Monday, March 31, 2008

Killer heartburn and my couch

It was the same with Bubby...heartburn and BAD heartburn during pregnancy. Like the tale goes, he came out with a full head of hair. So, I'm counting on my daughter being a fuzz-head, too. Consequently, I pretty much have to sleep sitting up.

One thing that's different this pregnancy is that I can't sleep in my bed. With Bubby, I was so comfy in my bed. With this pregnancy, if I stay in bed in any position for more than 2 hours (and you know preggy women can only sleep on their sides) then my back and hips stiffen up so bad, I can barely move and the pain is pretty bad, too. So, I've been curling up on my couch.

My couch is this not-so-pretty thing that we bought at Big Lots when we got married. It was cheap, small (we lived in a trailer) and kinda had that Adirondack theme I was going for at the time. My taste has changed since then. Over the years, it's been barfed on (by dog and child), peed on (by dog), chewed on (by dog), food spilled (by all of us), breast milked (by me), etc. Of course, I've cleaned and cleaned it, but it's seen better days. Still, it's THE MOST COMFY couch I had ever had slept on. So, I'm hard-pressed to get rid of it. I thought of slip-covering it, but between the dog and Bubby, I'd just get frustrated and rip the cover off anyway. I have a slip-covered chair the requires readjusting several times a day and it's just not something I need to spend my time doing.

So, as I close this message and start getting ready for a blessed night's sleep (as I'm trusting in the Lord for adequate sleep and no crazy preggy dreams), as much as I miss my bed and wish I could sleep in it, I look forward to my ugly duckling, but comfy as down couch.

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Mimi said...

Must have lots of hair. I guess :)

Both my kids did, both my kids gave me heartburn (and continue to do so, but in a different way)