Monday, November 14, 2005

Autumn at the Cottage

We've been getting the house buttoned up for winter, and the yard tidied. I still have a few plants that need to come out of the ground and enjoy the sunshine inside the porch. Today would be the day to do just that!

Indoors, I've been a cleaning feind. I've also been staring at some of my collections and wondering what part of them needs to go. With a baby coming and my brother living in the only other bedroom in the house, I feel a little squeezed. I feel this need, this desire to declutter! Then I look at my's so hard to part with books. I think the best place to start with my modern paperbacks is to pray first and hold each book in my hand and ask that still, small voice, "is the edifying to myself and my family?"

There is a house for sale just 3 doors up the road from mine. Hubby and I let his parents know. We'd love for them to live nearby. We used to live really close together, but then hubby and I moved. It's such a cute green cottage! Perfect for them!

We had a missionary come visit the church yesterday. A young lady not much older than myself. She's going to Thailand for 2 years. Her testimony was so inspiring and touching. So was her feminine appearance. So often in modern church circles, women look so much like the world. We even have a few in my congregation that sadden my heart because you honestly have to look twice to tell whether they are male or female. This missionary on the other hand wore a long, flowy skirt, and a modest white top. She has long, light brown hair that she wore fluffed and pinned back in a style reminiscent of the victorian young ladies a hundred years ago. Writing and literature are her passions. In fact, she's going to Thailand to help write for two Christian magazines for the Thai people, one of them being for women.

Her whole mannerisms and attitude just struck me. Also, her talents. She read so well, and just had that "halo" so to speak of accomplished womanhood about her. I felt a new direction in my life.



Anonymous said...

Amen to being a Lady and proud of it. Did I read some where that your Husband doesnt go to church? Neither does mine, and it is oh so difficult sometimes. Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Kate said...

Dear Anonymous,

My husband is not saved. Recently, he did start attending church with me voluntarily. I didn't even ask him to! Last Sunday, he didn't go, though. But I still keep it in prayer! I'll add your husband to my prayers too!