Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I love sunny winter days!

Sunny winter days usually mean cold days. Nevertheless, I love the brilliant sunshine pouring through my windows. It was really quite enjoyable when Bubby and I sat down at the dining room table together for lunch. My usually dark dining room was filled with sunlight.

Well, hubby doesn't think my first floor laundry room will work. It'll be too much to divert the pipes and extra complicated because we're planning on putting in bilco doors right under where that space is. Definately too much weird piping to make it work, or really expensive new drainage, etc.

Am I discouraged? Not at all! Now I know that my laundry room is staying in the basement and I can start working on it! Well, at least the planning. I'm going to paint the foundation wall, clean up the window to let more light in, cover the silver exhaust pipe with a pretty fabric....hmmm...what else? :) This is so much fun!

This morning I worked on the living room. I moved a bookcase next to the TV armoire and moved the dog's kennel behind hubby's chair. I also moved the side table between hubby's chair and my chair to create a cozy reading space for us. Now, the dog's kennel is hidden. Bubby has a play area that's out of the way, but still in good view. I'm liking it. I hope hubby does.

This afternoon, it's basement cleaning. The garbage was picked up today. Perhaps I can fill up another bag to be ready for next week.

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