Friday, September 29, 2006

Allergies, Jury Duty, Muddy Boots

I have allergies. Yuck. I'm just a bleary eyed, stuffy/runny nosed mess! :( I've been sick for a week like this and completely fed up. The problem is I have no idea what I'm allergic to. My allergies are never consistant and I could go years without allergies and then suddenly, I'm sick! Hmmmmm......

I was called for Jury Duty. Now, I'd actually like to serve on a jury. It's part of being an American citizen. However, having a 6 month old baby kinda made me worried about serving. Thankfully, the matter was settled out of court and I don't have to report.

Tis the season for muddy boots. My floors are a mess. :)

Oh, one more thing....Bubby's rolling over now!!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Dangerous Cutie

Two nights ago, I let my dog out into her fenced in area to go potty. There are two spotlights, one that shines in the kennel area, and another that shines into the yard. There in the yard was the cutest raccoon eating grubs. I grabbed the camera, took a few shots and thought nothing more of it.

Yesterday, I went to let the dog out during the day and there was the raccoon. RED FLAG!! Then my dog started barking at it and it didn't phase the critter. RED FLAG #2!! Then, it started to walk away and it had no hind legs!! RED FLAG #3!! I don't think it is rabid, but I think it has distemper.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

My son!

Isn't he the cutest!!!??
I am such a proud and happy momma!
Of course, my hubby is a proud and happy daddy, too!
We are just so thrilled to be parents and thank God every day for our little man.

A little organization tip

While reading a back issue of Reiman Publication's Quick Cooking, I came across an article of kitchen tips. One reader posted a tip of how she uses paper towel tubes to organize her grocery bags. I thought it was a wonderful idea and used the tip!

I have a drawer in my kitchen that keeps plastic grocery bags. I reuse the bags either at the store, or as garbage bags. Usually, it's a fight to keep the drawer from bulging and bags from popping out. So, I had a paper towel tube and an empty wrapping paper tube. I was able to cut the wrapping paper tube into 3 lengths for a total of 4 tubes. I labeled each tube and stuffed them with the appropriate bags! Now my drawer is so neat and tidy and I don't have to hunt for a particular bag!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

My Porch

I'm sorry, I don't have a digital camera available to me and I have no computer. I have to use my father's computer, so I can only paint you a picture with words.

I have a lovely 3 seasons porch on Taigh Beag. Now, for those of you who may not know what that is, in the north country where I live, a 3 seasons porch is an enclosed porch one can use in Spring, Summer and Fall, but is just too cold in winter. Up until now, the porch was either a place of business or a storage room. But now, it's a haven for my little family that cost me less than $30.00 to transform this week!

First of all, the porch is around 6 by 12 or 14 feet (can't recall exactly). It has 3 large windows, a door to the outside, a door to the living room, and a small walk-in closet (this is where I keep my wardrobe because the master bedroom closet is miniscule). The walls are a lovely knotty pine! Such a warm, cabin-y feeling, I just HAD to live in it.

So, I pulled out an old rope bed I had in the shed and covered it was a foam and ticking pallat I made from foam rolls I bought at Walmart in the craft department and ticking I had laying around the house. I now have a home for all those wool plaid blankets I keep getting for Christmas! Then, next to the bed, I placed the backgammon table. At the foot of the bed, against the wall, I have a bookcase full of my magazines (issues of Victoria, Cottage Living, Colonial Homes, Reiman Publications, pregnany magazines and Country Living) I also have two milk containers that hold bird seed and animal feed for my local wildlife.

It's soooo cozy out there now, and my son loves it. We sit on the bed together, and he plays with his toys while I work on a cross-stitch I'm making for my father-in-law.

As I find time and materials, I'm going to make some pillows for out there, too.

Wonderful Opportunity

For a more feminine wardrobe! You see, I've been decluttering and that includes my clothing. So much of it doesn't fit, is outdated, old, and simply getting ruined by seemingly gallons of spit-up that emerges from my son! (My son is actually not a big spitter-upper, but when he does, he aims good...) So, as I'm getting rid of bags of clothing, I'm taking keeping in mind what I need and finding feminine alternatives for other things.

Apparently Victorian Trading Company now has a clothing catalog! I'm going to check it out. :)

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Apologies to anonymous

Anonymous posted in the comments section: "That's still bizarre. They're little kids. A position of authority? I pray your husband never leaves you because you're entire sense of self worth is tied up in being a Mrs. How about being a warm loving person? You seem very angry all the time."

Such is to be expected when one gripes in public. :) Someone always misunderstands, takes it out of context, takes it too far, or simply disagrees. I'm not bothered by that. I am bothered that it causes an appearance of being cold and stuck-up. Whether that's true or not, it's something to be addressed.

I am sorry I appear angry all the time. Perhaps my blog does need to be more uplifting, but it is my personal space where occassionally I post muses and thoughts going through my mind. Sometimes those thoughts are the negative.

But, anonymous has reminded me of some Bible verses, "Whatsoever things are true, honest, just, pure, lovely and of good report...think on these things."

So, anonymous, I'm sorry. *smiles sweetly*

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Correction on a previous blog post

I do not expect my SIL to have her children call me Mrs. Scott. I'm Aunt Kate! However, my SIL is head of the nursery at my church and she introduces me to the other children as Miss Kate.

I really don't mind being called Kate by those who I am familiar with, but when I'm in a position of authority, I'd rather be called Mrs. Scott.