Monday, January 28, 2008

A Poem By My Mom

Dream House
by: my mommy!

My house is so spotless
You know what I mean.
It isn't just tidy,
It's company clean.

I've done all the laundry.
I've ironed the clothes.
I even rinsed out
All of my pantyhose.

The sunlight that's streaming
Through crystal-clear panes,
Falls on my old carpet,
Now free of stains.

No dust in the corner
Or under the bed.
And that telltale odor
Is freshly baked bread.

The freezer's defrosted.
I've scrubbed the floor,
The oven, the bathtub,
And the front door.

A fresh pot of coffee
Is starting to brew.
I've frosted the cake
And my hair too!

It's amazing how organized
And efficient I can be
While dreaming in front of
This darn old TV.

1 comment:

Shan said...

You are a poet and you didn't even know it!!

Kindredly yours,