Saturday, May 05, 2007

Business, perhaps?

My Father-in-Law encouraged me to give this a try. I've started making sun hats for infants and toddlers. He thinks they could sell.

When Bubby was just a wee little infant, I couldn't find a hat to fit him. So, I created a pattern for a sun hat and made him one. Everyone thought it was so cute! Later, I had some leftover John Deere fabric and made him one for toddler-hood. My FIL just thinks they're great!

So, I'm thinking of making some to sell, you know, casually. Mass marketing just isn't my thing. I'm too busy manufacturing another sweet baby. ;)

I'm calling them "Bubby Sun Hats" "Crushable, Washable, Adorable!"

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Courtney said...

Can you post pictures, Kate? I'd love to see them!