Saturday, November 26, 2005

Merry Christmas, Hubby

Well, I did it. Today, hubby and I went out to the furniture store and he picked out a recliner for his Christmas present this year. *Gulp* I hate making large purchases, but for a whole year I was determined to buy him a recliner for Christmas this year.

It's a nice recliner. It's not one of those big, bulky, ugly ones that just scream "this is a man's chair." It's one that looks like a regular chair, but does actually recline. It has Queen Anne cherry legs and a really nice navy blue upholstery. I also like it because it's small. Living in a cottage with less than 1000 square feet makes me wary of large pieces of furniture. This will fit nicely in our living room.

The recliner is being delivered on Thursday! Hubby will be at work when it arrives, so I'll be the first to try it out. Perhaps I'll take a nap in it. ;)

Merry Christmas, Hubby!

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