Friday, May 25, 2007

Beautiful Day! Garden Breeze by Thomas Larson
We've had some beautiful weather lately. I've got the windows wide open. Most of my gardens are planted and prepped. Bubby has been enjoying walking around outside. He loves the out of doors.
Today, we walked up to the farm to visit the horses and cows. The farmer's wife gave us some lettuce, sweetpeas and a large bouquet of lilacs. My whole house is scented with the sweet fragrance of the lilacs! On the way home, we spotted a little snake on the side of the road and spent some time watching it.
It feels so good to wear breezy skirts, enjoy the sunny, warm days and feel so awake and alive!
In other news, I saw the doctor for the first time yesterday. Things are going quite well with my little one inside me. :) We're having a little dispute, though, as to the age of the baby. The ultrasound estimated age and the date of my last cycle don't coincide, but only by a few days, so who cares. :) It's so nice to have that little ultrasound picture. My pregnancy is starting to feel more real to me now.

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Jodi said...

Sounds like you and baby are doing well. Enjoy your beautiful weather. :o)