Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Spring Teaser and more

I am enjoying this spring-like weather we're having! It's so nice to walk outside with no jacket on. Everyone is acting like it really is spring, but I know better. As soon as the current shifts, we'll be thrust back into bitter cold and snow for 3 months. Still, it was nice to get out and wash and clean out the grocery-getter. Bubby enjoyed playing outdoors and not getting cold. He kept falling into the muddiest places, though! Good thing children are washable!

I just found out that the boy and girl baby names we've chosen are NOT on the top 100 list! February 6th, I hopefully get to know which name we get to use. I hope the baby cooperates and gives the technician a very clear answer.

There's a great little organizer for children's toys that I found in The Lakeside Collection for only $13.95. I went to Big Lots today to price out a similar one and even with shipping, the Lakeside one is cheaper. With that and the clothing organizer, I have to come up with just over $26.00 (I already have $35.00 saved up). I have a special fund set aside in the savings account and I believe it this purchase will merit withdrawing from the savings. Not only are the items useful, but they're downright needed. I need a place besides the nursery closet for my clothing. I can't move too much farther forward on The Great Basement Cleanout without a proper storage solution for Bubby's toys.

This is how 2008 is going to go for me. I have to justify my spending completely. No impulses.

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