Friday, May 04, 2007

Why I Want To Homeschool Reason #13

Local schools aren't doing enough to protect our children.

My parents babysit a young neighborhood boy who's mom has special medical needs and often needs emergency medical attention. This boy's parents told my parents (my dad's a retired cop) how their son (I'll call him Johnny) is being threatened by the boy in school. The boy calls their house and tells whoever picks up the phone that he's going to blow Johnny's head off. In school, the boy brags about how he's going to kill Johnny and blow his head off.

The parents contacted the school's principal and the district superintendent. Both said that it wasn't a school problem and that the bully in question doesn't fit the profile of one who'd actually hurt someone.


1. Why is this not the school's problem when this child is being threatened on school property (as well as at off school property) and the bully is bragging about it to other classmates?

2. I thought we weren't supposed to profile and look into EVERY case.

3. My kid brother who wouldn't hurt a fly was expelled from this same school district for 3 months because of a mistake of the vice-principal who THOUGHT he saw my brother conspiring to hurt another student with a group of bullys. At the time the vice-principle said he saw the students conspiring, my brother wasn't even on school grounds!! We had the witness of neighbors, the bus driver and the entire school bus.

4. In this day and age, shouldn't we be looking deeper? I mean, it's one thing for boys to have a schoolyard scuffle. It's another for a child's life to be continually threatened in such a manner!

Thanks, but I'd rather keep my young children with me where I can at least keep an eye on them all day and know who they are with and what's going on.


Anna said...

Kate, the behavior you're describing is an actual crime, not just a disciplinary issue. I would strongly encourage the parents to record the threats, and even before then, to immediately contact the prosecuting attorney and press charges. It's not the school's right to say that it's not important.

Kate said...

Such matters have been suggested to the parents. I don't know what they are doing about it, though.