Thursday, May 31, 2007

Home School

Hubby has recently recommended that I start doing some small form of "official" homeschooling with our son....basically spend a little time each day working on something. As mothers we tend to do that anyway, but this is to be a more focused effort. He believes (and wisely so) that this'll help prepare the both of us (Bubby and I) for homeschooling.
To do this, I've decided to make a cute little chart with skills and things Bubby should learn, such as eating with a spoon and saying "Please" and "Thank you." Then, I can mark when such is learned and hold myself accountable to hubby...and also start a little practice on keeping accurate records. I also feel I should really look into "Slow and Steady, Get Me Ready" more and actively try to do the projects or similar ones with Bubby. Not only do they teach a child motor skills, thinking skills and focusing skills, but they also teach a child to listen and obey Mommy. That is really important to me, especially now that Bubby has been playing outside and would rather wander about than come when Mommy calls.
I look forward to this little exercise. :) I am also thankful for hubby's support.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Garage Sale Cookbooks

There was a garage sale today not to far from where I live. I stopped by and bought some cookbooks!

I got one published in 1942 called "500 Food-Extender wartime Recipes." If you're a regular on this blog, you know how I'm interested in vintage housekeeping and the eras of the 30's-50's. I can't wait to thumb through this cookbook!

In an effort to cook with a more healthful alternative to sugar, I picked up this little recipe book "My Favorite Honey Recipes." Techinically, honey is on my anti-inflammatory NO list, but I'll still cook with it.

I picked up FOUR books on canning. I already have a couple of books on canning and preserving, but I've found you can never have enough. Each book seems to have their own methods and recipes. One of the book is part of a series I have from the USDA. Now, I think my series is complete!

I live in Upstate New York. We've got plenty of apples. So I picked out the "Apple Kitchen Cookbook."

Last, but not least, I got the Betty Crocker Cookie Book. I'm always looking for cookie recipes.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Beautiful Day! Garden Breeze by Thomas Larson
We've had some beautiful weather lately. I've got the windows wide open. Most of my gardens are planted and prepped. Bubby has been enjoying walking around outside. He loves the out of doors.
Today, we walked up to the farm to visit the horses and cows. The farmer's wife gave us some lettuce, sweetpeas and a large bouquet of lilacs. My whole house is scented with the sweet fragrance of the lilacs! On the way home, we spotted a little snake on the side of the road and spent some time watching it.
It feels so good to wear breezy skirts, enjoy the sunny, warm days and feel so awake and alive!
In other news, I saw the doctor for the first time yesterday. Things are going quite well with my little one inside me. :) We're having a little dispute, though, as to the age of the baby. The ultrasound estimated age and the date of my last cycle don't coincide, but only by a few days, so who cares. :) It's so nice to have that little ultrasound picture. My pregnancy is starting to feel more real to me now.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A Little Leaven Still Life, Bread
Actually, this post isn't about bread at all. It's about the church and 1 Corinthians 5. I read it this morning and for the first time this verse finally made personal sense to me....1 Cor. 5:6 "Your glorying is not good. Do you not know that a little leaven leavens the whole lump?"
This chapter is about sin in the church (Christian) body. I suddenly realized when I read this that my sins affect not just me, but my church family and my own family. Personal sins can hinder a church's growth and worship. It can hinder the blessings for your family. I finally realized that sins, even the "little" ones that don't really hurt anyone actually do hurt everyone. A little leaven leavens the whole lump.
Thank God for God. Thank God for His enduring mercy, forgiveness and grace. It isn't hopeless. It's so hopeful!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Feeling Better

I am on the mend (thanks to those who prayed for me). My cold is breaking up. It went into my chest as well as my head, but I believe I managed to keep it from becoming bronchitis. After spending most of this past week doing next to nothing except basic household and childcare tasks, I look forward to rolling up my sleeves and getting chores accomplished. Floors need washing, radiators need cleaning (it's been rainy, so the dog comes in with muddy paws and runs to the radiators and pulls herself up on them so she can look out the windows), and there's plenty of general tidying up to do. Not to mention it is high time I got my garden planted. My neighbor kindly tilled part of the garden for me.

Friday, May 18, 2007

The Past 24

The past 24 hours have definately proved to make

It all started while I was on the phone with a friend of mine. She had called to see what our weekend plans were and to chit chat about my pregnancy. She's a midwife. Well, towards the end of the phone call I started feeling faint and light-headed. So, I ended the call, changed into jammies, grabbed some extra pillows and laid down with my feet up. That stopped the fainting, but triggered a dizzy spell. I had to go out on the sofa because I have to sleep upright when I'm dizzy. On the way, I lost my sense of balance so I knew I was in for one terrific spell. On top of all this I have a cold and I'm experiencing typical first trimester symptoms along with shortness of breath and anxiety (two symptoms I'm having with this pregnancy that I didn't have when I was pregnant with Bubby.)

Speaking of Bubby, he decided that he needed two bottles during the course of the night. Hubby was so exhausted, my dear man works so hard, he slept through the cries. It was up to Mommy. Thank God for His strength to get me through such times.

So, after a miserable night I felt terrible this morning. By 8 am, Bubby was ready for get out of his crib, so I had to start my day. I changed Bubby's diaper in his crib, threw some cheerios in a bowl and had him sit in the living room while I crashed on the sofa.

However, I knew I had to get up because hubby and I had a busy day ahead of us. Could I make it? I prayed to God I would. I felt sick and off balance while I managed to get Bubby dressed and myself dressed and the diaper bag packed. Hubby took over care of Bubby while I did what I could. We were out the door ahead of schedule to drop the baby off at my folks' house. Then, hubby and I had to go to the doctor's office. Thankfully, by the time we got there my dizziness and loss of balance were completely gone, even though the cold symptoms were worse and I felt a bit nauseated.

Hubby's appointment was complete and hubby dropped me off at my folks' house while he went on to work. I had just enough time to barely manage to eat some waffles before I had to leave to pick up hubby's truck that was in for repair. Ok, now I'm ready to go home. I've got the baby in the car seat and off we go. Well...almost. About a mile down the road, the truck breaks down. I parked the truck, turned on the four ways, grabbed the baby and diaper bag and flagged down a fellow mowing his lawn. He was nice. He let me use his phone, offered me a Pepsi and offered for me to wait on his porch. I called my dad, my dad called the mechanic. Both came up to "rescue" me. The mechanic drove hubby's truck back to the shop. Dad drove the mechanic's car back to the shop. I drove dad's truck back to his house.

Bubby went down for a nap and I rested.

I called hubby when he got out of work to come pick us up. Boy, was I glad to get home!

In the meantime, I've been playing phone tag with my OB/GYN's office about my antivert pills. Can I take them while pregnant? The nurse said I could, the doctor said he wanted to talk to me at my visit next week and if I could avoid taking the pills to not take them. I know virtually any medication should not be taken while pregnant, but hopefully I can take the antivert. I need to function when I have these spells. I have a baby to take care of. These spells literally render me useless. If I get up to walk, I'll aim for the door and walk into the wall. I stumble and fall and can't see straight. If I stare at the opposite wall, the picture on it will wiggle back and forth. I have to recline in a certain position, close my eyes or go to sleep. The spells can last 10-12 hours. What's a mom to do with a 1 year old? Thankfully, they usually happen at night.

So, that's been my day. How was yours?

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Ladyscott's Sore Throat Stopper

Isn't it silly we have to put disclaimers on nearly everything now? Since this is a health-related post, I feel I must put a disclaimer on this post....

DISCLAIMER: I am merely blogging about what I do when I get a sore throat. I'm not advocating that anyone tries this or that this is a cure-all. As with any health-related issue, consult your physician first and use common sense.

I hate sore throats. Not "dislike," I HATE them. LOATHE them. When I feel that first scratch, my battle starts. I take these steps to relieve, shorten and sometimes even prevent a full-blown sore throat:

1. Increase fluid intake.
2. Increase immune boosting supplements.
3. GARGLE....I'll gargle every hour except when I'm sleeping with either listerine or warm salt water.
4. If I'm not pregnant, I take a shot of scotch before bedtime.
5. Blow my nose...get those boogies draining.
6. Go ahead and hack up a's totally unfeminine and discusting, but sometimes it is post nasal drip or an accumulation of mucus causing the sore throat.
7. Make sure my ears aren't infected.
8. Rest.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

8 Random Things About Me

Candy at has tagged her readers with this little game.

Here are my 8 random things about me as they pop into my head.

1. I'm the middle of 5 children.
2. I used to be a really good soprano singer, but I haven't sung in so long I'm not that good anymore.
3. I like southern rock (Skynyrd!)
4. I own a "dangerous breed dog" and she's a big, loveable baby.
5. I collect vintage clothing. Hubby always buys me vintage nightgowns and robes. (I only have a few pieces because I don't have the room for a large collection and I think large collections can be wasteful.)
6. I dressed as a boy at a re-enactment once and ended up being recruited as personal guard for the general of the British army.
7. I'm slightly famous for my shortbread
8. I dream about high school and my classmates a lot. I'm not sure why, yet.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

A Quote Renoir

Stay at home, my heart and rest....
homekeeping hearts are happiest.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Monday, May 07, 2007

Keep on keepin' on

Morning sickness has struck. Of course, my morning sickness doesn't occur just in the morning. It's an all day affair, other than in the evening. I actually feel pretty good in the evening. I thank God that it isn't bad, though. So many women have it much worse. I have an uneasy/queasy feeling rather than out and out nausea. I occassionally get waves of nausea, but I never actually throw up. I don't sleep well at night, but am fatigued during the day, but not enough to really hinder me. I eat well, but I have to be careful what I eat. What I had a taste for an hour ago might turn my stomach now. Cold cereals, apple sauce, grilled cheese sandwiches and altoids are my staples now. Water churns my stomach, so I have to sip it throughout the day, alternating with some gingerale. Peppermint tea is a life saver.

Still, I need to adjust my days. I can't do as many chores in one day. I've gotten to the point where I need at least one small nap a day. I take that when my son naps.

I also try to exercise every day. That helps in so many areas. It releaves nausea, it keeps me in shape, it gives me energy, it helps me sleep better and it keeps my mood up.

It's busy to grow a baby! It's even busier to grow a baby and raise a toddler! a side note, Bubby is just SO CUTE!! He gives kisses now. He also has his own language. The only problem is, I don't understand it! He's beyod the basic reasons for crying (hurt, hungry, thirsty, sleepy, etc). He will now cry for more complex reasons that he can only explain in Bubby-talk. I ask questions and he gets frustrated. It seems to stem from indecision or a desire to have something he's not supposed to have. Otherwise, his use of the English language is growing rapidly. His favorite word is "Daddy." He knows who Daddy is.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Business, perhaps?

My Father-in-Law encouraged me to give this a try. I've started making sun hats for infants and toddlers. He thinks they could sell.

When Bubby was just a wee little infant, I couldn't find a hat to fit him. So, I created a pattern for a sun hat and made him one. Everyone thought it was so cute! Later, I had some leftover John Deere fabric and made him one for toddler-hood. My FIL just thinks they're great!

So, I'm thinking of making some to sell, you know, casually. Mass marketing just isn't my thing. I'm too busy manufacturing another sweet baby. ;)

I'm calling them "Bubby Sun Hats" "Crushable, Washable, Adorable!"

My Garden Mark Bolton

Every day, I've been working in my gardens and yard. I've got the strawberries, rhubarb, morning glories, basil, blueberry, oregano and garlic in. My early veggies should have been in already, but I'm dependent on my neighbor who comes down every spring for free and spreads manure and rototills my garden. I can't whine at such generosity. The peas, spinach and parsnips can wait.

I'm also dependent on hubby concerning our asparagus. We still have not decided where to put them. I fear they are dead in the fridge. They, too should have been in the ground already. But, what can you do.

I also transplanted some raspberry bushes, cleaned out the hedgerow, cut down some low branches and uprooted some thistle plants.

Lately, I've been considering growing roses for their rose hips. Research on rose hips revealed not only are they high in vitamin C, but they're chock full of all sorts of good stuff. Also, the US government during WWII encouraged rosehips to be grown in victory gardens for their nutritional value. It's too late this year, but next year, it's definately on my list. I'm going to buy a couple of Rugosas and hopefully harvest some decent rose hips.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Why I Want To Homeschool Reason #13

Local schools aren't doing enough to protect our children.

My parents babysit a young neighborhood boy who's mom has special medical needs and often needs emergency medical attention. This boy's parents told my parents (my dad's a retired cop) how their son (I'll call him Johnny) is being threatened by the boy in school. The boy calls their house and tells whoever picks up the phone that he's going to blow Johnny's head off. In school, the boy brags about how he's going to kill Johnny and blow his head off.

The parents contacted the school's principal and the district superintendent. Both said that it wasn't a school problem and that the bully in question doesn't fit the profile of one who'd actually hurt someone.


1. Why is this not the school's problem when this child is being threatened on school property (as well as at off school property) and the bully is bragging about it to other classmates?

2. I thought we weren't supposed to profile and look into EVERY case.

3. My kid brother who wouldn't hurt a fly was expelled from this same school district for 3 months because of a mistake of the vice-principal who THOUGHT he saw my brother conspiring to hurt another student with a group of bullys. At the time the vice-principle said he saw the students conspiring, my brother wasn't even on school grounds!! We had the witness of neighbors, the bus driver and the entire school bus.

4. In this day and age, shouldn't we be looking deeper? I mean, it's one thing for boys to have a schoolyard scuffle. It's another for a child's life to be continually threatened in such a manner!

Thanks, but I'd rather keep my young children with me where I can at least keep an eye on them all day and know who they are with and what's going on.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Strawberries, May and more....

Yesterday, I managed to plant strawberries, rhubarb and morning glories. The strawberries took some time because I had to completely redo the bed...pull away the rocks, turn the soil, remove the grass and weeds...It was worth it, though.

The funny thing is that while I worked, I had Bubby in his Peapod playing. He wanted to get out, so he pushed on the door and ended up treated the Peapod like a hamster ball! Down the hill he crawled inside his Peapod, but only a little. So, I set up a blanket and let him out to enjoy the sunshine and play in the open.

May is my favorite month. Where I live is when most plants bloom and blossom. It's also the season for planting. The weather is mild and tolerable. The sun usually shines. I love May.

With that comes being busy. I'm still going to try to blog nearly every day, but if I disappear for a while, it's because I'm out in my garden. :)

This time of year and at this time in my lift (being pregnant), scheduling is rather difficult. I have to take one day at a time. If I feel good and the day is nice, I need to get outside and work in the gardens. If I have a down day, I need to rest. One thing I learned in my last pregnancy is don't try to fight it when you're not feeling well. Your body is telling you to rest.

Today, I need to finish the laundry and tidying up. The fish tank still needs cleaning. If the sun pops out, I'm going to do a little more garden work. I also need to get ready for tomorrow, which is errands/shopping/visiting day.

So, off I go!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I'm Back

Hubby, Bubby and I returned yesterday from our small vacation. We had a great time! What really was the icing on the cake was meeting my penpal! I was a little shy and preggo-foggy-headed, but we had a great chat like two old friends. :)

Upon returning home, I found a package of live plants delivered from the nursery. Well, the live plants are probably dead now. I watered them immediately, but I think it's too late. I hope not. They cost a fair amount of money and hubby and I were looking forward to them. If they are dead, I'll call the company to try to get replacements. I might be able to anyway because the ground still isn't ready for planting yet, either.

I had to sleep in today. Despite the great vacation, I got little sleep because Bubby had a tummy ache one night and got scared the next. So, the rest of today is busy, busy, busy. I have a HUGE pile of laundry and my hardwood floors are a shade lighter from the amount of dust and dirt on them. Plus, hubby mentioned that our house seemed a little messy, so I'm going to tidy up the toy area and the project area and the kitchen in hopes to brighten the rooms a little. I also have to work on the garden some, and if I have time and energy, the fishtank needs cleaning.