Thursday, September 14, 2006

Dangerous Cutie

Two nights ago, I let my dog out into her fenced in area to go potty. There are two spotlights, one that shines in the kennel area, and another that shines into the yard. There in the yard was the cutest raccoon eating grubs. I grabbed the camera, took a few shots and thought nothing more of it.

Yesterday, I went to let the dog out during the day and there was the raccoon. RED FLAG!! Then my dog started barking at it and it didn't phase the critter. RED FLAG #2!! Then, it started to walk away and it had no hind legs!! RED FLAG #3!! I don't think it is rabid, but I think it has distemper.


Mary said...

Were you able to call animal control? I hope you dog is ok!

anna said...

Animal control told us where to call torent a cage {you give them money and when you return the cage in x amount of time they give you all your money back}..We put fruit in the cage for bate. The first night we got a large racoon and took it to the animal shelter where they emptied the cage and gave us back the enpty cage since we wanted to see if there was another animal. They said if the animal was in good health they released racoons into the wild and away from any homes. We did catch a second racoon within 2 more days but never a third.