery for the new baby.

He's getting a kid-sized table and chairs for his birthday (thanks Mom and Dad!) and an indoor sandbox from hubby and I. Those'll make great stations!

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Mimi said...

Good job dog whispering!