Thursday, November 24, 2005

No Chocolate Allowed!

Taigh Beag is a chocolate-free zone. I can actually hear the gasps as this post is read. How can that be? What's wrong with chocolate? Frankly, I'm not too fond of anything that has addictive chemicals in it. Choc-aholics are real. Many women will tell you how they're addicted to chocolate and have chocolate cravings and feel unsatisfied unless they have something chocolate every day. Is it a candy or a drug? *smiles* But that's not really the reason why Taigh Beag is a chocolate-free zone. The real reason is neither hubby nor I can eat chocolate. It's not that we won't, it's that we CAN'T.

"Oh the horror! How can you live without chocolate?!" I hear people exclaim (usually the ones with uncontrolled addictions to the brown stuff). We can live without chocolate very easily, especially when it can harm us so. In fact, now that I'm pregnant I actually crave chocolate, but as soon as I smell it or eat it, it's discusting to me. I guess that's my body saying, "Don't eat it! I can't take it!"

What does it actually do to us? Well, that's a medical issue I care not to discuss online. Hubby and I do get a kick out of the surprise it causes people and the questions they ask. It doesn't phase us in the least. But it does make picking out cookies and icecreams difficult.

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