Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Ladyscott's Sore Throat Stopper

Isn't it silly we have to put disclaimers on nearly everything now? Since this is a health-related post, I feel I must put a disclaimer on this post....

DISCLAIMER: I am merely blogging about what I do when I get a sore throat. I'm not advocating that anyone tries this or that this is a cure-all. As with any health-related issue, consult your physician first and use common sense.

I hate sore throats. Not "dislike," I HATE them. LOATHE them. When I feel that first scratch, my battle starts. I take these steps to relieve, shorten and sometimes even prevent a full-blown sore throat:

1. Increase fluid intake.
2. Increase immune boosting supplements.
3. GARGLE....I'll gargle every hour except when I'm sleeping with either listerine or warm salt water.
4. If I'm not pregnant, I take a shot of scotch before bedtime.
5. Blow my nose...get those boogies draining.
6. Go ahead and hack up a's totally unfeminine and discusting, but sometimes it is post nasal drip or an accumulation of mucus causing the sore throat.
7. Make sure my ears aren't infected.
8. Rest.

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