Sunday, March 02, 2008

Better, Better, Worse

Better: My "game plan" is working! Hubby's totally in on it too and appreciating the results. As soon as Bubby starts whining/crying/tantrum throwing, I or hubby take him by the hand and lead him to his room and shut the door. (The room is toddler-proofed.) He can fuss in there, but it usually only lasts a minute and then he's fine. When we open the door, we have our happy-go-lucky son back! I've tried various methods from many different sources, but once again, following my God-given parental instincts WORKS!

I've also learned a few things about toddlers and food. I've been giving Bubby too big portion sizes and it overwhelms him. Also, I've realized that his little tastebuds are maturing and different tastes and textures are too much for him. I have noticed that he prefers simple foods and whole foods. Some of them may be a little crazy, like dill pickles (that's a lot of flavor!) but to him it's just one...dill pickle. This is helping me plan better breakfasts and lunches for him. Hubby and I agree that for dinner, he still gets whatever we're having. If he eats it, fine, if not, fine. I remember now that he used to nix breakfast, so now he's just nixing dinner. He's extremely healthy and he's a great weight and has great muscle tone for a toddler. His pediatrician praises me for his health and disposition, which makes me feel like a million bucks.

Better: I removed the curtains from the one window in my kitchen. That simple change made my kitchen so much brighter! I love having sunlight pour through my house. The window is west-facing, so in the blazing days of summer, I'll re-hang the curtain to help block out the light and heat. For now, I appreciate the instant face-lift to my kitchen.

Worse: I have a cold. Today is Day 1 of the cold...I feel fine other than that kinda warm-ish feeling I get when I'm sick and a slight sore throat, but it's unmistakably a cold. I'm hoping that it's a minor cold that comes and goes quickly with few severe symptoms.

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prayzgod said...

My little one eats the same meals we eat, but I give her move of the stuff I know she likes, and less of the stuff I know she doesn't like as much.

For example, she's not all that crazy on brocolli, so I only give her a little bit, and sometimes I just mix it in with her other food. However, she loves spaghetti, she she gets a good helping of that. :-)

Also, there were some foods I though she didn't like, like scrambled eggs, but it turns out that she just didn't want to touch them. I now give her a toddler fork, and she happily eats her eggs, using the fork. :-)