Saturday, November 26, 2005

Merry Christmas, Hubby

Well, I did it. Today, hubby and I went out to the furniture store and he picked out a recliner for his Christmas present this year. *Gulp* I hate making large purchases, but for a whole year I was determined to buy him a recliner for Christmas this year.

It's a nice recliner. It's not one of those big, bulky, ugly ones that just scream "this is a man's chair." It's one that looks like a regular chair, but does actually recline. It has Queen Anne cherry legs and a really nice navy blue upholstery. I also like it because it's small. Living in a cottage with less than 1000 square feet makes me wary of large pieces of furniture. This will fit nicely in our living room.

The recliner is being delivered on Thursday! Hubby will be at work when it arrives, so I'll be the first to try it out. Perhaps I'll take a nap in it. ;)

Merry Christmas, Hubby!

Friday, November 25, 2005

Decluttering Hampered/Christmas Cards

All I want to do is declutter! That seems like all I've been doing. I tackled the refrigerator today.

However, my decluttering efforts have been hampered. People are just too generous! :) They keep giving me stuff. I just received 4 garbage bags of clothing from my little sister! I kept some of it, but the rest I'm attempting to sell at

What else can I declutter? Hmmm...I think I'll tackle the lower cabinets in the kitchen this late afternoon.

I've written out 95% of the Christmas cards (the rest will be given in person later) and mailed them out! It's nice to be ahead of the game right now. :) I'm still behind on Christmas presents, though. Hubby and I like to be done before Black Friday, but it hasn't happened this year. But, really I don't have much farther to go!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Stalked by goldfish

My goldfish follow me. We have a 55 gallon tank set up in our dining room, which is in the center of Taigh Beag. In it are approx. 24 goldfish. We're not exactly sure because they aren't still long enough for me to count them. They range from an 1 1/2" long to 7" long. We have plain gold, white and gold, and black and gold fish. And they FOLLOW me!

If I'm in the bathroom, they're at the left side of the tank, watching me. If I'm on the phone or in the kitchen, they're at the right side of the tank, watching me. Right now I'm in my brother's room and when I peek around the corner, they're peeking back! If I sit in the front of the tank, they go nose to nose with me. If I stand in front of it, they swim back and forth along the top looking for food.

So, who's in the goldfish bowl now?

No Chocolate Allowed!

Taigh Beag is a chocolate-free zone. I can actually hear the gasps as this post is read. How can that be? What's wrong with chocolate? Frankly, I'm not too fond of anything that has addictive chemicals in it. Choc-aholics are real. Many women will tell you how they're addicted to chocolate and have chocolate cravings and feel unsatisfied unless they have something chocolate every day. Is it a candy or a drug? *smiles* But that's not really the reason why Taigh Beag is a chocolate-free zone. The real reason is neither hubby nor I can eat chocolate. It's not that we won't, it's that we CAN'T.

"Oh the horror! How can you live without chocolate?!" I hear people exclaim (usually the ones with uncontrolled addictions to the brown stuff). We can live without chocolate very easily, especially when it can harm us so. In fact, now that I'm pregnant I actually crave chocolate, but as soon as I smell it or eat it, it's discusting to me. I guess that's my body saying, "Don't eat it! I can't take it!"

What does it actually do to us? Well, that's a medical issue I care not to discuss online. Hubby and I do get a kick out of the surprise it causes people and the questions they ask. It doesn't phase us in the least. But it does make picking out cookies and icecreams difficult.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

When hubby's away, wife plays

That's right! Hubby's in Pennsylvania this weekend, so I've been playing. I rearranged the bedroom and gathered stuff to get rid of on ebay. I'm co-hosting a baby shower today, and picking up a cradle for my baby due in late April. Things are going to look a bit different when hubby arrives home on Sunday!

I still have one more piece of furniture to move out of the bedroom. We have a bench with storage under the seat. It holds our extra bedding. But since baby is going to be in our bedroom until my brother moves out of the nursery, I need room for the cradle and changing table. So far, I have a spot for the cradle.

I wonder how it's going to hit hubby when he sees the cradle in the bedroom! It's just starting to be real to me that we're having a baby, but has it hit him yet?


Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Monday, November 14, 2005

A Pantry!

Hubby pointed out some unused space under the stairs in our basement and asked me if I'd like a pantry there for my canning. Would I?!! I'm so excited to be getting a pantry! I can hardly wait to fill it with goodies. Oh, I wish I had more time to can! Since, I'm working, I spend my home-time cleaning and trying to catch up on sewing.

Autumn at the Cottage

We've been getting the house buttoned up for winter, and the yard tidied. I still have a few plants that need to come out of the ground and enjoy the sunshine inside the porch. Today would be the day to do just that!

Indoors, I've been a cleaning feind. I've also been staring at some of my collections and wondering what part of them needs to go. With a baby coming and my brother living in the only other bedroom in the house, I feel a little squeezed. I feel this need, this desire to declutter! Then I look at my's so hard to part with books. I think the best place to start with my modern paperbacks is to pray first and hold each book in my hand and ask that still, small voice, "is the edifying to myself and my family?"

There is a house for sale just 3 doors up the road from mine. Hubby and I let his parents know. We'd love for them to live nearby. We used to live really close together, but then hubby and I moved. It's such a cute green cottage! Perfect for them!

We had a missionary come visit the church yesterday. A young lady not much older than myself. She's going to Thailand for 2 years. Her testimony was so inspiring and touching. So was her feminine appearance. So often in modern church circles, women look so much like the world. We even have a few in my congregation that sadden my heart because you honestly have to look twice to tell whether they are male or female. This missionary on the other hand wore a long, flowy skirt, and a modest white top. She has long, light brown hair that she wore fluffed and pinned back in a style reminiscent of the victorian young ladies a hundred years ago. Writing and literature are her passions. In fact, she's going to Thailand to help write for two Christian magazines for the Thai people, one of them being for women.

Her whole mannerisms and attitude just struck me. Also, her talents. She read so well, and just had that "halo" so to speak of accomplished womanhood about her. I felt a new direction in my life.


Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I hate colds

I'm currently on the downward slope of a cold. Being pregnant, I can't take anything for the cold (which doesn't help "cure" the cold anyway and can actually prolong it, in my opinion.) I'm a fighter, though. I get a cold, I fight tooth and nail. Here's what I do:

LOADS of Vitamin C. If you cut me open while I have a cold, I'd bleed orange juice. This time, I've taken it a big easy because I don't want to injest too much Vit. C in case it's bad for baby.

First twinge of a sore throat, I start gargling nearly every hour with either listerine or warm salt water. If it's really bad, then hydrogen peroxide.

At least 2 steamy showers a day.

Steam facials often

When I'm not pregnant, before bed I drink a small shot of Scotch.

LOADS of caffine free teas!

Warm, wet compresses over my sinuses

Blow my nose as often as needed with lotion-rich tissues

Plenty of rest

Sniffing Vicks

Chicken Soup

Although, with this cold, I've decided.....for Christmas, I want a humidifyer!


My At-Home Business

I'm starting an at-home business. Mending/Alterations/Sewing. To accomodate this business, I'm turning the enclosed front porch at Taigh Beag into my "customer service" area. It'll have a small desk, chair, bench, and a fitting room.

I've finally decided on a decorating "theme" for the room, too. Since it's a porch, and walled in knotty pine, with large windows almost all the way around with great views of bird feeders, I'm going to give it an outdoor/birdie feel. I LOVE chickadees. I just need to come up with a name for it?