Thursday, May 31, 2007

Home School

Hubby has recently recommended that I start doing some small form of "official" homeschooling with our son....basically spend a little time each day working on something. As mothers we tend to do that anyway, but this is to be a more focused effort. He believes (and wisely so) that this'll help prepare the both of us (Bubby and I) for homeschooling.
To do this, I've decided to make a cute little chart with skills and things Bubby should learn, such as eating with a spoon and saying "Please" and "Thank you." Then, I can mark when such is learned and hold myself accountable to hubby...and also start a little practice on keeping accurate records. I also feel I should really look into "Slow and Steady, Get Me Ready" more and actively try to do the projects or similar ones with Bubby. Not only do they teach a child motor skills, thinking skills and focusing skills, but they also teach a child to listen and obey Mommy. That is really important to me, especially now that Bubby has been playing outside and would rather wander about than come when Mommy calls.
I look forward to this little exercise. :) I am also thankful for hubby's support.

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