Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Chemicals and Children

No Greater Joy magazine has a recipe for home-made baby wipes. I'd rather just use a wet washcloth (though I do use disposable wipes) than make these, but a point is brought up.

I read somewhere, not sure where, that we Americans need to drastically reduce our children's exposures to chemicals and parabens because of increasing health concerns and cancer risks. The article said to stop using the ever-popular baby lotions on our infants' skin! Thankfully, Bubby had great skin as a baby and didn't need lotions. Now, he just thinks lotions are fun.

But, now I'm thinking about all those lotions I rub into my skin for winter and preggy itchiness. Am I doing myself and my unborn daughter any favors?

I'm really getting tempted to look into natural alternatives to popular products. I also have a renewed interest in reducing plastics in my house, buying natural-fibered clothing (thanks bethgem!), and eliminating most processed foods.

Some may think I've gone off the environmental deep-end, and isn't it better to go through life happy with potato chips and velveeta than worrying daily about chemicals? But, I don't find it worrisome. I find it creative and challenging. Besides, when I do eat well and provide well for my family, we all feel better. It's nice to not feel fatigued, heavy, weighty, moody and sick from all that nasty stuff out there.

Besides, God created the world and said it was good, so why should I replace what God made good with man-made not-always-the-best-choice?


Mimi said...

I try to be pretty natural myself.

prayzgod said...

For my baby's wipes, I just use baby wash clothes that I spray with water from a spray bottle. I have a few drops of Kissaluv's Diaper Lotion Potion in the spray bottle, mixed in with the water.

Shannon said...

Hello and good day!
I keep a supply of plain white el-cheapo washcloths from Wal Mart onhand for diaper changes- I have never used wipes. Aside from the chemicals, they're just plain a waste of money!

If you are looking for a really good moisturizing agent for your itchy pregnant skin that's incredibly health and chemical free, look no further than coconut oil. I used it during my last pregnancy and it kept me itch free, my skin soft, and kept me from developing new stretch marks- it was my 4th baby and the biggest one yet at almost 11 pounds, and I gave birth at home! I also use coconut oil around my eyes, and some of the fine lines I had been getting have disappeared!

My youngest just turned 1 and I have never bathed him or used any soaps or lotions on him- nope! He has gone into the shower with Daddy on occaision, but what I do is to wet one of those white cloths with warm water, and gently wash a different part of him at each diaper change. During the summer of his first year I kept him out of the sun to avoid using commercial sunscreen. I moisturize him occaisionally with coconut oil, but because he doesn't get soap used on his skin, he doesn't GET dry skin! And I'm convinced he's the only one of my kids to not get cradle cap because I never washed his hair with soap- only water.

Shan said...

Just wanted to wish you a wonderful Easter!

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