Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Great Basement Clean-out Update

After yesterday's fabric sort, I'm kind of at a stalemate. There's this big, heavy workbench in the basement that's jutting out into valuable floor space. I'd like to push it against one wall, but I can't by myself. I'll just have to wait. I don't ask hubby to do unnecessary manual labor when he's worked all day. I prefer for him to relax. In the meantime, I'll send some more bags of stuff to Goodwill, burn some empty boxes, and amend some of my plans.

I've decided that my son's playroom isn't complete without an indoor sandbox. What little boy won't spend a good chunk of time in a sandbox?! I'm going to get a flat sterilite tub and a bag of play sand (the real sand will be in the outdoor sandbox). It's going to be part of his birthday present.

Speaking of my son, he's in his crib calling for me, so off I go!

Monday, January 28, 2008

A Poem By My Mom

Dream House
by: my mommy!

My house is so spotless
You know what I mean.
It isn't just tidy,
It's company clean.

I've done all the laundry.
I've ironed the clothes.
I even rinsed out
All of my pantyhose.

The sunlight that's streaming
Through crystal-clear panes,
Falls on my old carpet,
Now free of stains.

No dust in the corner
Or under the bed.
And that telltale odor
Is freshly baked bread.

The freezer's defrosted.
I've scrubbed the floor,
The oven, the bathtub,
And the front door.

A fresh pot of coffee
Is starting to brew.
I've frosted the cake
And my hair too!

It's amazing how organized
And efficient I can be
While dreaming in front of
This darn old TV.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Home Front Nutrition from WWII

I have this vintage cookbook for nutrition and recipes during wartime. I found the nutrition section rather interesting and thought it would be neat to share with my readers:

MILK: 1 quart aily for each child, 1 pint for each adult
VEGETABLES AND FRUITS: 41/2 to 5 or more servings per person daily, 1 serving daily of potatoes, 1 serving daily of tomatoes or citrus fruits, 1 serving daily of leavy green or yellow vegetables, 3 to 5 servings per week of other vegetables, 1 serving daily of fruit
EGGS: 2 to 3 a wek for adults, 4 to 5 for young children, a few for cookings
MEAT, FISH OR POULTRY: About 5 times a week or daily if prepared in combination with cereals or vegetables
CEREALS: Daily, preferably at least half made from whole grains

Daily Requirements:
Man, moderately active 3000 cal.
Woman, moderately active 2500 cal.
Child 1-6 years 1200-1600
6 to 12 years 1600-2500
Girl 12-15 years 2800
Girl 15-20 years 2400
Boy 12-15 years 3200
Boy 15-20 years 3800

I think today, they recommend an adult woman take in fewer than 2000 calories a day. I've heard some say 1500-1800. Yet, in the 1940's there was very little obesity despite that higher calorite tally.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Great Basement Clean-Out Breakthrough

A simple stop to Goodwill made a huge impact on my basement. For $4.99, I bought a brand new Sterilite chest of drawers on casters. This simple addition really brought the playroom together. It serves as toy storage and a shelf. Bubby loves being able to pull open the drawers and choose his toys.

I do have a slight problem, though. I'm so tempted to put the bookcases I want for the living room on the credit card so I can move the existing bookcases that don't work upstairs to the basement. One would go in hubby's man cave and the other in the playroom. It's not wise, I know, so I won't do it. I will, however, ask for the money from our tax return. :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Shan and Linda...

Thank you for commenting! I like receiving comments.

Shan, I'm not worried about the budget tightness. I really feel God is allowing this tightness to ensure that I stick to the budget rather than being flippant with it because I know I have "a little extra under the mattress" so to speak. Also, I grew up in a very low-income family. So, as tight as matters are now (they always are after the holidays) I'm still better off than my parents were when I was growing up. I'm used to it and actually kind of thrive in it.

I do have a neighbor who grows a HUGE garden as a hobby and gives away many of the veggies. She's offered to help fill our need. The problem isn't really growing the veggies. I'm pretty sure I can attempt to manage a garden and hubby is willing to help. It's the putting up of the produce that I can't do. It really is just too much time that I won't have.

Linda, I know we Americans would have a blood-spilling rebellion if we paid the gas prices Europeans did. I know here in America, there's education to reduce our use for personal vehicles, but I'd say a hefty portion of Americans HAVE to commute to get to work or to the stores. The nearest grocery store to me is still a bit of a drive. My church is 35 minutes away. Nothing seems close in America. When I was in Scotland, I marveled that we could literally just walk where ever we needed. Believe me, I've already toyed around with the idea of getting a horse and buggy! Still, I can't vouge for the rest of Europe and I'm sure there are rural areas where plenty of driving is needed. Public transportation is also sorely lacking is most of America. Also, I've never figured out why so many Americans feel the need to buy a 7 passenger vehicle when it's just one person who uses it!

Monday, January 21, 2008

In a perfect world...

...incomes would rise the same time prices did.

Now that a gallon of milk is over $4.00 and gas prices are still well over $3.00 a gallon (both of which are causing the price of everything else to go up), I'm really going to have to buckle down and be extremely careful in my spending.

As it is this week, I'm housebound and pretty much forced to use cloth diapers. (I haven't been using them due to preggy nausea and fatigue which has thankfully subsided) $20.00 per week in gas for a truck doesn't go very far. I don't have much money left to buy diapers with, though I have enough disposables for 2 diapers a day until Monday. The rest of the time, Bubby's in cloth. Thankfully, he doesn't mind at all and seems to prefer it.

It feels kind of weird to have to ration milk. Unfortunately, I can't buy the inexpensive milk at Aldi's because it does a number on Bubby and I's digestive systems. I get a local milk that's actually usually cheaper than the grocery stores, ranked top quality in my state and I get a free half gallon after buying 5 gallons.

Still, I don't mind the whole "old-fashioned, fore-mothers" feeling I get when I make do, make my own, ration and improvise.

These rising prices scare me a little in that I know I won't have much of a garden this year because of the baby's arrival in June. I simply won't have time to tend a garden and put up all that produce!

This is really a time to rely on the Lord. After all, He provided manna in the wilderness and kept the flour and oil jars of the widow from becoming empty.

Tonight's dinner: meatball subs (I got italian style ground turkey on sale this week)

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Resentment out the window

Last night was a very preggy night...all those aches and pains and discomforts. It kept me up and my mood down. I started thinking about things that bother me and wonder why I get so wrapped up emotionally in some things and why I still struggle with some sins. Then it dawned on me and I immediately took it to prayer...I harbor a LOT of resentment towards some people close to me who have or had responsibility over me at some point in my life. I didn't blame them for my poor choices in my young adult life. I blamed them for not seeing the danger signs and putting their foot down. I blamed them for being wrapped up in their own selves and not seeing the help I needed. I blamed them for believing my Christian chatter and outward appearance and not seeing the sin I was living in and the darkness of my heart. I resented myself for resenting my past and my poor choices and allowing myself to dwell in self-pity.

I thank the Lord for opening my eyes last night and helping me voice my resentment (it surprised me!) and giving it up the Him. I'm so glad He helped me through this and I was able to ask forgiveness for my resentment and I was able to forgive those I resented. I've kept it all inside and now it's out and I can move forward! I am forgiven. My heart is cleaner still! Praise the Lord!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Catchup day

There are chores I've been putting off that I'd like to do today. I need to make whey and cream cheese, wash the stairs and landing to the basement and wash the hardwood floors. I'd also like to work on the Great Basement Clean-out some more, too. It requires a bit of creativity because I don't have the funds to buy some of the items I'd love to have to organize and store things. Today, I could move my pantry, though. Right now it is under the basement stairs. However, when hubby runs the heating system through the basement, it'll be too warm down here for a pantry. So, we decided to move the pantry to an outside wall by the oil tank. Then, hubby's going to partition off the area so it'll stay cooler than the rest of the basement. It'll also hide the ugly oil tank.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

What I'm Wearing, Special Day, American Idol

Right now I'm wearing black maternity slacks (still a little big, but that's ok) a black t-shirt and a wine colored blouse over the top. So, no, I don't dress like my picture on a daily basis. That is, indeed a historical reproduction of 18th century woman's attire from the Ottoman Empire.

Today is a special day in that it is my dog's "birthday." Every year we make a cake and buy her a couple of little gifts. It's silly, I know, but it pleases hubby and makes for a special little family time after dinner. Besides, I could go for some cake!

I did watch American Idol last night. It wasn't as disturbing as the night before. One contestant that stood out for me was the 19 year old fellow who has never kissed a girl and has promised not to until his wedding day! Everyone looked at him like he had 3 heads and teased him about it, but really, what an honorable thing! If more kids promised that or at least not to have sex until marriage our country would be in a LOT better shape!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Progressive Day

After a couple of lazier days, I've had a very progressive day as far as house-keeping goes. Sunny winter days do that for me. I throw open every blind and curtain and let the sun pour in. It fills me full of energy and reveals all the dust, dirt and finger prints in the house. So, I've been happily cleaning and tidying. Bubby follows close behind with a mess of his own, but toys are easily picked up and I have him help.

I admit, I started watching American Idol. I think hubby's right. It's not worth watching until they get to the top 24. I just can't stand all those people who think they have talent and get all emotional and upset when the judges tell them the truth! I also can't stand all those people who just audition, usually in horrible costumes, just to get on TV. Frankly, I think that's not only rude, but a poor representation of America. But, it's entertainment shock value and one I could do without.

Two things did strike me....two singers that made it to Hollywood include a single mom of a daughter with a disease similar to cerebal palsy. Watching the clip on her and her daughter made me feel that this TV viewing is completely wasteful when energies and focuses need to be placed elsewhere in our lives. The other singer was a young nanny who loves the twin girls she cares for and has never seen a rated-R movie in her life. Woah, now I wish I had that claim!

So, will I watch it tonight? I don't know. It's like a wreck on the don't want to be among the lemming rubber-neckers looking at the horror, but you do anyway.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Great Basement Clean-out Update

The old weight bench is on it's way out and a TV is on it's way in. Some friends of ours gave us their TV. Hubby wants it in the basement. For now, it's going to share the large teacher's desk with my computer. Eventually, I want to get it a stand or hubby's going to make a custom shelving system up one wall that'll hold the TV, videos, books, games and toys.

Slowly but surely we're getting there!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Spring Teaser and more

I am enjoying this spring-like weather we're having! It's so nice to walk outside with no jacket on. Everyone is acting like it really is spring, but I know better. As soon as the current shifts, we'll be thrust back into bitter cold and snow for 3 months. Still, it was nice to get out and wash and clean out the grocery-getter. Bubby enjoyed playing outdoors and not getting cold. He kept falling into the muddiest places, though! Good thing children are washable!

I just found out that the boy and girl baby names we've chosen are NOT on the top 100 list! February 6th, I hopefully get to know which name we get to use. I hope the baby cooperates and gives the technician a very clear answer.

There's a great little organizer for children's toys that I found in The Lakeside Collection for only $13.95. I went to Big Lots today to price out a similar one and even with shipping, the Lakeside one is cheaper. With that and the clothing organizer, I have to come up with just over $26.00 (I already have $35.00 saved up). I have a special fund set aside in the savings account and I believe it this purchase will merit withdrawing from the savings. Not only are the items useful, but they're downright needed. I need a place besides the nursery closet for my clothing. I can't move too much farther forward on The Great Basement Cleanout without a proper storage solution for Bubby's toys.

This is how 2008 is going to go for me. I have to justify my spending completely. No impulses.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Am I Nesting or WHAT!

I promised myself that I wouldn't go through the boxes of baby clothes until I knew for sure what I was having. Well, today I went through every single box. I got rid of a bag of clothes. Also, I placed all the definately boy clothes to the bottom of the boxes and put the "could be worn by girls" clothes towards the top in case I do have a girl.

Next, I have to go through toys. Oh, so many toys! Between Bubby's birthday and this past Christmas, we have so many toys and not enough space to keep them in! We're managing now, but when this little one is born, where am I going to put the swing, bouncy seat and tummy time mat?

I'm having a bit of a problem in that I look at the toys and I figure even if Bubby doesn't play with them, the new baby might. Then again, who can tell and there's always Christmas 2008 for appropriate toys for the new baby. There again, I see absolutely nothing wrong with limiting toys and engaging in a child's creativity. This one is going to be tough.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Closet Space Needed...SOLVED!

I found an organizer here: that I could use for my "armoire." I'm going to purchase this, then add a wood shelf on top, then attach fabric "walls" around it. To make the front open wide, I'm going to add velcro to the front of the top shelf to attach and detach the fabric "doors." The whole thing should cost me around $100.00, depending on the cost of the fabric per yard. Thankfully, Walmart usually sells some lovely toile fabric for around $5.00 a yard.

For now, I've counted up my loose change and what's left of my birthday money. I can afford the organizer, but will have to wait on the shelf and fabric. Still, it'll be nice to have it, set it up and start prepping that walk-in closet in the nursery for the expansion of our family!

In the meantime, I'm still working on The Great Basement Clean-Out. I've filled to overflowing the get-rid of box. I've also managed to go through and burn several boxes of stuff left over from when we moved. There's just so much stuff!

My living room re-arrange was a success. Hubby came home from work and told me that the house looked nice. He liked the way I did the living room.

In other news, I'm hermiting. Between the bitter cold and a bad bronchial infection going around the area, hubby and I decided it's best for Bubby and I to stay home. He doesn't want us getting sick again. I might not even go to church on Sunday since several members of my family have the infection and may still be carrying around the "left-overs" even though they feel well enough to rejoin society. I do have to run a few errands tomorrow. We're low on milk and bread and I could use some cheese. I also have to go to the bank.

Well, off I go to pay some bills and clean the basement some more.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I love sunny winter days!

Sunny winter days usually mean cold days. Nevertheless, I love the brilliant sunshine pouring through my windows. It was really quite enjoyable when Bubby and I sat down at the dining room table together for lunch. My usually dark dining room was filled with sunlight.

Well, hubby doesn't think my first floor laundry room will work. It'll be too much to divert the pipes and extra complicated because we're planning on putting in bilco doors right under where that space is. Definately too much weird piping to make it work, or really expensive new drainage, etc.

Am I discouraged? Not at all! Now I know that my laundry room is staying in the basement and I can start working on it! Well, at least the planning. I'm going to paint the foundation wall, clean up the window to let more light in, cover the silver exhaust pipe with a pretty fabric....hmmm...what else? :) This is so much fun!

This morning I worked on the living room. I moved a bookcase next to the TV armoire and moved the dog's kennel behind hubby's chair. I also moved the side table between hubby's chair and my chair to create a cozy reading space for us. Now, the dog's kennel is hidden. Bubby has a play area that's out of the way, but still in good view. I'm liking it. I hope hubby does.

This afternoon, it's basement cleaning. The garbage was picked up today. Perhaps I can fill up another bag to be ready for next week.